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what's up superlings I'm Eric with appsumo the best place to get insane deals on business software today we're looking at Moxie the business management platform built specifically for Creative Freelancers to run and grow their business while Moxie can't run your business for you it makes running it a whole lot easier it all starts with Moxie's home base this Focus tab is going to be like your command center for all things freelance it'll take you all the way from creating a new client or Prospect to managing projects or tasks to automating your expenses and invoices everything's just a couple of clicks away like the quick links to your schedulers communicators and client portals you can also see your project tasks as well as this handy dandy time tracker here this ain't your average stopwatch just a few clicks and you've got all your work session details automatically logged then there's your insights Moxie developed an analytics dashboard that gives you the inside scoop on your time and money Moxie takes all your time tracking and accounting and calculates your true hourly rate now what's more valuable than that nothing that's why we both know oh you should just pause this video and click buy now but I guess if you want to delay the inevitable a little longer here's a few more reasons why Moxie can completely streamline your freelance business Moxie tracks every single detail of your client relationships from notes to insights to invoices this makes generating written agreements like a thousand times easier with one click you can do things like Auto populate client info or add contract terms to legally protect you with e-signature requirements how much money does that save you in lawyers fees enough to buy at least like 400 Chipotle burritos I bet this process will also Auto generate project tasks and add them to your home base cutting out a ton of time for both client and project management and yeah you better believe that automation equals automatic invoice creation all you got to do is click Send baby believe it or not I've got more talking sales pipeline automation first off Moxie provides Discovery form templates that you can embed on your website complete with radio questions rates and dates you can gather all the info you need to close a new client but it doesn't stop there this form will then get added to your pipeline so when someone fills it out they'll automatically be vetted based on your budget and time frame basically you get to tell Moxie how much money you want to work for and how much time you need then based on that Moxie creates workflow automations that tailor automatic replies Ye Old a your name that's a whole lot of time saved my friend now you'll get to focus on the stuff you actually care about your expertise so be sure to click that buy now button because who doesn't want to completely streamline their freelance business [Music] because who doesn't streamline their freelance business you I mean you do you get it

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