Unleash the Power of No-Code App Building with Formaloo

hey sumalings it's Eric with appsumo the best place to get insane deals on business software today we're talking about formalism a powerful no code platform that lets you build custom applications manage data seamlessly and discover actionable insights say hello to formaloo the absolute ultimate no code Data wrangling Business boosting app building platform with formaloo you can build beautiful forms customer portals crms and other business apps in one place formal news form Creator makes it easy to create stunning highly functional online forms you can use them to capture leads send surveys create workflows and more and it's so easy to use it's kind of fun did I mention you don't need to code okay let's talk about the app builder because it's legit first off like everything in formal loop it's super easy and flexible you can create custom business apps customer portals and internal Tools in minutes not months pick from over 200 form and app templates or mix and match from over 100 pre-built blocks to build your perfect solution it's like Legos but better because it makes you money instead of jabbing you in the foot every day so why let coding limit your creativity when you can create Magic with formally click that buy now button and let's start building or if you just want to chat more stick around with formaloo's membership portal Builder you can build your own exclusive online communities with ease quickly develop custom portals with custom login and sign up features and use the advanced user Management Systems to control access invite or reject users and monitor activity within your community in short you're the boss plus the easy to use content management system allows for efficient creation and management of all your portals content now it's time to dig into the intelligent form features using conditional logical you can personalize how people move through your forms let's say you want to qualify your prospects if you're asking about budgets their responsible trigger a related question it's the difference between taking on a 10K client versus a 2K client basically you're automating and optimizing your entire Legion workflow with formal Loop and for those data nerds Among Us formalu offers Advanced chart views that let you build custom charts with your own data you can integrate your own apps and data sources and add the full power or formaloo Ai and customer analytics to your business this helps you pull insights from customer data increase conversion rate and you can even reduce churn by up to 83 percent ready to start understanding your data from your own apps just click buy now like the boss you are [Music] [Applause] thank you

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