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hey everybody and welcome it's awesome to be here with you I'm so excited because what I'm about to share with you I've been working on behind the scenes for over two years and we're gonna get started in just a minute but I want to make sure that you can hear me I want to make sure that you can see me so that way uh I'm actually sharing this with you and not just with me so just let me know uh type in the chat box either yes or got it or uh your name and where you're from if you can both hear my voice and see my screen and my screen should be a headline and my handsome image on the right hand side and so you can see that stuff go ahead and let me know we're going to get started in just a minute and and I'm you know super pumped about what we're going to go over because I think you're going to be blown away by this not only by what this is going to be able to do for you but about how valuable this is and how the timing for this really really is absolutely perfect you are in the exact right place at the exact right time right now and um okay see I see yes yes yes John okay awesome all right so it looks like I'm definitely coming through loud and clear which is awesome and so um again what we're going to be going over today is how to start your own six figure design agency in minutes without any team skills experience or Capital using the world's first software that actually designs graphics for you and it also designs them for your clients I mean that's awesome right think about how awesome that is for a second and uh so I'm just pumped and we're going to go through this with that said let's jump in and get rolling all right so um as we jump into this uh let's start by just talking about who is this training for right so of course it's for you if you want to just make visual content if you already know that but also if you want to generate traffic online if you want to engage your visitors if you want to get viral sharing if you want to be able to build a brand or make Sales Online maybe you want to grow social following you want to become an influencer start an online business or even just generically sort of make money online this is exactly what you're looking for now because you're here I'm going to assume that you know how important visual content is right and why everyone online needs it but just to put it to facts so we're not just talking about hunches or gut Fields um we remember only 10 of the message that we hear if it's not followed by an image according to finances online I mean that's that's astounding isn't it 10 of the message if it isn't followed by an image so if that message came with an infographic or a visual aid of some kind we retain up to 65 percent after three days that's the power of visual content right social media posts with visuals have a 650 percent higher performance than those without images so tweets that have an image attached have a hundred and fifty percent more retweets Facebook posts have a mind-blowing 230 percent higher engagement if they have visual content blog posts those with images generate double the amount of traffic and 92.6 percent of consumers reported their purchase decision making was influenced by color so all of this stuff we're talking about visual design we're talking about Graphics right you can see the profound impact that it has on every type of performance online from engagement to social sharing and viral traffic to actual purchases and making sales it's all connected to visual content also the human brain processes images 60 000 times faster than text so even if you have the greatest message to say if it's all in text it's going to take people a lot of commitment to be able to figure it out if you could say it with an image you can do it much more effectively and reach a lot more people 75 percent of people form opinions of websites based on visual content think about that for a second right no matter what what product or service or company you're offering they're making a decision based on the visual content so how it looks matters and it matters a lot in addition to that 94 of first impressions are design related so there you go 94 percent 94 of people say that their first impression are design related and so it's pretty clear and safe to say that no matter what you're trying to do online whether you want to get attention whether you want to drive traffic you want to engage visitors you want to get viral sharing you want to build the brand or make sales or maybe all of those visual content is the key that unlocks it all because without great visual content you're going to struggle it's really that simple so we all know that we need the visual content and lots of it but creating it is another story right normally you have a couple of choices okay so you could spend weeks learning Photoshop and then you still even if you can figure that out you still need actual design skills I mean that's a tool but if you don't have a good aesthetic and you don't understand how you know colors and all these other things work together your designs still aren't going to look good you can Outsource and you can spend hundreds of dollars on each design and wait days or weeks right I mean there are obviously designers out there that are really talented they're great at what they do but you're going to pay for every single design because you're paying for their time and you have to wait and if they're busy because they're good you're going to wait even longer you could use online design apps right there are a bunch of online design apps now but the problem is you still need to be the designer unless you want the same tired template that everyone else is using right so um you know the online design apps they're certainly cheaper and they're faster than Photoshop or Outsourcing but because you need to edit the canvas it's still going to take you time it's still going to take you an eye for Aesthetics and an understanding of color palettes and ultimately creativity right I mean the the template might look cool but when you end up being a designer anyway if you're like me and you know this is how I figured this all out it's a problem because I'm not creative art was literally my worst class in school no joke when I try to