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hi everyone it's Todd gross I'm so glad that you are here this is like a pinnacle of my career my online career in terms of video players video hosting and I'll explain what I'm talking about in just a moment why I'm so excited about what we're doing this evening it is at least evening Eastern Time right now we are live it is Tuesday evening at eight o'clock Eastern time first before I even get started I want to welcome you and yeah since this is live you know what I'm going to do uh in just about 20 or 30 seconds from now when I get my computer under control here which disappeared on me for a minute I'm going to start uh taking a look at the question answer box I'm going to ask where you're from if you can hear me clearly and that kind of thing and then we'll get started so I'll be starting off in just a moment I'll be right back okay so this is what I'm gonna do I'm going to take a look at your answers in that question answer box that you have on your screen and uh I see we have some very excited people here I'm going to read some of your comments that you've posted posted so far in just a moment but first let me ask officially if you can hear me clearly that's first I want to make sure that my sound is loud and clear okay yes you're answering in real time it's no delay that's good to know and secondly you could post where you're from I'm going to read just a few of the cities and towns that you're from from around the world and uh I see Craig McIntosh has been very very uh let's say proactive in this chat so far before you guys even joined he was telling all about how he's in Edinburgh Scots Edinburgh Scotland how he's drinking coffee and I can tell you from the number of posts that you posted we know that you are definitely drinking coffee all right then we have uh Tina up in Canada we have uh Carl we have Atlanta uh we have William in Los Angeles London in the UK that's Nigel we have Jeff in Nevada we have Tina we have Brad Sarasota Florida Sonia Ontario and we have the Gold Coast Queensland oh thank you very much halfway around the world from here in New England Cleveland Ohio uh thank you Mark you know I have a cold too but that's very sweet of you my dulcet tones are coming in just fine loud and clear from Houston Melbourne also in Australia at the home of the eclipse this year I believe Southern Indiana USA and we have Amarillo Texas Laurel Maryland call from Powder Spring Georgia Antonio Mason Chicago Illinois Bolivar Missouri Brisbane Australia that's Jeff obviously whoa Jack from Bronx Science my alma mater what do you know Robbie in North Carolina Waterloo Ontario John and Tucson uh Herbert you know the Bronx Science reunion of my year is coming up I have to uh attend that that's going to be wild and Tucson and it's more all right I know I I there's so many I can't get to everyone but I hope I touched on you uh let me let me give you a little bit of background what we're doing today and then I want to give you uh some extraordinary reasons that you want to hang on for this shorter than normal webinar sometimes we go on two two and a half hours this is going to be shorter than that we have a point to make we're going to make it quickly and get to this uh very excited about this basically the history that I have with this kind of product goes back to 2007 late in 2006 I came out with squeeze videos which was how I got into videos but then in 2007 I started introducing something to the marketplace that was new at the time I was the number one affiliate for uh something called Easy Web video which was the first basic uh video player that was out there the first one that made any sort of inroads at the time and then from there any time a video player came out and then when video players and video hosting came hand in hand anytime another one came out that was solid and that did things like in your video you could put you know a squeeze form in there you know can collect an email address anything that was unusual I was there saying this is the best one at the current time your best bet so that leads us to today I've you know teamed up with Dr Amit who has been absolutely on top of this trend for years now and he has improved um a previous video player that we had together to the point that it's a brand new product and you know what that's what we're going to be telling you all about here today but the reason why it's so important to have one of these and to have hosting that's affordable is basically twofold number one you're basically are your own person right you don't have to worry about YouTube Banning you and that's happened to me it's happened to a lot of you where they've taken down your videos they said some of my content was not original when it clearly was as an example then I got that Vimeo curse where we just slightly slightly went over the Vimeo limit of what they call fair use so even though we were on an unlimited plan we didn't read the fine print of what Fair uses and then after negotiating with them it was a travesty they kept making us pay more and more or wanting us to pay more and more and finally we just threw out our Vimeo account totally and then of course there's wistia which other people have it's a nice service it doesn't have everything that what we're going to show you today but it's so darn expensive you know the monthly charges on these things are prohibitive and then of course we have something called vid host Pro which solves all of that and Dr amit's team is in charge of keeping that up to date and the best out there the most affordable you're going to absolutely love what we're going to