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hi guys Lee Cole here and I have the amazing drum roll how's everybody doing today this where you say your name Gloria gun oh Gloria gun how's everybody doing the one person on the planet who doesn't know you yeah glor my name's Gloria G how you guys doing today how's that I mean you know we're we're all silly because we just got off this killer webinar talking to people about this product money machine GPT it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a game Cher but let's back up a little bit you know in case somebody's been you know hiding under a rock about Ai and all that stuff catch us up a little bit about where we are yeah so um you know chat GPT or AI has gotten so sophisticated um you can actually now create very very sophisticated little move movie clips you know uh with text what's called text to video right you could create really great uh videos with text to video which means you just tell you know create me a video on XYZ right um and if you think about it those videos have been around forever it's what commercials are it's a a narrator and then you've got images that explain what the narrator is talking about right and so we can now do that with AI um uh AI uh YouTube loves the AI videos they they love the speed there are faceless video channels with 45 million plus subscribers that are just doing great um local businesses are using them you know to do you know like uh say for example if you're a physical therapist you might do one that talks about back stretches or something that's a faceless video that that physical therapy company is using to promote their services using faceless YouTube videos so we are into a whole new realm of possibilities of um ways you can use this to Market yourself Market your client's business uh monetize Etc and so on it's really exciting by faceless YouTube channel you mean not what we're doing right here not showing your face not hearing your voice and you may think well you know number one most people are really scared of that and I understand that totally but uh the thing the two things going on here the faceless part in other words you don't have to be on the video yourself so that's no longer an issue but two you mentioned the rapid scalability yes and you know you and I just got off a webinar we use this as an example I mean old style like you know last year you wanted to build out a faceless YouTube channel yourself and let's say that you cranked out oh let's say you were really devoted to it you cranked out three you know videos a day yeah that's about 100 days you've got 300 videos well in one of the first channels that you built how long did it take you to to get those 300 videos up and running and actually just creating an enormous amount of traffic it wasn't 100 days right no it was it was about 12 days is what it was we had all the videos created all of the descriptions all of the SEO uh loaded into YouTube and uh we're getting views within 300 within 12 days Yeah by getting views you mean about a thousand views within four days yeah yeah got sub doing but growing growing growing growing right yep yep Y and we talked about this before Lee where uh you've got you know the situation where you can leverage two platforms which is you know Tik Tok and YouTube and so I didn't even get a chance to do the Tik Tok talk piece because I went on vacation so this is just from YouTube but if I would have uh went and re-uploaded some of those shorts into Tik Tok and then driven them to my YouTube channel My Views probably would have doubled if not tripled I through subsequent channels that YouTube or somebody loves that combination of Tik Tock linking to you Tik Tok shorts linking to YouTube shorts that is a very that that is an amazing L powerful combination now you mentioned that uh doing the SEO optimizing the channel optimizing the videos God knows I mean it seems like you probably need to be a freaking I was going to say another word a freaking uh YouTube SEO expert but no longer you want to explain to us why not well because you've got chat GPT and you've got all of the copy you know one thing that we do is we create uh programs that are copy and pastable right a lot of the prompts and stuff you easy yeah yeah that's exactly it and so it's the same thing with this like we are investing heavily into YouTube in 2024 um two of our YouTube channels are going to be managed by my better half who is like the Newbie of all newbies right that's how easy this is seriously he's a a retired electrician does not really I mean you know gets on uh the computer to pay bills you know online banking and different things but but not really he doesn't do the work that we do right but with the system uh I can just pretty much turn him loose on it and say here you know these are your babies you grow them and nurture them and you know monetize them and he's gonna do that you know he's doing that so we've already started that process yeah I was gonna say you're starting that process I'm building out a channel for Ecom thing that I'm doing folks this is amazing again this is not your mama's 300-word blog post where you write in something stupid in chat GPT and it gives you something stupid back what we're looking at here is we're looking at rapidly building Channels with hundreds of videos I mean look at