make my own designs they literally look like a 10 year old maid them I'm not making that up and you know I think on a funny side note I think unfortunately I passed my terrible art skills to my kids because when I went into school for parents night and other things I could always tell which project was theirs hang up on parents tonight because it was the worst one um I could pick it out in a second without even reading the names on the bottom of them I mean don't get me wrong because it was theirs I loved it but you know it's not gonna win in a design contest or anything like that and it certainly is going to be generating any traffic or building an online brand so when I tried online design apps that what ended up happening is amazingly somehow I was able to take a good looking professional template edit it and actually make it look worse than the original so that was no help either right so it's it's Talent if you could take something good and actually make it look like crap but I I did it so to take uh something that that looks good and make it worse well yeah I maybe anyway so out of frustration when I didn't see any answer out there I decided to make one I knew that I couldn't be the only one with this problem so over the past couple of years I've had software created that actually designs for you and it will design for your clients too and I'm going to show that to you in a minute but in case you don't know me let me just give you a quick background my name is Brett Ingram and I've been creating software for the last 15 years specifically software that's designed to simplify and automate stuff that we all need to do online I take a lot of pride in making apps that help people and I get ideas from the same problems that I have that I know other people must have too right so I've done traffic apps I've done social media apps video creation apps and the graphic design app that I'm about to show you and just so you know my stuff is good and then I know how to make software here's a picture of me with a bunch of awards I want as a product Creator and I was also featured in New York Times best-selling author's book which is really cool now what I'm about to show you I want you to know this wasn't easy to create it was actually super complicated to make it work and it took a lot of reworking I had to go back and forth when I didn't like how it was working and really adjust the logic to really understand how this was going to create great looking designs because I knew at the end of the day it wasn't about how clever it was it was about how effective it was at actually making great designs that you can use so are you ready to see it are you ready to see how to start your own six-figure design agency in minutes without any team skills experience or Capital using the world's first software that designs graphics for you and for your clients too all right let's do it let's Jump Right In introducing spinsign so let me switch to my screen so I can show you exactly how awesome this is I'm going to show you how fast and easy it is to give thousands of stunning graphic designs created for you and for your clients too with spenzyme so instead of wasting time making visual content or spending money to Outsource it you can save time and make money with your own pure profit graphic design agency even if you have zero design skills or experience start with any of the hundreds of included unique graphic templates in all the hottest niches or even start with a blank canvas then customize anything and everything in seconds with drag and drop ease backgrounds shapes accents bullets buttons characters lighting stickers overlays photos artwork masks and more you get a built-in library of thousands of visual elements or upload your own and add them to your designs choose from 100 plus designer fonts to add and edit text move resize rotate change colors of transparency and even add drop shadow or glow to any visual element in seconds when you're done choose what elements to replace and in one click watch the amazing spinsign AI create a whole new set of stunning designs for you automatically in seconds save any designs you like to the cloud or download them and every design created for you is also 100 customizable so you can load them onto the canvas and edit them too use the spins on AI as much as you want create 10 100 even a thousand new designs from any One automatically and it gets even better because the spins on AI will also automatically resize any graphic in 18 different sizes in one click so you can create all the Unique Designs you want in all of the sizes and formats you need for anything and everything like social media posts websites ads and more and you can use the designs self or even sell them to clients for Pure profit spinsign is like having your own in-house graphic design team but better faster and without all the headaches and huge overhead costs download your designs and use them wherever you want or even post some of your favorite social media channels right inside the spinsign dashboard get ready to generate thousands of graphic designs in just a few clicks for yourself and for your clients and to save both time and money plus make money at the same time from your own pure profit graphic design agency with spinsign so isn't that awesome I mean yeah I absolutely love it and I know you're gonna love it too so the thing is with spinsign you can make your own designs with complete flexibility but you can also let the software make the designs for you which means that you could forget Photoshop you could stop spending money and wasting time with Freelancers and create more visual content faster and easier than with any other design app and it doesn't stop there because you get a commercial license too so you can actually use spinsign to start your own 100 profit graphic design Agency use the software to make designs automatically in minutes then sell them to clients make as many as you want sell as many as you want make as much money as you want so you can save time and money and work with spin design and you can make money with it too now you might be asking okay yeah that's awesome but you know how much opportunity is there really for a design agency well uh globally graphic design was worth 45.8 billion in 2021.

