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what's up sumo links it's Jay from appsumo the best place to get insane deals on business software today I'm pumped to tell you about easel AI the AI power chatbot solution trained to answer any question using your company's knowledge base easel AI chatbots will learn your company's info to answer questions for internal teams and customers train it on internal Google Docs and sheets notion Pages your Confluence and jira pages and so much more to get started just install the browser extension now let's add our data sources all you got to do is open the tabs you want to import and click the easel AI extension to import them all when the green check boxes appear the import is complete all the links will populate in the knowledge tab of your dashboard now the AI bot can respond with info from your knowledge base you can even use the playground to test the bot and make sure everything runs smoothly alright if you're saying to yourself Jay shut up and take my money then go ahead and hit that buy now button on the steal page alright let's jump back in in addition to your internal docs you can train bots on your public sites and resources like your website zendesk and even JavaScript sites just add your links and let the URL scraper do its thing you'll be able to follow progress updates in your dashboard too if you're in internal HR or it teams are stuck answering the same questions easel AI can help simply connect it to your slack Channel mention the slack app and ask your question easel AI will respond in slack so you don't need to search the archives or wait for an answer of course you can also add it to your website so customers can easily get the answers they need but if you don't want to embed the widget just share the link so how about it are you ready to streamline your sales support and internal comms then click that buy now button to grab this lifetime deal on easel AI today [Music] [Applause] thank you

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