Streamline Customer Service with Voizee’s Multi-Channel Platform

hey Sumo links I'm Jay with appsumo the best place to get insane deals on business software today we're looking at Boise the multi-channel communication platform that streamlines customer engagement using chat two-way SMS and virtual phone system whether you're in marketing or customer support you know that streamlining customer engagement means more conversions which is why you need Boise and a twilio account it all starts with customizing your multi-channel widget you've got your pick of chat voice two-way SMS and a virtual phone system after assigning teammates to your widget you can customize the look and functionality you can easily upload your logo set the widget style and animate the buttons to give it some Flair but this virtual phone system ain't like the others it's not complicated there are no calls forwarded to Links in a business email what you see is what you get actual instant two-way calling like this so if you want to start using this multi-channel communication platform just click that buy now button otherwise I'm about to lift the hood on this multi-channel platform to reveal the real juicy stuff in just a few steps you can Define business hours enable call recording and set up chat availability there are also settings that help you manage customers 24 7.

You can configure a unique company voicemail and use call Whispering to instantly alert teammates of incoming calls and when those introductory calls are done Boise can automatically send contact info to customers it's like handing out your virtual business card the speaking of prospects as soon as you have a lead's number in Boise's system you can send them text messages directly from your browser and thanks to the chat GPT integration you've got an AI texting assistant to craft responses for text and live chat you can also run the virtual phone system entirely from your browser to streamline all your call management no website widget required here's how it works you create working groups for all your customer support reps you can then customize mailboxes greetings and call flows call flows are all the rules for how your team handles incoming calls with features like call routing voicemail and call forwarding you can rest easy knowing that you'll never miss a potential lead and if all that isn't convenient enough you can also run the virtual phone system from your mobile device where you can pop into active chats handle email requests and view text notifications so if you want to streamline customer engagement click that big yellow buy now button to grab this lifetime deal on Boise [Applause] foreign

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