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Sup, Sumo-lings? It’s Jay from AppSumo, 
the best place to get insane deals on   business software. Today, we’re checking 
out Folio – A platform that helps sales,   marketing, and product teams create interactive, Folio can help your sales, marketing,   and product teams create versatile and 
interactive product demos. Just install   the browser extension to start recording 
a product walkthrough for your first demo. Once you’ve got that recording 
After you end the recording,   you can preview and edit the footage. 
Folio lets you add hotspots and tooltips   to guide users and apply zoom and blur 
effects. Give that a lil preview and boom,   hit publish]. Now you’ve got a sparkly new 
demo for your website or sales outreach. Why yes, we do have this lifetime deal 
available *right now* – but it won’t   be around forever. So click that “Buy Now” 
button to add Folio to your tech stack today. Now let’s create an HTML demo. Just like before,   click record and then submit.

there, you can edit HTML elements.   Replace images and logos. Then add hotspots 
and tooltips. These can be more detailed,   walkthrough tooltips or modal tooltips. And 
after you preview everything, just hit publish. Jump into the main dashboard to manage all 
your demos. Then check out the insights   section to track performance analytics 
for every demo. And if you wanna add a   custom domain or modify branding, 
just open up the settings section. That’s how easy it can be to create high-quality 
product demos for your business. All you gotta do   is click that “Buy Now” button to lock 
in this lifetime deal for Folio today!.

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