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[Music] is the marketing funnel dead well no not exactly but it's not working the same way it used to and that's because your prospects have radically changed in the last few years especially if you're selling B2B they become more and more SC skeptical and their attention is much harder to capture and when your prospects are skeptical and less likely to pay attention that means it's a lot harder for you to reach them and turn them into paying clients what used to work in 2020 or even last year no longer does so why did this happen well to explain that let me quickly explain how this whole funnel thing got started at first automated funnels were a smart way to introduce yourself your brand to potential clients and customers you run some ads to a funnel and you've got new prospects in your world over and over again the problem started as marketing technology improved and businesses started creating funnels that were more and more elaborate they were emulating the gurus that they saw all over the social media and in their feeds who claimed to have the secret sauce to six and seven figure success overnight so automated funnels started to replace all elements of business growth and relationship building in other words the funnel became the business instead of a part of it so why is that bad it's bad because funnels are designed to be a one-way street it's pushing prospects in a single Direction down the funnel all on their own they follow a bunch of prompts without any human Connection in the process the prospects are expected to Simply listen to instructions and follow them so at the end of that experience is there really any relationship building going on any trust do you think they'd be willing to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars at that point especially in a high consideration purchase it may have worked five years ago but online marketing is no longer Niche your prospects understand what is happening especially B2B prospects because they're a little bit more sophisticated and they're much faster to click away but not everyone is struggling to reach their prospects entrepreneurs and marketers who have shifted their focus to a relationship based marketing model are winning in a big way right now essentially this is an anti- funnel approach that focuses on on nurturing and engaging leads while still using automation Tools in key areas in fact the consultants and entrepreneurs and marketers we work with have been able to get plenty of leads to fill their calendar each month while spending just 20 minutes a day or so to manage the system and if you're thinking this sounds great but if it's automated how is it this different than any of your average mun marketing funnels what makes it a more human approach is that the 20-minute marketing method is all about UL ating how humans interact with each other every single day everything from your messaging the campaign structure and the technology used is designed with that in mind because the system works something like this you reach out to prospects on LinkedIn or from an existing Prospect list that you already have to start the relationship this is done for you either by my team in the program or you can do it manually um but in the program we do it for you and it looks like it's manually typed out to each and every person from there your prospects will start to see social media posts that are a combination of promotional material about your business and third-party articles and content that they would be interested in emulating the same Cadence and post style of a regular person who is an expert on that topic and is just sharing that expertise while at the same time you'll be sending conversational emails to your prospects all with the goal of starting a sincere conversation and using technology that makes the email literally indistinguishable from a personal one toone email that you would type out and send to a colleague or a family member leading to over 50% open rates on average and sales opportunities every single month this style of marketing and communication is a two-way street designed to talk with your best prospects instead of talk at them and once you've set it all up all you have to do is add new prospects every single month so instead of a funnel it's more like a wheel that keeps rolling over and over again at the speed you'd like it to without ever needing to fill it with unqualified leads using paid advertising and since you're here right now I'm betting that you're watching this video right now because what you've been doing so far either hasn't given you the results you want or just hasn't been consistent enough the good news is that you can fix both of those issues and see big results in very little time this is what we help entrepreneurs do all the time and more than that we help them finally get rid of the stress of wondering where their next clients will come from because we know it can keep you up at night and and keep you stressed out so if you're ready to turn things around for good I'd like to invite you to join our next cohort of students there are two tiers we offer in this program and the right one for you depends on your business and your growth stage I'll explain more about that in just a minute before I go any further I want to be direct with you about what I'm not going to do and why I'm not going to sell you the dream by that I mean I'm going to spare you montage after montage of me sitting on the beach or behind the wheel of a Ferrari or at the beach while sitting behind the wheel of a Ferrari or on the hood because seriously who cares I'm just going to tell you about the things that matter what your options are and how each option can help you achieve your goals so the first option is the 20 minute marketing method program this program is for you if you want to attract engage and convert highquality prospects for your own business during this 90-day program you'll get weekly training and Q&A sessions with Co coaches on The Connect 365 team uh on the best system for getting high-paying clients for your business it also includes software to automate most of the steps of the process the second option is our 20 minute marketing agency program this is a six Monon program where you'll not only learn how to implement this system in your own business but also how to offer a lead generation services to your new or existing clients we'll teach you everything you need to know about pricing selling and fulfilling this work so that you can find and convert prospects who are willing to pay you thousands every month again this program includes all the tools you need to automate nearly everything so that you can serve a clients in roughly 20 minutes a day just like you would do for yourself it also feels a huge need in the marketplace because like I said prospects are more skeptical nowadays and your clients are feeling that pain too each of these programs includes access to connect NE 365 Platinum which automates or takes care of nearly all of the work involved in either system and and it's done in a way that feels personal and indistinguishable from manually doing the work yourself the result is that you'll only have to spend again 20 minutes a day or so to get big results specifically connect 365 Platinum includes connect 365 social which in includes done for you social media content uh to nurture your prospects and build brand andand recognition you'll also get connect 365 prospects this is a service that takes care of all of your prospecting and list growth for you done by our team uh it means you'll grow your network and build your list of high value prospects every single month with very little effort on your part and you'll also get connect 365 email this allows you to send automated conversational Outreach and followup messages in bulk however it's done in a way a specific way that stands out in people's inboxes and almost always gets 50% or or more open rates uh all three are included with connect 365 Platinum it's a bundle that's included with each of our programs now I could go through case study after case study and share success story after success story but all of that is currently on this page uh so if you'd like to read them go ahead and do that but what I will say is that this system works for nearly everyone who puts in the effort to get it set up and running and it's working right now in this very different environment where quality leads are much harder to get uh so this will absolutely work for you like it's worked for me and like it's worked for our business and hundreds of our clients and thousands of our students businesses who are in our programs or having us stud to work for them uh so make your decision and see for yourself my team and I can't wait to prove it to you um you won't regret it and I can't wait to see your business hit New Heights this year

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