show you today now at the very end of this webinar all right randomly I'm going to pick five people that will get reimbursed part of their purchase at the end of the training five people will get reimbursed part of their purchase at the end of the training and we're going to pick that randomly that's at the very very end so you want to stay on for that and by the way everyone that shows up today and hangs on towards the end of the webinar will also get five free gifts including an iframe plug-in generator that's right you just have to hang on about an hour or so into the webinar hour and a half and we are going to get you that iframe plug-in generator and four other great gifts so that is going to be very special as well so I want you to stay on until the end of this webinar it's really a great webinar we have Dr Emmett's team here now I'm going to pass it over to Dr Emmett's team in just a second to see a demo of this incredible software and all the upgrades and all the bonuses everything that this thing could do let me pass it over right now to Dr Emmett's team Raheem go ahead yes yes yes yes yes thank you for that beautiful introduction I see everyone's ready everybody's waiting in anticipation so I'm gonna go full force um I'm going to assume all of you can hear me so let's get to it ladies and gentlemen today you're gonna see how you can host videos like a professional without spending a dime without getting tortured by Vimeo or YouTube or whiskey or any of those platforms allow you to save tons of money even if you're a complete beginner guys I'm super excited I'm not sure if any of you are familiar with some of my webinars I've done a lot and I'm blessed today to be part of the team of Dr Mead and to get close to working with the legend himself hot cross and I just want to be rest assured guys that this is not going to be an information overload webinar and a sob story it's just purely practical showing you exactly an amazing demo we're gonna cover some training and um covering an amazing and easy video script that anyone can Implement so you also not only have an amazing software but you can immediately put it to use and get some amazing conversions so I'm already and I hope you're ready as well because guys at the end of the day we just want you to succeed and the reason why is because the more you win the more we can brag about it right that's kind of how it works if we can tell you hey we have these people getting tons of leads and conversions with video that looks good on us as well so we're gonna do an amazing job here today and I hope you you're excited so with that being said let me right off the bat give you something that's going to be crucial moving forward if you want to succeed online and that is I highly encourage you and everyone here on the team encourages you based on what we've seen and the trend and where it's going you need to start sending all your traffic to your videos this is honestly the easiest way to generate and convert traffic right all the traffic that comes in from social from your emails solo apps whatever you use and we will cover some traffic generation methods later on um send them through your videos send them to your videos I'll show you why in a second because that will give you the highest conversions over and over again the best way to get highly qualified traffic in 2023 and Beyond is my leveraging video marketing now I do need to make this point very clear moving forward because guys if you start doing this you will succeed if you don't do this you're gonna fall behind as a matter of fact don't even take my word for it let me go ahead and jump over to Google real quick and I'll zoom in and did a quick search um right here in 2023 online video is expected to account for 82.5 of all web traffic all web traffic all right making it the most popular type of content over the internet and 86 of marketers are using video as a Content marketing tool right this is a fact that you cannot get around if you're lacking on video not producing on videos or not using the right video platforms you're gonna fall behind so today we're going to help you leverage that and help you see if you haven't seen much success with video so far don't worry it's not your fault there's just a lot of complications out there we'll cover those as well but be rest assured that today you're in the right hands because the best part but everything that we're going to show you is you don't need any marketing or Tech experience no spending tons of money on hosting which is really a pain uh when you seriously start to leverage video and without worrying about traffic and leads now after today's training ladies and gentlemen or big promise taught me the whole team here with Dr Mead you will have expert level video hosting abilities that will allow you to get leads and sales consistently so I'm excited let's see if you're 80 20 ladies and Gentlemen let's see who is staying until the end Todd already spilled the means a bit we're gonna give some cool stuff away comment yes in the chat box right now if you're staying until the end I'll let the team take a snapshot of the chat law we're going to send all of you an attendance bonus package if you want comment yes right now and two actually stay until the end and I'll have the team the tech Wizards do what they need to do to send all of you an amazing email with an attendance bonus package just for being here right awesome awesome yeah okay I'm staying I'm saying yes it's Jack Davey Berry Mark Tina Nigel I'm staying all night I cracks here for a while I see your brother yes yes yes awesome awesome and I know it's late for some people