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hey there soon willing it's Eric with appsumo the best place to get insane deals on business software to date we're taking a look at you Spacey the digital workspace that combines team communication collaboration and a CRM in one powerful platform ever wish your online workspace was just better thanks to this lifetime deal on you Spacey it can be let's check it out first off uspacy offers a familiar news feed that lets you post react and comment with teammates it even gives you birthday reminders and for more immediate or private conversations just slide into the DMS whether it's sharing ideas group discussions or just sending that perfectly timed give you Spacey has you covered okay the next task is task management use basically keeps everything on track whether you're a list lover or more of a kanban fan and it's all customizable so you can set it up your way all you got to do is drag drop and get things done but what about when you need more team input you Spacey puts team chats right inside the task manager which means everyone stays on the same page literally so do you feel the need the need to streamline you Spacey is ready and waiting hit the buy now button and let the feeling of calm structured efficiency watch over you want to see more let's keep going let's jump right into you species groups feature it's like the VIP lounge for collaboration from the management team to the interns everyone gets their own space it Blends news feeds tasks and chats together effortlessly and speaking of space it's easy to get lost in the corporate maze that's why you Spacey's detailed company contacts and org charts ensure you always know exactly who to reach out to for whatever you need thank you Spacey sales teams listen up from managing leads to sealing the deal uspacey is your new CRM sidekick schedule those calls keep tasks in check and watch your productivity soar alright there's no way I can cover everything you Spacey does in this video so you'll just have to see for yourself grab this lifetime deal on youspacey to level up your organizations organization [Music] [Applause] thank you

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