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what if I told you that I made 17 349.45 in the past 30 days this is money that can be withdrawn and deposited to our bank accounts at any moment so we can use it to go on vacations pay off bills visit new places and what we love the most is being able to provide our families with a better life nothing beats that now let me ask you how would you like to do the same could you finally start making money online would it change your life for the better you answered yes then you're going to love what you're about to see because I've discovered how to send emails that I did not write to an email list that I did not build selling products that I do not own sounds weird right I know but it's true all I do is click Send and within hours my account is flooded with dozens of 29 payments how all by utilizing the power of AI my friend but here's the best part I didn't spend a dime to make this money this means I got to keep every dollar of it and I can spend it on whatever I want oh and did I mention that I only work two minutes per day yes two minutes that's it and if you give me 40 seconds I'll share with you exactly how I did it and how you can replicate it with a couple of clicks you see I created the world's first aim that injects endless 29 payments into my account without doing any work let me explain imagine if you have a system that will go and collect up to ten thousand active buyer leads from Instagram and Facebook in just a minute and then it finds the perfect affiliate offers that are guaranteed to convert finally it will write a high converting email for us and blast it to all the leads resulting in payments like this all without writing anything paying for autoresponder or doing any work well you don't have to imagine because that's exactly what I did my name is Jason and on behalf of my team I'm happy to introduce to you inject AI cash let me show you how easy it is to use it step one access just click on any of the buy buttons on this page for an instant access Step 2 collect let AI build you a massive and targeted list by entering one keyword in any Niche up to ten thousand active buyer leads per minute step 3 send we don't write a single word or use any other apps we let AI write and send High converting emails in seconds step 4 profit that's it we get dozens of 29 payments into our account for each email we send pretty easy huh but it doesn't just work for us we gave this exact system to 245 beta testers and every single one of them made money within 24 hours of using it this is something brand spanking new that you've never seen before inject AI cash runs in the background non-stop 24 7 to generate us boatloads of commissions paid into our bank accounts daily whether we're sleeping eating lying down on the couch or out on vacation and now you will get access to the same exact system I'm sure you're wondering how much it's going to cost probably a lot right well we originally planned on charging 997 dollars a month for inject AI cash and that's fair pricing considering how much money you're going to make with it let's do some quick math if we clicked send just 10 times a day that's 290 daily in pure profit working only a few seconds it's about 8 700 in monthly earnings so paying 997 dollars for it is a no-brainer but we get it that's a lot of money to start with and you probably work super hard the past couple of years and got little to no results we understand how frustrating that can be that's why we're going to offer you inject AI cash at an unheard of discount you can get access to it for the same price as a cheap dinner not only that if you took action right now you'll also get access to exclusive bonus packages designed specifically to supercharge your results withinject AI cash but you have to act now because we want to give each one of our customers the care and support they require to succeed we're keeping the number of available accounts limited once it's gone the price will increase so go ahead and click on the button below this page and by the way you're protected by our 365-day money-back guarantees so if for any reason you don't love inject AI cash just send us a message and we will happily refund every penny you pay click on the button below and I'll see you inside in this video I'm gonna show you how you can make Limitless money by sending campaign using in inject AI cash so this is the login page so let me show you how you can make money by following step by step so login [Music] but as you can see this is the dashboard of inject AI cache so you can send the campaign you can create the leads here because if you want to send campaign then it's much that you have to list so here you can import the list so just enter any keyword like University in London and how much results you want or how much email IDs you want so just click on 60.

just wait for a few seconds result is pending okay as you can see here are the emails like this here are the email IDs there are so many so many email IDs so only you have to need to yes download the Excel once you download it here is the emails also there are so many other details like here are the business name here are their address you can easily pitch your services by phone numbers here are the website you can to them by website and their emails so let me show you now how you can send campaigns to this generated list so just click on list and I have already downloaded this list now just create Chrome email [Music] support like this is here now enter organization I'm adding demo [Music] right just like this like this let's enter any random address just enter any [Music] pins your phone number your email there all right now click on Save as you can see your list is created now just click on here and click on import as you can see [Music] I have already downloaded the list here and I have already like this this click on import as you can see my list is now imported there are 47 email IDs and now how to send campaign just click here a campaign click on regular now select the list which I just grabbed [Music] from name of campaign to my first campaign now your subject here you can change this as well here's your phone name here is your full form email your reply email will be like this [Music] boom all right now click on Save and next [Music] just wait for few seconds [Music] all right now here it is you can upload your own template for email or just click here there are inbuilt templates too like this just click here go to email Builder Pro [Music] okay so as you can see the template is now open you can rewrite the text let's see like this here oh my God this is you can also bolt a text like this change the font you can change the color like this all right you can add your affiliate link you can add your website link as an hyperlink so that customer will open your link and they can buy the product through you and you will get the affiliate commission you will get you'll get money now just click save and close [Music] just click on schedule and and schedule your campaign here all right you can change the date change the month like this and just snap click on Save all right as you can see here is the calendar you can set the campaigns and then click on Save and your email will be sent your your campaign will be sent to your subscribers or the lead graphs and you can send with your own API or SMTP using sending servers like this here are so many sending servers you can add SMTP in Amazon sand grid melgram elastic and you can add your own SMTP as well if you don't using these Services then you can add your own SMTP like this so suppose if I'm adding Centigrade API just click on name like your sender name your API here your email address for sending you can set your sending credits like this you will click on unlimited if you want to send unlimited campaigns and now click on save so this is how you can add your own sending servers so thank you for watching foreign

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