in this part of the world so we highly appreciate you and I'm also going to make sure I'm going to make very good use of your time you're gonna get the whole nine yards without any fluff lots of guesses everybody's happy perfect so just so you know we're in good hands uh we obviously know the man the mythology himself I don't think he needs much backstory also already introduce himself as well multi award-winning marketer The Man Behind tons of Highly Successful launches and solvers that produce so many success stories and then we obviously have doctor meet another software mobile who is not only successful at generating tons of money and sales using video marketing and tools and software but also has been crowned with a 94 customer satisfaction rate which is really hard to do in this industry honestly so um you know you're in good hands here so without further Ado let's cover the tree secrets that we'll be going over today the thing you've all been waiting for number one we're gonna talk about the video Money script The Proven video script that anyone can apply to generate leads and sales in any Niche from scratch the reason why I want to cover this real quick first is because it has no use of account to give you an amazing video hosting software that will turn your video marketing efforts to the next level but you don't really know any scripts you don't know how to dominate with video so I'm going to give you quick effortless simple video marketing script that will take you to the next level next then it's time for the amazing demo the moment you all be waiting for video domination the only way to build a wildly profitable audience using video without spending a dime on hosting this is absolutely crazy and the number three guaranteed results this is where I'm going to show you how you can get access and gain exclusive access to ultra fast video hosting features that people will beg you to install while paying you monthly fees as well so I'm excited guys let me know in the chat box which of these secrets are you at actually looking most forward to which is the one you cannot wait to hear more about maybe give me a one of its video Money script give me a two of its video domination or give me a treat if it's guaranteed results I see people saying all of them all of the above trees coming in Herbert Craig uh uh Marxist one two and three from Stephen once once uh you guys are on fire I love it I love it all right but absolutely I'm not gonna let you wait any longer uh they just keep coming all of them all of them amazing I love it guys keep that engagement up um now with that being said let's Dive Right In Secret number one the video manuscript I'm gonna give you something quick and Powerful you can use to start dominating with video on your blogs and on the video hosting uh software that you're about to get your hands on The Proven video script that anyone can apply to generate lead to sales in niches from scrap now quick backstory I remember having no clue where to start with video and what to record right I didn't have a proper camera I didn't feel confident and comfortable enough to record videos and I just want to address this big elephant in the room because I know some of you want Excel with video but these are maybe things that hold you back as well now I realized as you should by now that anyone can create high converting videos right without any of that analysis you can use stock footage captions slide deck presentations flowchart videos artificial intelligence nowadays simply voice overs right anyone can create epic videos there are no excuses that moving forward after today you are not going to double down on video right no excuses now with that being said who wants me to share the simplest yet most powerful script that converts traffic like crazy now no no I know it says comment yes I'm not even going to wait for your answer let's Dive Right In Every time I a person watches a video they only care about four things and I'm talking specifically about cold traffic when they come through your blog when they come to any place where you have a video they only care about four things right now the sooner you answer these four questions that they have in their mind they're easier to see guys we've tested this so many times I actually taught this on multiple webinars and every time new success stories pop up from the people that implement it so let me show you how it's done the four questions that every person has the moment they encounter any video are these number one is who are you number two is what do you have number three is why do I need it and number four is where can I get it if you can answer these four questions which any of you can do you can easily pre-sell your audience into your offer now let me give you a quick example let's say um I'm gonna use myself my name is Raheem I'm here on behalf of the video marketing team so who are you hey guys my name is Raheem I'm here on behalf of the vid host pro team now what do you have well I have an amazing software that will allow you to host videos like there's no tomorrow without getting dragged down by limits why do I need it well if you're struggling generating leads utilizing video and taking your video marketing to the next level then this is definitely for you where can I get it well by now you're wondering where you can actually get it click the link below or click the link on this video or book a call here if you can answer these four questions in your video in this format you can crank out pre-sell videos that get your bars to pay attention and to know exactly what they need to do next because every single person