and 73 percent of companies invest in design for brand differentiation so they understand companies who just spend more money to become design driven are 69 percent more likely to exceed their business goals even big businesses understand that it's all about visual content and Design and yet despite the obvious huge need and demand for design here's the kicker producing graphic design assets consistently is the biggest challenge for companies it it's the biggest challenge for companies I mean how awesome is that because what that means is what you see right here and that is according to vengage most companies would like to automate their graphic design so the design industry is huge at 45 billion companies are spending money on design producing visual content and design assets is consistently people's biggest challenge and most companies want to automate design so how much opportunity is there with a design agency virtually Unlimited everyone wants design everyone spends money on design and everyone wishes they get more designs faster and easier and spin design is like having your own creative and design team in a box wow right I mean wow so again you can save time money and work with spins on and you can make money with it too and because you're on this special training webinar you're going to get spins on and you're going to get four upgrades the Super upgrade the video upgrade the agency upgrade and the reseller upgrade the demo that I showed you was just for the main level of spin design the upgrades add so much value it'll take your designs earning potential and results to a whole new level let's jump back in and do another quick demo so you can see the full power and potential for you let me switch back to my screen and show this to you so I've only showed you what the basic level of spins on gives you but with the upgrades you can take it to a whole new level so the first thing that you're going to get is the Super upgrade and that's going to include hundreds of more built-in templates so in all the hottest niches we're going to pre-load hundreds of additional templates in there that you can drag and drop and you can customize in just one click the next thing is when you use the AI engine to redesign the graphics for you it'll create 12 new designs with every one click so awesome upgrades already on top of that you're also going to be able to translate any slide into any other language so you can go International with your business it'll automatically detect The Source language you just go ahead and click the language that you want to convert it into and then automatically the software will go in and translate the slide for you so now you have a Graphic in another language you can take your business International just that fast and easy you're also going to get thousands of new elements added to the actual elements Library so all of these various elements are going to include more as well pre-loaded into the software and you're also now going to be able to import millions of images instantly from pixabay royalty free images that you can use in your designs in seconds just by typing in a keyword and then scrolling down finding the image that you want you go ahead and click on that download it directly to your design and you can integrate it just that fast and easy and so you can you can import millions of images in literally a few clicks from pixabay you're also going to get the background image remover tool and also the image mask tool so basically what we can do is we import this cat now if I want to make this a circle or a square I can just click on Circle and it's going to go ahead I can put the circle over where I want it I can click crop and now I've got the circular Kitty that I can put anywhere on my design and so that's also going to be built in then if I want to be able to remove a particular color I can click on something I can click on a color that I want to remove and I can go ahead and remove that from my design as well all I have to do is click the enable and you can see that I was able to remove that color directly from the design you're also going to get a ton of bonuses and that's just the first upgrade the Super upgrade now you're also going to get the video upgrade and what the video upgrade is going to let you do is if we go in here and we just grab one of these slides you're going to be able to actually create animated and slideshow gifs which is a super super cool feature so basically we load any design here on the canvas then we can go down to effects we can do gif and it's going to open this bar at the bottom and so I can go ahead and click on this to load the slide onto the Gip I can edit how long this particular one is going to play for I can duplicate it and I can delete it now I can go ahead and pick another template so let's just say I wanted to pick another one here and we're just going to put this one here too and I can go ahead and click on this in this particular way I'm going to be able to create one that's sort of like a slideshow where it's going to show one thing after another after another so if I just go ahead and I pick one more and I put these slides on here what's going to happen is it's going to play each of these I have them each playing for one second I go over here to settings and then let's go ahead and put it in our highest resolution highest quality and click OK and it's going to go ahead and create that gif for us you'll see it render in real time while it does this and then it's going to Output the GIF for us so we're going to be able to check that out and see how it creates actual Motion Graphics directly inside spinsign now we just give it a name and we can go ahead and download that and now if we go ahead and open that up you'll see that it plays as an actual motion GIF so that's one way to use the gift Creator and that's super awesome but there's also something else that's really really cool that you can do so let's go ahead and let's just refresh everything and let's go back to templates there's another really really cool way to use this where you can actually create animation gifs so we're going to go ahead and choose a template again and then we're going to go down and we're going to open our gift Creator we're going to add one and then what we're going to do is we're going to actually spin the color and I could make the manual change but I'm going to actually have the software do it for me so I could be lazy I'm going to load that and then I'm going to add that one and then we're going to go ahead and we're going to spin that again and let's go ahead and take uh let's see a green one and we'll add that and then I guess let's go ahead and we'll do it one more time just to give you the full effect for how this is going to work and we'll go with the uh well let's go with the purple and