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are you the protagonist of an epic Odyssey then why are you drowning in a sea of media files it's not like you're keeping all these digital assets under your mattress but let's be real your current solution isn't bringing you any peace of mind you need a media management solution that doesn't feel like you're acting out of Grecian tragedy what's good simulinks it's Eric here with appsumo the number one Marketplace for bloggers marketers and course creators today we're looking at publishio a cloud-based media management platform that can convert protect and deliver images and videos at lightning speed and if you haven't already make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel we've got new deals coming out every week so stay tuned publishio is the Swiss army knife of media file hosting you can keep your precious videos secure with hls encryption which means they can't be downloaded by any internet stranger apply watermarks tags and then hit upload sharing your images and videos is a breeze with iframe embed and Source in bed or you can share the URL directly but Lucio's URL based transformation feature is basically magic just by tweaking the URL you can transcode the format from JPEG to Ping and resize crop or convert images to videos all with a few simple URL changes now let's check out a video each video page offers basic analytics subtitle and caption options and file version history and for added security enable domain level protection to ensure your media is only viewable on specific websites design custom video players with different colors and control options and configure your API settings so uploads are automatically transformed if you think we've covered it all think again publishio offers even more features to simplify media management with global CDN infrastructure your media loads at lightning speeds ensuring a top-notch user experience for visitors this platform will always adapt to your storage and bandwidth needs while keeping your budget in check plus publishio lets you invite team members so you don't have to do it alone so sit back relax and let publishio handle your media management like a pro click the link below and grab this lifetime deal while it's hot [Music] [Applause] thank you

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