Next-gen B2B Selling with Stageset’s Digital Sales Rooms

hey Sumo Lings it's Jay with app Sumo the best place to get insane deals on business software today we're taking a look at stage set the platform that lets you create digital sales rooms to manage all client interactions from Outreach to onboarding are you still emailing your clients and meeting on Zoom no no the idea is to stand out from the crowd enter stage set the easy way to create a sales room and an unforgettable experience for your prospects creating your first sales room is simple in fact you can make a personalized room in seconds just select your template pop in your prospect's company name and voila stage set fetches the logo and tailor the room just for them your sales presentations are about to get a major glow up and customization oh we're just scratching the surface whether you want to plug in some text spice it up with media or integrate interactive tools like Google Sheets and surveys stage set does it all I know what you're thinking this sounds like a money maker and you'd be right so click buy now to start closing more deals or stick stick around to see how their engagement stats work once your new sales room is all decked out it's time to invite some prospects over you can share a link or shoot an email and here's the cool part stage set lets you track your clients every move like when they popped into the room how much time they spent there and whether they clicked on your 15-minute video of dog singing Taylor Swift's greatest hits come on you know you click that you've got different clients and different tactics for each of them with Stage set you can create a unique deal room template for each one then send out personalized invites and watch as your prospects engage with your materials say goodbye to cluttered email threads and hello to organized deals if you're ready to elevate your B2B sales process and leave a lasting impression stage set as your golden ticket so why wait grab this deal and let your sales rooms do the talking after all your prospects deserve the VIP treatment [Music] right a

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