the graphic below where you are folks you're on the sales Lev look at the graphic below you're looking at 300 videos created in less than 12 days with a shocking amount of traffic and YouTube really rewards that speed that's one of the big things going on here and then you have the Dual platform Advantage yes between YouTube and Tik Tok which we teach you all about and the bottom line here Gloria money the reason we call it money machine GPT GPT it's AI powered money machine because you've got speed 12 days to massive traffic Simplicity yes your husband probably was a a great electrician he's not Mr Computer he he is not a YouTube guy let's put it that way YouTube guy Simplicity yeah you know he just follows he can copy and paste I can tell you that he can copy follows your copy and paste Easy instructions building out channels and rapidly getting to profits folks again we just got off a killer webinar for our list about this we're talking about getting profits in a whole bunch of different ways number one creating channels that sell you as a consultant as a local marketing consultant creating channels for your clients for your dentist client for your chiropractor client for your physical therapy client for your electrical company client right and then we also talk about creating channels for Just Pure Old affiliate marketing which both you and I both do and we do love that multiple stream of income thing so guys right here on this sales letter you got everything that you need money machine GPT we give you complete instructions on how to get going with using offthe shelf really really easy to use AI to create videos like that build up monetize that and then keep doing that process over and over again right here glor everybody always loves to know about the otos we don't kill you with otos guys we only got two of them the first one's more information about how to use this in your local marketing business specifically creating entire channels and selling those to your clients or creating entire channels and renting them to your clients and I especially love ot2 which is the Deep dive it is like you were a little parrot sitting on Gloria's shoulder watching her build out watching her go through everything answering all your questions dealing with all the little dealies that do pop up deep dive with Gloria into into Channel building this is your chance of sitting at the feet of the master right and uh as a bump offer you can even get with Gloria so for very inexpensively you can have Gloria actually solve your problems for you so there you have it money machine GPT just just two otos launching tomorrow at 11 o'clock it'll be on sale through the weekend thank you so much folks my name's Lee Cole this is the amazing Gloria gun and we will talk with you very very soon thank you all right bye for now scale up lead generation with AI adaptability easily adapt to growth and market demand changes AI algorithms continuously learn and adapt keep your lead generation ation strategy relevant and effective maintain a Competitive Edge with adaptability stay ahead of the curve seize New Opportunities without AI risk stagnation and inability to compete don't miss opportunities for expansion and revenue growth subscribe for insights on AI scalability and adaptability stay competitive and adaptable with AI and lead generation unlock the future of email marketing with ai's top secrets imagine deeply personalized messages tailored to resonate with each recipient That's The Power of AI but it doesn't stop there with AI powered optimization your conversion rates will soar making every email sent more effective and what about automation AI has that covered too from crafting to sending AI handles it all streamlining your process and boosting efficiency it's time to level up your email campaigns the year 2023 is the year of transformative AI insights dive in and discover the future F of email marketing remember with AI the future is now ai ensures a regular flow of relevant engaging content keep your audience interested online presence vibrant consistently highquality content builds brand credibility and Authority increased trust and Customer Loyalty in your Niche steady curated content significantly improves SEO ranking drive more organic traffic increase opportunity for conversions without AI maintaining consistency and quality is challenging risk decreased audience engagement and loss of authority subscribe for consistent quality content and SEO Improvement leverage AI enhance engagement and build Authority let's go ahead and take a look at how we can do that um okay so I need it's going to give me three topics so um see here Ivon says that's a great one now I'm asking it to let's turn safety tips into a headline with a hook include a number in the headline because usually like three essential safety tips for a car charger so okay so now I've got this okay so it's going to create it now now it's creating the video and that's all there was to it so it is literally creating the video okay so basically you went from hey guys give me an idea to now we're just sitting here waiting for it to create the video I mean without talking you could have done that in what 12 seconds yeah that that's exactly right here here it is he say watch the video here feel free to share it

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