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hey guys Kenny tan here in the next two minutes I want to tell you about the biggest mistake that I've ever made in my online marketing career a mistake cost me tens of thousands of dollars a mistake that I want to help you to avoid so what was this costly mistake taking way too long to start marketing on tick tock you see after finally getting started on the platform I've been able to make up to 543 dollars and fourteen cents per day from just one Tick Tock account take a look and no I didn't just get lucky in fact I've now got half a dozen accounts that each make hundreds of dollars per day on the platform I've got accounts promoting everything from teeth whitening products to social media marketing courses you know what's crazy I've been able to achieve these results without spending countless hours commenting on other people's videos to drum up traffic without having to spam my videos all over social media to get popular and without having to show my face or even record any of my own videos in fact it's taken very little work at all you see my entire Tick Tock marketing strategy was executed almost on autopilot using my custom built software Coursey Protec in a nutshell corsi protique is a custom Tick Tock marketing Suite that enables you to find Trends create mouth-watering videos and promote your content in just three steps and no you don't need to be an experienced marketer editing Guru or traffic expert to use Coursey Pro tick with Coursey Protec even the most inexperienced Tick-Tock user can grow an account that will have Brands practically begging to send you money to promote them and if you're thinking now Tick Tock is just for kids then I've got news for you more and more of the older generation are adopting Tick Tock every day it doesn't matter what industry you're in your audience are on Tick Tock fat and if you continue to neglect the platform you are neglecting the only Social Network that has the power to blow up accounts overnight with completely organic traffic and with Coursey Protec blowing up your account is a whole lot easier than it used to be you don't need expensive video editing software you don't need to spend days mainly looking for trends you don't need to spam for traffic you don't even need content ideas because we're including 365 content ideas an entire Year's worth with your investment today with Coursey Protec all of your insights marketing and creatives are available at the touch of a button everything is done for you and ready to exploit in just a few Mouse clicks if you're able to use the software to emulate My Success well you can say goodbye to struggling with bills and debts working a job that you hate working for a boss that you hate enduring worry stress and sleepless nights and say hello to working less spending more time with your loved ones true Financial Freedom calling all the shots does that sound good to you so you're probably wondering how much is the complete Tick Tock marketing solution going to cost you well you're going to be pleasantly surprised see I didn't create coarsely protect to sell I had this software custom built for myself and as you can see on this page this software has delivered results above and beyond my expectations and the only reason I'm releasing this to the public is to help people who are in the same position that I was in a decade ago so annoy going to charge you hundreds of dollars per month for this application that can change your life not ninety seven dollars per month not even forty seven dollars per month in fact if you invest today you're not going to have to pay a monthly subscription at all that's right if you act today you can get full access to courseyprotic for an incredibly low one-time only investment an investment that is less than going out for a meal the catch I can't afford to offer access at this price forever and at the end of the launch phase I'll be reverting back to monthly subscription if you missed this you miss out in addition by investing today you will also receive access to the following world-class bonus products listed on this page and get my 30 day money back guarantee so there's absolutely no risk when you invest today hit the buy button on this page to lock in your discount and get instant access to Coursey ProTech you on the inside welcome to this demo video of Quasi Pro tick in this video we'll show you how to grab a tick tock video and make it your own with our complete short form video editing Suite first let's click on Tick Tock video maker and then select and then we're going to pick Mr Beast then we click on get videos from his profile we could also just look at his profile now we get his Tick Tock videos I'm going to grab this one here where he bought out a whole movie theater and you can watch the video here then we're going to go here to edit this video it loads up our editor and at this point we can go right into the overall designs we can go into Tick Tock videos or from there we can add an image we can search through our library here we can upload images and we can add text with lots of different fonts just click on what we want and then we can put the text in here we can add various elements that come with it there's tons of elements that are icons and you can grab those and put them in simply by clicking on them you can adjust by adding filters to it so it gives a different color scheme you can change the audio using your built-in audios or you can upload your own and you can manage the layers because each is a different piece this is the layer the video is on and this image is on another layer the text is on another layer each one can be adjusted to do what you want it to do so let's say we wanted to use Mr Beast Tick Tock as an advertisement for the movie theater that he went to I click on work with this video and then I'm going to go into designs grab this one here and now it will automatically adjust everything let's say this is my theater and then type watch where Mr Beast goes to our awesome theater then we're telling people to come to our theater we can grab that text and move it over here and then his video is featured in R frame that we built you'll also have a list of videos that you can download that you have created like here's the one we just created you can look up trending hashtags so you can get more connections and more views on tick tock the social blast feature allows you to take that one video and send it out to up to a hundred different sites on social media you can connect your Facebook and your Instagram to it and grow your channel and your business any way you want now that's quasi-pro tick thank you

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