then we're going to add that so again these are all set for one second you can set them for whatever you want let's go over here to settings and let's maximize our GIF and then click OK and then let's export that and now what you're going to notice is this is more of an animation style GIF because instead of it showing like a slideshow where it shows a bunch of different slides we're essentially looking at the same slide but with changes made to it right so here you go and that makes it look as though it's animation animation because it's changing the color and so you have an unlimited ability to create tremendous Motion Graphics so it's really that simple in addition to the awesome gifts you're also going to be able to create stunning stop action videos with Spin Zone so we're going to go in here to this and click on cinematic and then we can actually search from YouTube we can upload our own video or choose one from the included video library in this case I'm going to go ahead and just upload my own and then we can preview the video here and we can choose the start time and the end time that we want to grab so we'll just say from one second to six second we'll do choose this video and it's going to load us still on here then what we can do is create a mask and so you can change the size of the Mask right here and basically what we're going to do is just take one area of the video and we're going to erase it and what that's going to allow us to do is show stop action video for just the part we erased then we click render and by the way you could add all kinds of elements to this too I could have added images anything from the graphics Library can be added right on top of this now we go ahead and click play you can see how it creates stunning stop action videos directly inside spinsign and again you can download this you can post this directly to social media just like you can with the gifs and just like you can with the images with spins on and that's just the super and the video upgrade you're also going to get the agency upgrade which includes done few proposals templates and onboarding documents for working with new clients contracts and everything else you need to look professional and land new clients a done few portfolio website that you're going to be able to go ahead and showcase all of your designs and get new clients from it automatic client binding software where literally right inside your spinsign dashboard you type in some information about clients that you're looking for some Search terms boom it pulls up a list of clients that you can go ahead and get and charge them unlimited amounts to generate graphics and Motion Graphics for them you also get unlimited Cloud design storage for all of yours and your clients projects and you also get the ability to add multiple social media profiles so you can even add your clients social media profiles to spins on create graphics and post them on their behalf all in one you also get the ability to add team members to your spin design account so you can have virtual admins you could have team members you can have business partners whatever in there helping you to run as large an agency as you want then you also get the reseller upgrade where you can actually resell the spinsign software itself the high converting video sales letter the high converting sales page all of the demo videos and all of the things that cause it to be such a hot seller already you get to use all that stuff yourself and it's all hands-free all you do is promote and collect we handle all the back office we handle all the software updates we handle all the building we handle all of the customer support you just do the promotion and you get paid for every sale that you make it's awesome and that is also included in the spinsign upgrade so you can see how the spin design upgrades take it to a whole new level so again you can see that spins on can save you time money and work and you can make money with it too and the upgrades take it to a whole new level let's quickly recap the upgrades so obviously you get spins on Commercial and that comes with a huge Library professional templates thousands of visual elements in the library you can create five unique versions of any design automatically in a click you can make millions of you know Unique Designs automatically intuitive drag and drop editor all the stuff that you normally get plus a ton of bonuses okay then with the upgrades you're going to get the super upgrade and that is going to give you the ability to create 500 million customizable designs automatically you get hundreds more stunning built-in 100 customizable done for you templates you can now create 12 unique versions of any design in one click you get one click Text translation into a tons of different languages so you can go International and take your business and your designs International to dominate those markets too you get a thousand plus more visual elements added to the library and you get one click import of over a million visual elements royalty-free elements that you can import directly into design Biz and using your designs in one click you get the background and color removal removal tool you get the image frame Creator tool one click social posting scheduling broadcasting and of course commercial license and a ton of bonuses that's the total value of six thousand seven hundred fifty dollars then you get the video upgrade which gives you the automated slideshow and animation gift Creator the advanced stop action video creator unlimited animation slideshow image gifts and stop action videos that you can make for you and your clients one click image to 100 customize give Creator unlimited free mini video GIF and traffic unlimited free stop action video traffic one click publishing to all the social media platforms using apply anywhere on the web and a ton of bonuses there also that that's a total value of nine thousand seven hundred twenty dollars then you get the agency upgrade with the automated client finding software by Niche and location the done view professional easy edit agency website the client getting onboarding and getting paid email templates create and sell unlimited visual content and Designs create and sell unlimited slideshow and animation gifs create and sell unlimited stop action videos posting scheduling broadcasting the syndication system for you and your clients unlimited Cloud design storage for your designs and your clients design you get agency access where you can add team members virtual admins whatever else you want outsourcers to your account to get more done faster build your agency even bigger and make even more profit and you get to keep a hundred percent of the profits from every design you sell plus you get a ton of bonuses for that level also and that's the total value 6 350.

