TR-3A Black Manta, TR-3B Astra – What are these black triangle UFOs?

[ Music] hello my list is Ben Lavrov and in this video I'm going to talk about the increase in sightings of the pitch-black triangle UFOs sometimes announced of the tr-3b I'll briefly summarize the history of this phenomena to date and then speculate about the possible justifications if having watched this video through to the end you can think of any important items that I've omitted or if you have alternative theories of your own please post a comment below if I haven't included detailed description or presumptions it isn't definitely because I don't think they're relevant it may be because I'm not well understood them so share your revelations and let's see if we can get to the truth first a short review of the recent past you may be aware that UFOs can be categorized according to their shape for example flying saucers cigar determined objectives orbs and so on this categorization enables researchers to gather data and “ve been looking for” commonalities among sightings all regions of the world one of the two categories are those known as black triangles and they've been recognise on numerous occasions in the last few decades the most notorious sightings were during what is now known as the Belgian UFO gesticulate of November 1989 to April 1990 UFOs in the shape of black triangles were examined within belgian airspace on many occasions observers described black triangles with pulsating coloured lights in each region on the underside of the objective they were said to fly low-grade and sluggish at night over metropolis and open country what concludes the belgian sightings most interesting than many others is the fact that an object was tracked on radar with this radar evidence their concern was sufficient to scramble two Belgian Air Force f-1 6s to investigate and wiretap the object the f-1 6 captains spent an hour trying to intercept it on nine different occasions but failed to do so skeptics have suggested that the Belgian UFO curve was nothing other than a mass deception they point out that many of the sightings weren't reported until after the main narrative reached the media however there have been sightings of same mold UFOs over the years most notably in North America in 2000 2004 and 2006 in Illinois in 2014 in Kansas and Texas in 2017 in Wisconsin and in June 2018 in Maryland and another significant series of sightings that competitor the specific characteristics is the Phoenix light-footeds incident of the late 1990 s entire programmes and films have been made of this event alone so it's worthy of further investigation in January 2018 there was a sighting in Hemel Hempstead hartfordshire in the UK according to MUFON case eight nine six five three the witness described a silently moving triangular ship pairing the description of many other sightings then in December 2018 a video appeared on the YouTube channel mr.M BB three double three which is said to be video footage of a black triangle flying over Toledo Ohio a few miles from the wright-patterson Air Force Base observation beneath the video suggest that many others have experienced the same craft we know from past ordeal with the development of the Lockheed f-1 17 nighthawk for example that u.s. forces does develop brand-new aircraft in secretive platforms some of these programs are so secret that they are known merely to an elite few and their pitch-black budgets are assigned without the knowledge of key personnel in government during a pronunciation rendered on September the 10 th 2001 the then US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announced that the Pentagon had lost 2.3 trillion dollars from its budget a trillion is a million times a million or a thousand times a billion has this huge sum of taxpayers coin been siphoned off to fund black jobs black projections have been responsible for the design and production of aircraft that although now known to the public remain very reticent due to the advanced and unique technology that they incorporate one such aircraft that is rumored to have been produced is the tr3 a Black Manta said to be a subsonic stealth reconnaissance aircraft based on a flying wing design it is also rumored that the TR 3a was used during the Gulf Wars to designate targets for the f-1 17 Nighthawks then in a BBC documentary in 1999 a somebody claiming to be a onetime neighbourhood 51 hire described a successor to the TR 3a the tr-3b Astra the tr-3b Astra is said to be a seat airplane and the TR designation might stand for tactical reconnaissance however others have suggested that the TR designation is a immorality of the cancelled tier 3 activity tier 3 was a large example reconnaissance UAV rank 2 is the Global Hawk high altitude long tenacity UAV we are familiar with today if you search for TR 3a or tr-3b on YouTube you will find all kinds of videos claiming to contain footage of them breathtaking footage of airstrikes on Taliban positions in Afghanistan or enemy positions in Syria with some nifty CGI added can inspect very impressive however they only prove two things firstly that some people have good cgi the competences and second that people are easily convinced of things that don't exist but on the other hand there is footage of slow-moving craft flying very slowly and filmed in tranquilize ailments over numerous hours which do not have the illuminating of conventional civilian or military aircraft there are also clips and stills that may be genuine and behave in a way that would suggest and the invisible triangular-shaped craft both at night and in daylight these types of films are worthy of further investigation although it is time-consuming to sift through the dirt to find a few gems of truth that may be lying there waiting to be discovered and even when you've procure a nugget of truth you might find it hard to convince others that you are in possession of the real deal there is of course another direction to this phenomena that I have not yet mentioned and that is the idea that these ship contain technology that has been switched engineered from alien spacecraft read my video on the Jeremy corbels bob lazar movie for more on this issue the collective refer for these aerospace operations funded under the colors fund is the Aurora program the suggestion is that the tr-3b astra and other plane built by the US military and black projects utilizations gravitation disruptors it is said that gravity disruption is achieved squandering a magnetic field disruptor MFD a technology that has its origins in extraterrestrials or some supernatural root according to the rumors the MFD is set to create a vortex in which the aircraft's mass is reduced by 89% preparing it most light-footed and able to outperform and outsmart any other human aircraft I don't pretend to understand how all this works so if you have a deeper understanding and can express it in ways that are comprehensible to those of us without units in engineering and astrophysics then delight affix specific comments below in summary then we have a man-made aircraft maybe squandering immigrant or other engineering that can fly to the edge of opening at up to Mach 9 and incorporates advanced stealth engineering if you had been standing in the deserts of the USA when their respective campaigns were still top-secret you might have thought that the Northrop b-2 spirit stealth bomber or the Lockheed f-1 17 nighthawk were alien spacecraft as they flew overhead gradually as the sightings of these paradigms increased the truth of their existence was exposed the Lockheed f-1 17 nighthawk was formally revealed in 1988 there is an opportunity hitherto transpire that the tr3 aircraft are another development of ultra stealth technology with propulsion systems that may or may not be derived from altered engineered flying saucers perhaps in the years ahead we'll eventually be allowed to know the truth and the American public in particular will know what happened to at least some of their 2.3 trillion 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