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what's up simulinks it's Eric here with appsumo the number one Marketplace for entrepreneurs today we're looking at easy course the all-in-one platform for selling courses services and products with custom landing pages and email marketing and if you haven't already make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel we've got new deals coming out every week so stay tuned easy course is the one platform to rule them all you can pretty much create and sell anything including digital and physical products appointments courses and even access to your own communities creating courses is a snap with videos quizzes PDFs whatever you want then easily add pricing options like one time or recurring subscriptions easy course lets you sell multiple course keys in bulk and set up and monetize Affiliates you can even create paid communities where subscribers can hang out together and chat in DMS there are so many options it's like this one platform can literally replace 10 other tools but what good is an online business without a sick landing page easy course has got you covered let's check out how fast you can build a fully functional website there are tons of professionally designed templates to choose from or you can start from scratch everything is drag and drop so you can quickly edit designs move sections and create layouts intuitive simple and it works your prayers have been answered Hallelujah see what else can easy course do oh right marketing you'll be able to build your contact list with engaging forms use pre-made email templates to send targeted campaigns to the right people at the right time and automate your email marketing with sequences event based triggers it's like having your own marketing agency in charge of driving traffic to your course and nurturing leads 24 7.

easy course brings a lot more to the table so do yourself a favor and click below to see this lifetime deal in action [Music] thank you [Music].

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