then on top of all that you get the reseller upgrade which gives you the ability to sell unlimited copies of designbiz itself and keep a hundred percent of the front end sales you get the done for you design business High converting sales page done for you design Biz professional video sales letter done for you design Biz engaging demo video done for you sales rendering email marketing swipes done for you stunning promo banners and graphics and we take care of all the back office the app maintenance that we take care of customer support we take care of billing and commission take care of all of those things don't view software updates it's a complete extra source of income for you without creating a single design and you get a ton of bonuses at that level too that's a total value ten thousand three hundred and fifty so all in that's a total value of thirty four thousand seven hundred and Thirty One so it spins on in all four upgrades the Super upgrade the video upgrade the agency upgrade and the reseller upgrade that's a total value of thirty four thousand seven thirty one and with everything you're getting you can get rid of unreliable Freelancers thousands in design Outsource costs paying more for every new design every time you need one waiting days or weeks for designs and then hoping that they're any good and any other design worries because you don't need any of that stuff anymore you are in control of your own design so you can already save thousands in a ton of time and headaches right up front so again you're getting spinzine commercial it's a 3 650 value you're getting spins on Super upgrade with hundreds more done for you templates thousand plus more visual elements in the design Library one click import with a million visual elements create 12 Unique Designs for any one click one click translate to over 100 languages to go International background remover tool frame Creator tool that's a four thousand six hundred sixty one dollar value the spenzyme video upgrade with the automatic slideshow and animated gif Creator the advanced stop action Video Creator and the built-in video library that's a nine thousand seven hundred uh 21 value you're getting the spinsign agency upgrade with the automatic client binding software the dunview professional agency website and the done few agency proposals and agreements that's a six thousand three hundred fifty dollar value you're getting the spinzine reseller upgrade with the reseller license proven on converting sales website done for you promo tools emails and Graphics that's a ten thousand three hundred fifty dollar value plus all the bonuses from every level that's a total value of thirty four thousand seven hundred and thirty one dollars whoo wow now obviously I'm not going to charge you guys thirty four thousand dollars but I have a question for you let's just say that I charge you 10 of that or 3 400.

if all this did was save you thousands per year and weeks of waiting on Outsourcing graphic designs would it be worth it if all this did was let you create all the visual content you need forever would it be worth it if all this did was give you unlimited profit potential by making a hundred percent of every design you sell and even from selling designbiz itself would it be worth it because here's the thing if this saves you thousands on what you'd spend already in reality it doesn't actually cost you anything so you could see why this is a screaming good deal at two thousand dollars because that's already a savings of over 94 and you're saving on the tools and services you don't need anymore also now because you're on this webinar you're going to get access to everything that we talked about unlimited access to spins on Commercial and all four upgrades the Super upgrade the video upgrade the agency upgrade and the reseller upgrade for just one payment of 297. that's a savings of over 98 and it's only a fraction of what it's actually worth and I'm so sure that you're going to love this that I'm going to back it with a full 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee sign up today if you don't like it for any reason just let me know we'll give you your money back you don't have to make that decision today you have 30 days to try it out and decide whether you like it or not sign up now use the software use the upgrades make designs make gifts make stop action videos sell designs make profits even use it as much as you want for 30 days and 30 days from now decide if it's worth 297.

If it's not we'll refund 100 of your money I created the software to fill a need that I had and I'm sharing it because I think it can really help you too but don't take my word for it just try it out go in there and see your 30 days if you don't like it I'll give you your money back if you're like most people you're gonna love it so don't make that decision today make it 30 days from now so the real question is is it worth a few minutes of your time to check this out which if it does even half of what I claim that Anna's training will pay for itself as soon as you make your first few designs now hang on a second I want to do something really special um if you know me then you know I'm a very big believer in taking action I know that when I started out um I was learning a lot but I wasn't doing anything so I wasn't making anything I wasn't building a business I was just getting smarter but broker and I didn't start to get results until I started to take action and I recognized that as my turning point and I want that to be your turning point so I'm going to incentivize you I want to incentivize you as an action taker to to get off the couch and get going so you can start to reach your goals so in order to reward you when you take action now okay for the next 15 minutes I am going to throw in an additional hundred dollars off coupon that's right a hundred extra dollars so you get the whole thing for just 197.

