Landro Inner Circle Membership Review – The Fastest Way To Gain Client In 2023

hey I want to ask you a quick question how would you like to earn five thousand dollars a month from each and every Consulting client you lend five thousand dollars per month is about the average I have been earning from Consulting clients over the past year now you may find it more surprising that I did not upsell any of these clients you know they came to me looking for my help and in the next three minutes you are not only going to learn how I'm earning this much cash but the biggest sales mistakes you must avoid if you want clients coming to you for answers listen using this strategy on Consulting clients means you'd be earning sixty thousand dollars a year from each local business that hires you taking on just two clients is all it would take to earn a hundred and twenty thousand dollars this year a true six figure salary for what is really only three days of work each week want to earn a hundred and twenty thousand dollars per year and work three days a week here's the deal nearly every business needs a combination of different services in order to grow their business whether it's SEO mobile apps reputation management hosting social media management or even e-commerce every business is different most Consultants ignore this fact and just pitch whatever system or solution they want to sell this would only close the handful of businesses that actually need the product you are selling the majority of businesses will just ignore you even though they probably need something else and would have done business with you had you simply offered it look the real secret to earning thousands and even tens of thousands of monthly fees from a business is to find out what they need before you try to offer them a solution this is surprisingly easy as long as you ask the right problem questions at the beginning of any client conversation all you have to do is find a solution for the problems that the client is having then charge the client a monthly fee to implement that solution there's very little selling involved when you offer something a business owner already wants think about it these problem questions that you'll learn about in a minute are like Windows into a client's mind allowing you to discover the services that any business owner is already shopping for and eager to pay big bucks to anyone who can deliver and once a business owner learns that you are the go-to guy that can solve any business problem they will request everything they need from you heck I've even had business owners ask me for weight loss advice because I always seem to have a solution for them being a consultant is more fun when you can work with fewer more loyal clients and spend your time helping them grow their business instead of selling new clients on the latest mobile or SEO gimmick running my consultant business this way over the last few years has allowed me to accumulate a number of solutions for almost any problem a business owner has whether it's SEO lead generation handling bad reviews or generating more foot traffic I've built a collection of software checklists guides and outsources to handle every possible request this collection grows weekly as my Consulting business gains new clients and has been helpful when hiring new outsourcers to do the work for me I started giving some of my coaching students access to this collection as well to see if they could duplicate my success and earn more money from their clients one of my students Scott Williams from Lake Park Georgia recently used these proposals on some of his clients the most Scott has ever collected from a business owner before was fifteen hundred dollars and many of his clients hadn't spoke to him in over six months they simply never wanted to buy anything from Scott no matter what he offered with nothing to lose he sent each client and a handful of new businesses one of my copy and paste email questionnaires to his surprise nearly 40 percent of the people he emailed sent him a message back listing all of the things they are looking to buy for their business most of the services they wanted were things that Scott never considered selling before for many of the client requests Scott was able to use my pre-packaged software and solutions he posted the remainder of the client's request to Our member forum and I helped him come up with custom Solutions he could sell this helped Scott earn five to ten thousand dollars from each client this was more than he was earning from his entire business the previous month when he spent most of his time trying to sell businesses the latest and greatest marketing gimmick and Scott is not alone I've had dozens of students earning five to ten thousand dollars a month from clients ever since joining this membership like foreign member solo Warrior who recently posted this about one of my programs all I can say is thank you Luther you just closed my first of many to come five thousand dollar deals or remember Lena Zell who posted this success story to our Forum after making over thirty thousand dollars his first month as a member thanks to Luther and Colin I was able to sell almost thirty thousand dollars of a product I created a few weeks ago and member Just Judy who posted her story on our Forum my biggest breakthrough came when Luther got on the phone with one of my clients and sold the guy a five thousand dollar package now I want to give you the chance to earn five thousand dollars per client as a consultant before we begin I have to warn you this is not for everyone if you are already earning over five thousand dollars per month from each Consulting client or if you are the type of person who will download these assets and not take any action then this offer is simply not for you however if you are able to reach out to a handful of businesses using copy and paste templates and if you are willing to work with a handful of long-term clients for high monthly fees then this is not just another solution for you this is the only solution for you here's everything you're getting when you become a member of the landro Inner Circle the questionnaires and scripts I can uncover what a business owner is looking to buy after a single call or email students have been getting a 40 to 60 response rate from these copy and paste templates every piece of software and service guide I use to service my Consulting clients