Maximize Meeting Engagement and Efficiency with Sessions

hey there sumalings it's Chris here with appsumo the best place to get insane deals on software today we're taking a look at sessions in online meeting platform that offers video conferencing interactive agendas AI powered tools and seamless booking capabilities all in one place if you meet online with customers for product demos sales calls webinars or whatever you need to check out sessions first off we've all seen your standard pre-joined screen right well with sessions you can add a custom agenda to keep things running smoothly and if the thought of drafting an agenda is training your energy I get it that's why sessions has an AI co-pilot that creates them for you all you have to do is give it a little context and beep boop beep you've got a professional agenda ready to go unless you want to get a little crazy with it of course you do that's why sessions lets you add assets like slideshows videos or even your website to your agendas that means everything will show up on screen right when you need it no more toggling between tabs no more sharing screen plus you can give participants mouse and keyboard control so they can demo things for themselves and since sessions is all about productivity you can reuse your amazing agendas in all of their assets wherever you want okay but before we move on I want to give you a chance to jump in on this sessions deal right now so go ahead and click buy now and add a little professionalism to your next meeting if you need some more info I got you if you host webinars and online events sessions does that too you create a custom registration page add speakers and crafty Perfect online event all in just a few clicks once everything's in Tip-Top shape you can create an unforgettable landing page sit back and watch the attendees lock in with sessions q a has never been easier questions get neatly tucked into a dedicated section ready for you to answer at your convenience attendees can even upvote questions keeping the most popular ones visible nice and with the book link feature sharing your availability has also never been easier let your prospects book time on your calendar add an agenda and boom your meetings prepped and ready to roll and of course sessions is all about teamwork so you can easily create a workspace for your organization where everyone can collaborate together so what are you waiting for step up your meeting game and get ready for the best meetings ever with this lifetime deal on sessions [Music] thank you [Music] [Applause]

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