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what's good Sumo links it's Jay with appsumo the best place to get insane deals on business software today we're taking a look at ping ho the website and API Watchdog that's perfect for developers and it professionals who never want to miss a beat ping home covers all your monitoring needs on one platform that means you can focus on growth not on downtime with ping home you've got access to monitoring for uptime Ping keyword port and more let's sign into the Ping Home console you first land on the resources page on the jobs page you can create jobs that ensure scheduled tasks are running correctly on the teams page you can create and manage teams and team members how about Integrations yep there's hundreds of them so no matter how you like to work ping home makes things run smoother and who doesn't like easy are you still there come on you know this sounds exactly like what you've been looking for click buy now and grab this deal on PING home while you still can okay time to add a new resource to monitor just click on new resource throw in your hostname assign a team and you're set and for those who enjoy with the finer details you can set conditions for rest apis and validate condition based Json responses along with a few other advanced settings and over on the monitoring page you'll get a clear snapshot of your resources Health response time graphs up and down times State change histories it's all laid out for you and here's another cool feature never get caught off guard with expiring SSL certificates or domains just set reminders to stay updated and always be one step ahead of the game imagine you're responsible for an e-commerce store with global reach it's Black Friday and you expect thousands of Shoppers to flock to your site for deals but what if your website is having latency issues in Europe and you have no idea ping home turns nightmare scenarios into manageable events why lose potential Revenue due to unexpected down times when you've got smart proactive monitoring with ping home you're not just reacting you're staying one step ahead but only if you get this lifetime deal today [Music] thank you

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