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did you know that there's a simple formula that guarantees success online targeted traffic plus High converting offer equals sales it really is that simple if you drive traffic to an offer that converts you can't fail to make money it's the method that I've been using to make commissions like this day in and day out but it's that simple why is it that so many people are struggling to make money online including me when I first started it's even more Curious when you consider that high converting affiliate offers are available to promote at the touch of a button well the answer like the formula is very simple so many people fail to make money online simply because they can't drive targeted traffic and I'm living proof because I was only able to start generating these results when I cracked the code of driving targeted traffic to my affiliate links but here's the problem with traffic generation most gurus recommend that you use paid traffic generation methods like Google and Facebook ads but it's difficult to make these traffic sources profitable when Google and Facebook are charging in the region of $1 to5 plus per click and that's why I always suggest avoiding paid methods like Facebook and Google at first after all there are plenty of high trffic user generated content websites that you can siphon highquality traffic from for free if you know how but that too comes with a challenge it's time consuming which means you need to be working around the clock if you want that constant stream of quality visitors until now introducing quy Hub the oneclick traffic generation solution for Affiliates and marketers this revolutionary traffic app was developed to automate the successful traffic generation methods that I used to change my life the platform sends you free buyer traffic from over 100 sources in in minutes eliminates all traffic Generation Challenges in one click generates regular passive affiliate commissions has enabled beta testers to quit their job and go full-time online requires no technical skills experience or budget is perfect for beginners comes complete with a 30-day money back guarantee with quy Hub all it takes is three steps to succeed as an affiliate step one invest in quy hub step two log in and activate step three push go and relax enabling our beta testers to generate results like this Pary Hub has helped to change my life make money while I'm away from the keyboard wave goodbye to the 9 to-5 Rat Race spend more time with people I care about be location independent buy the items that I've always dreamed about have full control over my own life it's worked for our testers too including my developer who experienced these results and our diverse group of beta testers many of whom were beginners handpicked to ensure the software works for everyone regardless of age experience or background here's a snapshot of their results so how much is it going to cost you to get your hands on this lifechanging software well you're probably thinking an app that drives targeted traffic at the click of a button is going to be super expensive and I understand why you'd think that after all investing in quy Hub effectively replaces Google ads Facebook and other paid traffic methods that deliver rapid results methods that you would typically spend thousands of dollars on but Cary Hub isn't being released specifically to make money it's being released to help those of you who are struggling with traffic generation because I've been in your shoes so I'm not going to charge thousands of dollars for this not even $997 for $497 $297 or even $997 because I don't want to price anyone out of the opportunity to change their life all I'm asking for is a small investment to prove your serious and help cover my costs with that in mind the starting price for access to quy HUB is a one-time investment of just $17 but Act Fast the price is Raising every hour and we'll be reverting back to a monthly subscription very soon if you skip this opportunity today I can't guarantee the one-time pricing will be available tomorrow to really sweeten the deal we're including the incredible bonuses listed on this page and a 30-day money back guarantee hit the buy button below to lock in your spot at this incredible discounted rate see you on the inside hello and welcome to our demo of quashi hub in this demo I'm going to give you an overall view of what you can do in Cori Hub and what it looks like so this is your general dashboard where you get all the information on your product first what we want to do is go in your connectivity settings you're going to set up your Google API here maila access keys and anything you're going to be using you can set all these pieces up right here in your social apps and your connectivity but the big thing we want to do is search our offer so we can look at JV Zoo deals we can look at Warrior plus deals and we can look at ClickBank deals so we're going to start with the JV Zoo deal what we're going to see here is the animate 2 Studio commercial license and when we click on that it takes us to JV Zoo where we can then request permission to make make you become an affiliate for it and of course you're going to have to do some stuff like this to verify that you're an actual person then you click on request approval and it will get and in a moment it will tell you that it's pending approval now I'm going to show you the one that already has approval which is the 360 commercial so I click on grab deal and when it goes there I have to get the links option I click on get links and I copy the link we're going to need this in a minute so let's just keep that and then we go back to our quashy Hub and we're going to go into our page builder and in our page builder grab a template there's a bunch of templates for us to start with and we're just going to grab a simple one here and it's going to load the template once it's loaded we can edit these pieces and we can change anything we want to here here insert a new word block or whatever we want to say here but the big thing we want to do is get our link here so we're going to go over here to show more and go to our link we're going to paste our link here right where it can be seen and this is a simple hyperlink so we're going to go highlight that and then we can go over here and change what it says this is my super selling link okay and then I'm going to say what link that goes to remember we copied our URL from the earlier affiliate JV Zoo it is a custom URL and we can change the link color we can change the line height and all kinds of settings everything we want to do we can change from this particular particular link maybe we lose it a little bit here so we want to go a little wider okay so boom now all of a sudden look our link is white we can change the font size make it a little bigger easier to see we're going to highlight this sorry highlighted we come in here and we can change the font size and now it's a beast right and grab this piece here and get rid of that get rid of this piece and see how it pulls everything back up and keep it tight like that okay so this is a link see it's highlighted like that all right then we're going to download that are you sure you want to download it you can also see what it looks like on mobile and tablet so from our dashboard then we can move down to our social blast where we can send it out to all different platforms forms out there Facebook Twitter you name where you want and we can send it there we can look at our traffic analysis we where our links are coming from we can manage subscribers that come in through an opin form that we've created we can do email marketing to those subscribers we can do SMS which is text messaging to people in groups backlinks and pings as well this is doing some high-tech stuff right here some backlinks we can do a URL shortener because some of the websites will not allow you to share JV Zoo ClickBank or Warrior plus link so we create a URL shortened to kind of hide that link then of course our training and support desk pieces so that's how quashy Hub Works step by step you just follow the pieces down here and you'll be able to create your offer and generate traffic like never before four

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