Unlock Heatmaps and User Recordings with Session Rewind

hey Sumo Lings it's Jay with appsumo the best place to get insane deals on business software today we're taking a look at session rewind the tool that tracks website traffic analyzes user behavior and monitors performance to improve your website's user experience session rewind helps you find out exactly what visitors are doing on your websites and you get everything we're talking heat Maps session playback and more all with pinpoint accuracy want to know why your landing page isn't converting with session rewind you don't have to guess you'll be able to see exactly which buttons are getting clicked and which ones are getting ignored getting started is super easy you can use the WordPress plugin or integrate with Google tag manager to install session rewind now that that's out of the way let's get to the good stuff but before we go further don't forget to hit that buy now button if you're seeing something you like cuz this deal won't be around forever want to see more of what session rewind can do all right let's keep going peep your session page when visitors come to your site you'll see their details pop up right here you can find all kinds of data you've got tons of filters and you can even get notified when a session meets certain criteria now let's get real for a sec analytics are good but they're just numbers the real power is understanding why your web visitors do what they do and that kind of insight comes from realtime monitoring rather than guessing Based on data points session rewinds real-time monitoring lets you watch as users engage with your website right now it's also great if you want to help a customer with something at that moment customer insights and customer service that's what I'm talking about is it hot in here oh wait that's just heat maps with session rewind you'll see your website Through The Eyes of your users see why they click see why they linger and most importantly see why they drop off you'll get metadata and user info and you can save important playbacks or share them with your team with specific timestamps the timeline will show you a history of events that happened like clicks and conversions what about user privacy session rewinds got you there are secure privacy options so you decide what gets recorded and what doesn't and it's good for your whole team add unlimited admins or add team members with restricted access either way you can collaborate share insights and enhance your website's experience together session rewind is crazy powerful and crazy affordable so why waste any more time thinking about it grab this lifetime deal right [Applause] now

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