Launch Flawless Web Products Using DogQ’s No-Code Automated Testing

hey Sumo links it's Jay with appsumo the best place to get insane deals on business software today we're looking at dog cue a simple no code automated testing tool that allows app creators of all levels to test for functionality and bugs dog cue is the easiest test automation tool on the planet and it's completely codeless check it out dog cue sets up step-by-step real-life simulations basically the same stuff you'd manually test on your site for bugs except it's all automatic it'll click buttons fill out input fields and run complete and thorough testing without any prompting and when it's done dogq delivers you a comprehensive report the best part if a test fails dog cue captures a screenshot to help you patch things up man your site is about to be perfect ready to grab this lifetime deal then hit that buy now button to get access to every single function docu has to offer no having to upgrade to unlock features because it's all right here okay warning this next part gets a little nerdy so stay with me if you want to get crazy with it dogq is packed with loads of selectors that find Elements by text attributes ID you even got XPath selectors for more complex checks and then there's the macros repeatedly logging in at the start of each test gets old quick with macros you can create reusable steps or even groups of steps shared across multiple scenarios changes to your flow just tweak your macro and you're good to go you can even run the same tests in different environments this means you're saving buckets of time enough time to finally finish your claymation remake of Lord of the Rings or whatever else people do on the weekends stop running from one project to another to test with docq's scheduled executions you can run tests automatically or during intervals for specific scenarios modules and even entire projects if you're not saving time you're losing it so don't waste another minute and grab this lifetime deal on dog Q right now it's going to transform your testing game forever [Music] foreign [Music]

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