Now when you go to the checkout page um you go to uh spinsign www.spinxine.com bundle you're going to see that the price is 297. you click on the checkout button and in the coupon blank you enter the code save 100 s a v e one zero zero and click the apply button and the price will drop instantly to 197. so if you do in the next 15 minutes the coupon will be active you can go ahead and do that if you try it and it doesn't work um then you know and it's later you might have missed it so now is the time to go take action and get this done because when you do that you're going to save an additional hundred dollars get an absolutely ridiculous steal of a deal so again what that means is again you're getting spins on Commercial three thousand six hundred fifty dollar value spins on Super upgrade four thousand six hundred sixty one dollar value spends on video upgrade nine thousand seven hundred dollar value it's been design agency upgrade 6350 value spinside reseller upgrade 10 350 value the bonus is for every level and a full 30 day money back guarantee a total value 34 731 for just 197.

so all you have to do is go to www.spinzine.com bundle to get signed up and all you're going to do is enter the coupon save 100 click the apply button the price will drop from 297 to 197. check out boom you're done you've saved 100 bucks you got the best deal on the planet right now okay so now I'm going to try and answer as many questions I did see some come through uh while I was talking and if you have any other questions go ahead and enter them in the chat box right now you can also email them to us at support spinsign.com or submit a ticket at support.leverage.com and we'll get it answered for you okay if you know you're gonna have a question don't wait to sign up go sign up right now then submit your question we will be sure to answer it but I don't want you to miss out on the amazing value so go to www.spinzine.com bundle and to get started and then submit your questions here or to our support desk and we'll get them answered as quickly as we can um okay so now let's uh go ahead and take a look and see what we've got for questions um does okay so here's one um does the software work on Windows or Mac it works on both okay the software is actually 100 cloud-based okay so it's going to work on computers it's going to work on laptops tablets and mobiles it's mobile responsive so it will adjust to whatever screen size that you're using and um so it will work on whatever kind of device that you've got okay so to get started go to www.spins.com bundle um let's see are there any monthly fees um okay good question no there are no monthly fees when you lock in your access now as a charter member you lock in at the one-time price through this special Charter Member offer in the future we are going to be switching this to a monthly recurring subscription so now is the time to get in when you get the best value possible and you only pay a one-time uh investment and that's it go to www.spins.com bundle to get started um let's see here um can I uh this oh there's another good one I'm can I add my own logos or Graphics to my design yes absolutely and I'm glad you asked that um not only can you add your own visual elements but you can actually um use the AI to spin and redesign those also so you can upload your own add them to your designs and then when you go to create new designs and have the software do it for you even your own stuff that you uploaded can be included in that and the software will go ahead and make you new designs so it's super super awesome you can upload logos any other visual content um can I post my designs directly to social media yes okay so with any design that you can click post um and you can post it now or you can schedule it up to a year in advance okay so you can enter the headline you can enter the post text you can add a URL and a link um choose the design that you want to post all from right inside the dashboard and post it and by the way you could do this for your clients too with the agency upgrade so not only can you create designs and charge them for that but you could also charge them for social media management because you can create accounts with their socials connected and post directly for them as well and charge them even extra for that so that's actually a great question um go to www.spinsign.com bundle um does okay um does the automatic redesign Feature work with my own designs um absolutely okay so you could start with any template and that's sort of like the examples that I show you but um that's just because it's easier to start with a template but you can also create your own or even do a blank canvas and create from scratch um any design that you create or modify or edit can then be redesigned with the with the day I so once you have it the way you want it you can go ahead and spin 12 new redesigned versions of it in one click so the redesign feature works with any design on the canvas whether you created it from scratch whether you started with a template or whatever and so um so that is you know you 100 can do that go to www.spins.com bundle uh looks like we got time for probably one more uh do oh do I need a social media account no you don't um you don't need to post your designs uh directly okay you can just download them and you can use them wherever you want you can upload the manually your socials you can use them on your website your blog your podcast whatever you want but you can also post directly to social media through the software if you choose to do that so you don't need social media accounts to use it it just makes uh everything else a little bit more automated and simpler for you so um it looks like we've basically run out of time here um I want to you know thank you so much for for joining me on this I had a blast sharing with you I know I went a million miles an hour uh but you know I hope you learned a lot go to www.spinzon.com bundle you can lock in the special offer um if you still have questions don't wait to sign up go sign up now and then just email us your question at support spinsign.com and we'll be sure to answer it but I don't want you to miss out on the unlimited access go to www.spinzine.com bundle to get started now thanks a lot for tuning in and I look forward to talking to you soon and hearing your success story

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