that clicks or does whatever the action is at the end it's pretty sold they know what you have they know why they need it and they know where can I get it guys make sense do you see how you see apple script rights now I've done tons of scripts I did elaborate stuff I did the whole backstory and for cold traffic we noticed this is just what they care about especially in today's day and age where the attention span is really short people want this exactly so if you follow this script take a screenshot take a snapshot the next time you make a video follow this format right hey my name is so-and-so this is what I have I specifically say what you have as in you don't have it I have it right just like when back in kindergarten you said I have candy and all the other people got jealous they wanted candy too so it's that same effect here's what I have now here's why you need it and this is where you can get it follow this format and trust me you'll be able to convert people like crazy because when they go to another sales page wherever you want to take them that that's the rest of the conversion now what happened next when we started implementing this a lot of people asked us to start creating videos like these for them we'll talk more about that later as well but what happened next goes without saying right it became really easy to with video Simply record videos say all right guys this is who I am this is what I have this is why you needed this where you can get it we talk about the pain points we talk about the desires it's done right what you have goes about the desires why they need it because about the pain bones those are the only things to uh people care about they have pains that they want to avoid they have desires that they want to get closure to if you can make this video in any of you can guys you're gonna dominate so that being said ladies and gentlemen there are tons of different types of videos you can use uh to dominate their Story videos value videos sales videos review videos case study videos educational membership videos and you can use that script that I just said in any of these videos to put in a solid call to action that will pre-sell your customer now with that being said again guys um let me actually go ahead and open this up that's it for secret number one let me know if that was fast enough for you let me know if you enjoyed that quick Golden Nugget and I gave you some yeah some juice to work with right if you want to crank out some solid conversion videos like this is the simple one we use for affiliate offers launching an old products just to get a cold person that never heard of you before to be like all right let's see what this man and woman has right so hope you appreciate that one let me know if you liked secret number one yes yes excellent quick explanation info good good awesome I'm going as fast as I can guys I appreciate your time I know it's late at night for some of you I know a lot of you just want to get to the demo so uh but we do need some proper training as well right because people want to get better at video yes it's awesome all right perfect so with that being said and about to go to the next secret video domination the only way to build a wildly profitable audience using video without spending a dime on hosting now let's do a quick true or false to see if you're still wide and awake in order to get results you need the attention of your audience true or false like the only way you get results if your audience pays attention to you right yes yes yes yes it's true true all right you guys are on fire you're still awaken with me now guys it goes without saying it is definitely true right and they're the big shot gurus already figured this out a long time ago right people like garyvee hate him or love him hey attention is the single most important asset uh Peter Cashmore Pete Cashman we're living at the time where intention is the new currency it's all about attention guys if you want a driving business if you want to succeed in 2023 focus on attention right the sales will come the leads will come focus on grabbing that attention now this model is powerful it's one of the easiest conversion models sending all your traffic to your videos videos are known for the most and highest converting tools right that's why we do live webinar it's basically a video you watch it's easier it's more powerful to get people to pay attention and everybody consumes video now the only problem is it's not easy to keep the attention especially when you use different hosting sites such as YouTube right your traffic leaks by disturbing ads we all gone through this YouTube actively shows ads in between your videos causing a distraction for your viewers and ultimately they go somewhere else on top of that distraction by related video suggestions YouTube actively censor traffic elsewhere by showing related videos that guarantee your viewers will get distracted and go anywhere else if any of you ever uh um came across this right or are familiar with this let me know in the chat because this happens to me all the time I go to YouTube for one one video before I know it I'm looking at the sidelines seeing what else is there the thumbnails are so attention grabbing I click on that and I'm off track right I see yes this all the time there you go now even worse and what what's not talked about is as much A lot of times YouTube Can't terminate your videos and channels at any time without any prior notice ultimately causing loss to your business um and you might I don't have noticed this but uh more than 18 million YouTube videos and 1.8 million uh 1.8 million YouTube channels will remove the 20 20 21.

