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Are you tired of cold calling and hearing 
people’s voicemails? Or sending a cold   email and never hearing back at all? I 
feel ya….That’s why I’m pumped to tell   you about today’s lifetime deal…With this booking 
software, you can finally stop wasting your time,   chasing after leads. And start 
using that time to chase after   your dreams. Too cheesy?…Alright, 
let’s just jump into today’s deal! What’s poppin’, Sumo-lings? I’m here with 
AppSumo, the #1 marketplace for consultants,   real estate agents, and small business 
owners! Today, we’re looking at BOOKM – an   easy-to-use booking software that helps you 
schedule more meetings with your own booking page.

And if you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe   to our YouTube channel. New deals are 
coming out every week, so stay tuned! Today’s deal is all about scheduling meetings 
quicker. So you can say goodbye to phone tag   forever…Whether you’re scheduling tours 
for open houses. Setting up strategy meetings   with your team. Or wrangling llamas 
for a living. BOOKM has you — Wait,   if you’re a professional llama wrangler, 
drop us a line…I…have…questions…Whatever   your business does, BOOKM helps you create 
professional booking forms in minutes. Let me show you just how easy it is! All you 
gotta do is create meeting categories – like   product demos, strategy sessions, property tours 
— whatever you want…Next, set up your service.   Give it a name, upload an image, set the price 
and duration, and add your CTA…Need to schedule   a virtual group meeting? No worries. You can 
limit the number of participants and plug in   your Zoom or Meet link just like that… Then, 
you just gotta write a description. Define your   availability. And add qualifying questions. 
You could make those questions optional or   mandatory…All that’s left to do is to make your 
booking page look #OnBrand.

And then embed it on   your website or social media…BOOKM will even 
resize everything for desktop and mobile. BOOKM connects to Google, Apple, and Outlook 
calendars, so your meetings are always in   sync. And you’re never double-booked…You can 
integrate with thousands of apps using webhooks   or Zapier…Plus, the Twilio integration lets you 
enable SMS meeting confirmations…Wanna get paid   for your meetings? Don’t we all!… Connect your 
payment gateway – like PayPal, Stripe, or Razorpay   – to streamline billing…Last but certainly not 
least, the BOOKM Support team is always available   via chat box. So you can talk to live humans – 
and not robots – if you ever have a question! If you’re ready to book more 
meetings and take back control   of your time. Click the link below to 
grab your lifetime deal on BOOKM today!.

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