Maximize Your Content Creation Using Synthesys AI Studio

what's up super Wings I'm Eric with appsumo the best place to get insane deals on business software today we're looking at synthesis AI Studio the AI driven content creation platform that maximizes your content output with text-to-speech text to video and text to image capabilities synthesis AI studio is essentially three awesome tools AI text-to-speech AI text to video and AI text image let's start with the AI text-to-speech tool called AI voice with AI voice you get a wide range of voice actors to choose from and you can specify language gender age mood and voice type the coolest part is that you can use multiple voice actors for the same voiceover watch out Pixar all you've got to do is enter your text choose the speed pause duration and pitch of the voice to direct your voice actors you can even choose the style like whether you want to sound more like customer service or a professional narration now let's hear what we've created do you want to create AI branding videos that are fun in engaging and memorable oh and by the way if you want something more personalized you can even clone your own voice in less than five minutes if you're asking whether you get all these in one platform the answer is yes just click that buy now button and they're all yours buddy either way there's more where that came from like the AI human feature also known as text to video like text to speech you start by choosing your actor synthesis AI Studio gives you a versatile lineup of over 70 realistic human avatars spanning various ages and ethnicities each with their own unique traits and styles once you've found the perfect actor you can add their voice using the same easy process from AI voice then you enter your script and let the magic unfold you can also select a slick background image or video or if you're feeling adventurous upload your own and that's not all you can add text adjust the position and size of your human Avatar and add a little Pizzazz with shapes frames and icons and to top it all off you get to choose the perfect music and transitions to give your video that extra punch now for our last AI studio tool text to image this thing is like a genie you just start by typing any prompt you desire want a majestic Castle nestled in between Lush Green Meadows against the breathtaking Sunset no problem you can refine your vision by selecting your favorite artistic style including Warhol Van Gogh or even Picasso or you can explore different illustration filter options like anime doodle or watercolor you just gotta click visualize and synthesis AI studio will do the rest from eye-catching blog illustrations to super cool social media visuals you'll be able to maximize your content output and spend less time and money on the process but only if you click buy now to grab this lifetime deal on synthesis AI Studio [Applause] thank you

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