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the biggest sale of the season is back and this time it's bigger and better this Sumo day we rounded up more than 20 unbelievable software deals to make your business easier to run while raking in great results plus we added a bonus discount on top of our already ridiculously low prices from now until June 13th at noon Central time you get lifetime access to the very best tools in marketing productivity analytics and more at their lowest price ever so let's dive into some of the fan favorite tools returning to the appsumo store a 4i is the AI research assistant that searches summarizes and translates all of your research all you have to do is connect the AI chatbot to Google search and a 4i automatically sifts through hundreds of documents and URLs to get answers to any question complete with citations summings are raving about the ai's ability to research everything from real estate law to neuroscience at record speeds the opportunities are Limitless you need to check out active pieces a no code zapier alternative that automates your business processes and content writing with active pieces you can create automations for Marketing sales customer support and internal operations using more than 100 apps and pre-built templates plus take advantage of the chat gbt integration to automate lead gen and scale your SEO and social media content this powerful tool even gives you the option to add custom code so you can customize flows to do exactly what you need for the video creators out there I have to shout out maker Suite with makerite site you can easily streamline your video research and generate SEO friendly video scripts in minutes and your videos won't just get easier to make they'll perform better too because makerite will analyze your video idea against millions of YouTube videos to optimize it for the algorithm's success with data driven videos in your back pocket your reach will Skyrocket Sumo Lings what are you waiting for grab these and many more Sumo Day deals from now until June 13th at noct only on appsumo

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