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what's Kraken Sumo links it's Jay from appsumo the best place to get insane deals on business software today we're checking out groi an AI powered marketing dashboard that helps you optimize and scale paid ads for your Shopify store without breaking the bank with groi you can scale ad campaigns and maximize returns without bleeding your budget dry it all starts with your new dashboard here's where you'll track all the important numbers plus you can pin priority metrics and rearrange them you can drill down into each Channel or blend metric to analyze the results overall this data is Rich too I'm talking Bezos Rich you can keep track of high performing images and AD copy using creative analytics get platform specific reporting for channels like Facebook Google Shopify and clavo all of this can be rearranged too want to get granular with your data just click on a metric to get the full scoop you can also filter and compare data within a specific time period to widen the scope I've got loads to show you but if your guts already telling you to buy don't let me stop you click that buy now button to secure lifetime access to gry's powerful platform all right let's talk creatives remember those creative analytics from earlier yeah this feature is sick my dude not only can you compare creatives and find the best performing images videos and copy you can also compare metrics for six assets across multiple campaigns to see how they Stack Up want to focus on a specific format feel free to segment by image video or copy and don't worry if you've got duplicates in the mix grow Roi will consolate metrics to generate overall averages for each asset even if they're from different campaigns that way you can scale what's actually working for your business speaking of scaling let's check out the attribution page for all things conversions groi proprietary tracking pixel power pixel is easy to install with this you'll be able to track visits purchases and product interactions the power pixel can also integrate with Facebook Google Play and Shopify to capture the customer Journey from browse to checkout and check out those customer Journey insights to optimize your ad campaigns not to sound dramatic but the forecasting feature is going to blow your mind thanks to proprietary machine learning algorithms groi can analyze data from every account to predict future campaign performance that includes future Impressions clicks conversions and revenue this feature is also going to help you figure out where to allocate ad spend so you're always getting the most bang for your buck better data better strategy better sales this year that's gry for you so don't let this deal pass you by click that buy now button to lock in lifetime access today [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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