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listen we all want to be the best right and when it comes to websites being the best is all about helping customers find you before they find your competition so how do you make sure to show up on the first page of results it's all about the keywords baby whether you're a serp pro or you think surf is what goes on your pancakes today's lifetime deal will help you boost your site ranking and get you more organic traffic what's happening Sumo links it is Chris here with appsumo the number one digital Marketplace for marketers of all levels today I'm talking about Circle the super Advanced SEO tool that helps you boost site ranking with accurate keyword tracking insights in competitive Intel and if you haven't already make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel we have new deals coming out every week so stay tuned getting started with circle is as easy as plugging in your website URL and a few key details in the ad project section name your project drop in the site URL and then add the keywords you want to track you can type in keywords or upload a list to save time now all your site data will populate in the dashboard like keyword breaking competitive statistics search volume performance and more if you're looking for super in-depth keyword information circles got you just click on the keywords to compare keyword performance over time and see how you stack up against your competition circle is all about giving you the data you need to jump start your SEO strategy check out keyword ranking insert performance reports and customize them by toggling through the columns and view options turn the keyword list into a grid layout to group keywords by tag region device and favorites and discover which part of your site needs help and if you want to dive even deeper click on the overview for a keyword to see rank history search volume history and competitive comparisons and speaking of competitors let's dig into that Intel Circle automatically collects competitors by matching your keywords with other sites or you can manually add competitors to keep an eye on companies in your industry get a high level overview of the landscape or compare your performance against individual competitors how cool is that and last but certainly not least there's the key keyword research tool Search keywords to find autocomplete predictions from Google search and related Search terms see a keyword you want to use just click add to Cluster to save it in groups for related keywords once you create keyword clusters you can view the stats like high CPC and volume to decide which keywords are going to drive the most traffic all the stats automatically update in real time so you can Target keywords based on cold hard data if you're ready to unlock the secret to more organic traffic all you need is the right key words so click the link below to grab this lifetime deal on Circle today [Music] [Applause] thank you [Applause]

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