this walkthrough training and software will allow you to become an instant expert and service any business owner's name needs including reservation systems for Food Service businesses appointment settings and marketing software you can sell to doctors web design themes and templates for Mom and Pop stores completely done for you reputation management software that can eliminate bad reviews SEO checklists and plugins that are guaranteed to rank any website to the first page of Google's results mobile templates that allow you to build fully functional mobile apps for clients in five minutes without writing a single line of code as a member of the landro in a circle you are also getting access to every product I've ever produced and free access to any product I produce in the future as well as high-end products from other leading marketers and experts you'll also discover the free online lead sources I use to find new clients that have been getting me an unheard of 60 response rate with this method you're also getting access to all of my field tested sales presentations and scripts that can sell any service your client needs and work agreements to make everything official so you can rest easy knowing that you have been paid to help you grow your Consulting business you're also getting my complete Rolodex of outsourcers who can do all of the work servicing and selling new clients for you after all Outsourcing is the real secret to working smarter and not harder you just need to know which outsources to hire and this Rolodex includes every Outsource or I have worked with personally so you know that they can deliver top quality remember sending these questionnaires out to a business will uncover all of the services that the business owner is looking and willing to spend big money on all you have to do is paste a business's response to the questionnaire in the members area and myself and my team will help you put together a package to sell them on paying you five thousand dollars per month to implement there is no easier or more guaranteed way to earn money as a consultant now I've been charging ninety seven dollars a month for access to the landro Inner Circle which I'm sure you'd agree is more than fair since this system is updated weekly with new stuff and you can request unlimited help as a member however as a previous customer of mine I want to make this deal a complete no-brainer for you I want to prove this system's Effectiveness by getting you results in advance getting you paid five thousand dollars a month from your next client take just 30 days to send out just a handful of these proposals paste the client's reply in the coaching section of the members area and let me craft a solution for you all you have to do is implement the solutions and collect your five thousand dollar monthly fee that means it would take just five clients to earn you twenty five thousand dollars a month ten clients to earn you fifty thousand dollars a month or even just 20 full-time clients to earn you a total of one hundred thousand dollars per month imagine that's 1.2 million a year for giving a dedicated service to just 20 happy clients and to get you started now you are getting a full month's access to the landro Inner Circle for just 27 that's an over 70 discount remember you will have your first client paying you 5 000 a month this time next week once you have used this questionnaire strategy this discount is only valid on this page right now you can cancel this membership at any time so there really is no risk at all just unlimited access to thousands of dollars worth of software sales materials and outsourcers for a small deposit of just twenty seven dollars click the buy button below now and Nation on the next page and I'll see inside if you're still watching I bet you have some questions about the landro Inner Circle gold membership here are some questions that other Savvy entrepreneurs have asked me in the past how soon can I make this money by following the instructions in this course you will be reaching out to Hot Prospects and finding exactly what they want to pay for students have received checks their first day using this system by working hard others have taken a week or more before they see their first check how fast you earn money will depend on how much work you are willing to do what if I have no clients you can use my top lead sources to find hot clients and get started these scripts work just as well booking new clients as they do selling old clients in fact you have an advantage you could start your relationship with the business on the right foot having them pay you substantially more money than trying to resell a client that is used to paying lower fees how do I get paid clients pay you via check credit card or PayPal you can collect your fees and any way you feel comfortable isn't this business saturated no according to Forbes approximately 543 000 new businesses get started each month there are more businesses out there who need help than there are Consultants who can help them are these Solutions difficult no most of the solutions are simple software you can use to provide the service along with detailed step-by-step instructions on getting them in place I will also provide you with cheap outsourcers who could do all the work for you if you choose how is this different than x product this system works by giving a business owner what they want instead of trying to sell them the latest gimmick if a client asks for something that is not in this collection simply post what the client is asking for and I will have a solution created for you that makes this the last product you will ever need to buy can I contact you directly yes once you log into the membership you'll be given my direct contact information can I get one-on-one coaching from you yes if you want to partner directly with me in your business I'm here just send me a message and I will get a setup how do I cancel you can cancel this yourself at any time through your Warrior Plus or jvzoo account or you could send me a support ticket and I will handle cancellations promptly listen this is your last chance to secure your discounted access to this collection hundreds of others are using this system to earn six and seven figure incomes working part-time from their home click the buy button below and I look forward to seeing you inside

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