Maximize Your Outreach with VoiceGenie’s Voice Assistants

what's good Sumo Lings I'm Jay with appsumo the best place to get insane deals on business software today we're checking out voice Genie the voicebot platform that helps boost lead qualification product marketing and sales with AI powered voice assistance imagine qualifying leads marketing products and boosting sales Round the Clock that's voice Genie for you these AI voice assistants can make outbound sales calls collect leads book appointments and more and they're super easy to set up to create a voice assist start by adding a goal introductory message and your company name then hop into the assistant's dashboard to edit your script you can also use templates or generative AI to whip something up want to personalize it sync your contact list to add names locations and job titles you can even customize the gender and accent plus your assistant can transfer the call to a human anytime and just like that you can have someone upselling products sending payment reminders and closing sales 24/7 just click that buy now button to grab voice Genie today all right time to show you my favorite feature you can call your entire list without lifting a finger all you got to do is Click create campaign pick a voice assistant add the dialer phone number and upload your list voice gen will handle the rest this platform can even conduct a post call analysis based on the conversation this way you can qualify leads without any small talk once your campaign is up and running you can start tracking call analytics click on an individual call caller to pull up the transcript listen to the call recording and check out the custom post call analysis talk about working smarter take advantage of this limited time offer on voice Genie just click that buy now button to lock in your lifetime subscription today [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]

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