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what's up signalings it's Eric with appsumo the best place to get insane deals on business offer today we're looking at convey a video messaging platform that can replace emails and meetings with personalized video audio and Screen recordings ever feel like email threads are too long and boring meetings are just like too boring it's time to check out convey the platform that lets you send personalized video messages and kiss those endless email threads goodbye alright let's pop into the dashboard and hit record next choose between flaunting your good looks with camera mode sharing your screen or both that's it you're recording great work and the best part no more glancing over at the clock with convey recording time is unlimited so your first video is a wrap give it a preview to make sure it's all good don't like it just re-record no judgment here if you're ready just add a snazzy title a quick description hit upload and boom your video now lives in conveys secure Cloud leaving your PC storage untouched more room for cat videos am I right of course sharing is easy just copy and paste your video link wherever you need it effortless efficient communication that's convey I'm just going to give you a quick second to smash that buy now button because this lifetime feels just too good to pass out I'm still here well let's keep it moving then imagine this scenario you've got a great product but can't gather good testimonials conveys got your back hit new request and you've got yourself a request link send it to your satisfied customers and let them create content for you once they're done recording their glowing reviews their video appears in your convey account ready to use finally collecting testimonials is a snack which is great because all that social proof is going to sell your brand like crazy speaking of branding you can also customize your videos with your branding and unique URL convey gives you a simple and effective way to connect with your clients onboard team members explain tricky software demos whatever you need and there will never be a better time than right now to get started so click that buy now button to score this lifetime deal today [Music] foreign [Music]

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