That's just crazy right imagine your business going belly on there just like that now guys this isn't just for YouTube this is all the platforms if you go watch a video on Instagram you get distracted you go watch a video but so if I'm not sending traffic to a video I posted on Facebook I can say bye bye to my traffic right because they're gonna click elsewhere they're going to see understand I'm basically putting myself in a pool of competition when I host videos on YouTube and Vimeo all that stuff even if it's on my own blog YouTube will still do recommendations after the video ads in between the video I'm just making it harder for myself to keep that attention and this is so important I see a lot of people aligning with that in the chat yep yep it's canceling for no reason distraction they slowly been increasing the number of ads as you've noticed I thought I was the only one now on top of that other Smart Video platforms notice that hey this is an opportunity right where there's problem there's opportunity so they started charging through the nose every single month for a distraction free platforms right now who wants to see how you can actually benefit from this without paying through the nose on all of those heavy fees by allowing you to get access to technology that will allow you to convert traffic with video with ease and have a hundred percent attention of your audience all day long you can use this for yourself you can use this for your clients let me know in the chat box who's ready for an amazing demo I'll start playing that demo guys it's gonna be far just the moment you've all been waiting for yes yes I want to see I am I am I'm loving this audience you guys are amazing blow me away Perfect all right without further Ado guys sit back pay very close attention I told you before you saw the stats and facts videos where it's at if you want to succeed online video video so you want to optimize yourself for that single thing let's go ahead and have an amazing view at this demo hey there and welcome to this demo video of bitost pro now Windows Pro allows you to upload and share all of your videos that's not all you're also able to access my Drive we are also able to store images documents audio files and more to get started go to videos here you will see a list of all of the videos that you've uploaded to fit host Pro to upload a new video Simply click on new video where you're able to upload a video from your computer simply select the video and upload it to videos Pro once the video has completed uploading you can go to the next step to customize your video in this step you're able to give your video a title a description attack [Music] and you can also give it a category [Music] when you click save you can go to the next tab here at the left side menu where you're able to add chapters to your video when you select this option you're able to add chapters by setting the time here so for example at zero seconds we start with the intro of the video and then after 10 seconds we set our second title and you can set it third chapter the fourth chapter just how many chapters you like and once you're done you click on save so you can go to the next tab in this tab we're going to customize our player so for example we've selected blue eyes but when you click on this button here you can also choose for Big Macs for example and then the player will look different if you'd like to create your own player that's also possible simply click on the plus here give it a title and then fill out all the details here like the player color if you like to have a blue color player text color controls for example if you want to Center the play button or not if you want to display the video title or you want to show the play bar or not or the control button you can all enable or disable it here in these settings you can also decide to autoplay the video or maybe you want to display a thumbnail once you're done simply click on make custom player and your custom player has to be made that's your custom player look at these colors you can match them with your own brand still in the same tab we can also go to the frame option [Music] this option you will be able to add a frame on top of your video so let's say you want to play your video inside of an iPhone here we can do that Simply Save Your option in here and look at this boom now our player is playing inside of an iPhone Simply Save Your option and once you embed your video into your website this iPhone will be displayed also you will be able to choose the custom thumbnail simply stop the video here for example here click on get screenshots and now you can choose this thumbnail to be your thumbnail Simply Save Your option and continue if you like to have subtitles you can do that as well you can paste your SRT file here in the advertisement tab you will be able to add advertisement to your videos so for example we give this advertisement a name and in the player you can decide where you want the app to be shown so for example after two seconds we can select the type of advertisement we like to show for example pop-ups video apps HTML image or text let's say we want to have a pop-up where people can sign up in order to watch the rest of the video simply choose one of the pop-ups select a pop-up here and now you can modify the pop-up that will be shown on top of your video this is a drag and drop editor where you can modify it to your own needs once you're done you simply click on publish and now this pop-up will be shown on your video after two seconds as you can see the advertisement is being shown below the video if you