Produce 100% Original Tracks in Minutes with Soundverse’s AI

hey Sumo Lings it's Jay with app Sumo the best place to get insane deals on business software today I'm showing you how to use sounde an AI assistant that helps you write arrange and produce original music in just a few minutes writing and arranging your own music can drive you insane but with sound verse anyone can create studio quality songs loops and background music in minutes let's start a new project and say hi to the sounde assistant the ultimate music producer watch how easy this is you can generate a track by typing to it or straight up singing in just a few seconds you'll be able to listen to your original AI generated track is this magic nah this is sounde now you can export your clip directly or add it to an existing Arrangement sounde turns your ideas into high quality music for all your content needs once you've got some tracks head over to the arrangement Studio don't worry you don't need to be a producer it's all drag and drop so anyone can do it that means you can layer arrange and fine-tune your music without any learning curve with sound verse you get to do all the fun stuff without any of the technical hoopla feeling the groove yet then tap that buy now button to start using sound verse today or you can hang out a little longer to check out some other cool features like stem separation which is actually crazy this feature automatically analyzes a track and separates the drums vocals Basse everything can you say remix you can Loop sections extend sections change Tempo and so much more when your tracks are certified fire just export them and they're ready to use on Tik Tok or wherever you're creating content oh and sounde also has an explore section with tons of public prompts you can see and listen to just to get your creative juices flowing so whether you're a new producer with Big Dreams a podcaster who needs cool sounds or an ad agency creating branded beats sound verse has you covered so what are you waiting for grab this lifetime deal and let's make some [Applause] [Music] noise

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