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Sup, Sumolings? It’s Jay with AppSumo, 
the best place to get insane deals on   business software. Today, I’m talkin’ 
all things Sizzy – A web browser that   helps web developers test and develop 
responsive designs in record time. Trying to make your designs responsive is no 
easy task. And most dev tools make it even   harder. Well, not Sizzy. Not only can this web 
browser synchronize UI tests across devices,   it can also integrate all your other dev tools. Let’s jump right into this super browser to see 
how it works. Wanna test your design on multiple   devices at once? Use Sizzy’s multi-device 
testing. Just load up your site to view,   scroll, zoom, and interact across different 
screens. Your environment is so flexible,   you can add or drop a device in one click. Tired of switching between apps and 
installing bloated extensions? Sizzy’s   integrated developer tools are here to 
save the day.

You’ve got an API inspector   to manage API calls, a Tailwind inspector 
for real-time CSS framework adjustments,   and loads of other tools. Sizzy can even 
capture full page screenshots for you. Sizzy is designed for quick prototyping, 
debugging, and faster product market fit.   So go ahead and lock in this deal before 
it’s too late. Wanna see more? I gotchu. Sizzy lets you jump between projects and clients 
without losing context or messing up your tabs,   notes, and snippets.

Plus, you can manage 
logs, warnings, and errors using Sizzy’s   custom console. This way, you can just debug 
and carry on. Sizzy can even simulate real-world   conditions, like tweaking network settings 
or switching between dark and light modes. Web devs need tools that are *actually* 
designed to make the job easier. Correction,   they need Sizzy. So don’t wait! Snag 
this lifetime deal while you still can!.

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