Simple Client Blueprint Review Bonus – Client Acquisition Strategy (Training + Software)

hey everybody uh Robert Dixon here and today I am excited to show you my new course uh where I lay out the exact blueprint for a strategy that I've been using to get clients in the door uh it's a proven system it's super simple to set up uh we just plug it in and watch all the clients come in um these clients are looking for digital marketing Services uh SEO video creation web design uh Google business profile services and more and in the course I'll show you exactly how I take Prospect after Prospect and turn them from a stranger into a warm lead and into a client uh ready to pay us for high ticket Services uh there's also a lot of great bonuses with this I'll give you the exact email scripts I use checklists proposal and contract templates uh everything you need to take this and run with it also I've included free access to my awesome prospecting software it's called local leads Pro uh it helps you find prospects it helps you find the the right contacts to uh to get in touch with uh it finds their contact info social media links it analyzes their Google business profile their site metrics uh and then it allows you to reach out to them through the software uh to get them uh to follow the system and uh and again turn them from a stranger into a warm lead so if you don't know much about me uh my name is Robert Dixon I've owned a local agency for over 15 years I've built my business on strategies that don't require hard selling that don't require cold calling and and uh things that aren't fun you know I I I've built strategies over the years that make it very easy to get in front of clients to make them want to do business with me and having them come to me uh looking to buy so uh in the course I'll show you the exact formula we use to get clients I'll show you how the system gets people contacting us instead of us having to uh to bother them uh I'll go over how I close deals how I deliver simple Services uh and how we get paid uh we'll turn these talk about how to turn these clients into long-term recurring clients that pay fees monthly uh we're we're very good at taking clients from oneof to recurring and I'll show you the EXT exact strategies we use to uh to get people to do that so we have clients who have been paying us monthly for over a decade we have multiple clients like that um and this course can help you uh do that too so um if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to our support team uh this is a limited time offer the price will go up soon uh so don't wait uh go down take a look at everything and I'll see you on the inside but

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