want to add another advertisement let's say a second one you can choose that from the module here so you could do a video app where you can upload here and redirect to another URL you can do your own custom HTML inside of your video you can do images that you can upload or maybe you want to add text on top of your video [Music] you'll be able to skip or not skip the video after a certain amount of seconds hit save and your actions are dumb another option will be to replace your video so let's say you're not satisfied with the current video then you can select another video from your PC and then you can replace the current video that's already embedded on your website here in the back end another option is here as yolk or you can give a major title made a description made of keywords or Focus keywords you can decide to index or no index the robot meta and here you can also add your own analytics scripts like Google analytics tracking codes third-party analytics tracking code or Facebook remarketing pixel scripts in the security tab you will be able to set this video to public to private or maybe you want to password protect your video and type it in here and then you can share your videos with a password in this case we go for public we save and activate our video now our video is ready to be embedded on our website as you can see here you get this code that you can add to any website if you like to share the video directly you can go to the video URL tab where you get your own URL which you can also edit here and share with the rest of the world [Music] now when we go back to our videos you can see that our video has been uploaded here to the list of videos from here you can manage your video to your analytics or you can preview your video here when we click on the right Dots here you're able to get the embed code or view the video page or maybe you want to delete your video a cool new feature is the playlist option when we go to the playlist you will be able to create playlists for your video to create a new playlist simply click on new playlist give it a name you can upload an image or choose from your library for this case I'm uploading an image reviews I choose that to be a thumbnail [Music] now I can add videos to my playlist simply click on add videos and select the videos that you would like to show inside of your playlist simply click on add into playlist select the playlist where you want to add the videos and click on ADD now when we go to our playlist here you can see that we have our playlist ready and we can view our videos here if we want to see our playlist simply go to your playlist click on the three dots and click on view playlist this will give the page that you can share with your audience where you can see the playlists or videos here as you can see here you can also see the ads that we created where people can fill out their email address in order to see the rest of the video or they can skip the video and here is the other call to action that we've added to our video also you can share your playlists on any website simply click on the three dots click on get embed code and from here you can choose how you would like to design your playlist you can choose between dark mode or light mode or orientation as vertical or horizontal simply copy the code hence it to your website and here you see how beautiful it looks on your website this is the bottom align playlist and this is the right align playlist once people have signed up to your list through your video you'll find them in your audience when you click on contacts you'll see all the contacts that have been stored through your sign up forms when we go back to audience here and click on communication we can also see the comments that has been placed on top of our videos when you go to our analytics we can see the audience how many total visits we got to our videos we can see the technology the locations and the goal of our videos when we click on look to my drive and in my drive you can upload your files like images documents videos audio files and other simply click on upload and upload your files and that's what vid host Pro is all about simply host all of your videos and files inside One account [Music] wow wow wow ladies and gentlemen let me know if you just absolutely love that amazing demo from none other than the man himself team for now guys that was an epic demo that left no stone unturned not just the highlights but the whole nine yards now if you watch closely huh you will actually own the platform right you can charge other people money to run ads on your platform the person that is in control makes the most money right you always want to be in control of the traffic so you're not dependent on any other platform nor do you have to pay monthly fees limitations bans the whole nine hours ladies and gentlemen let me know if you absolutely love that theme of video that was powerful it's the best demo Guy online awesome very comprehensive can we use our own domain yes most definitely yes yes it's flying in and guys at the end of the day it's so darn easy I don't care how technically challenged you might believe you are anyone can and should use this all it takes is number one you upload one or more videos at a time and let vid host Pro optimize them for fast delivery on any browser page or device right super easy anyone can upload a video with click of a button just click upload choose a video file from your computer and it's there now next the look and feel of the planner you can customize in just a few clicks to use it for your brand or to monetize it right the way you want it to look you can play around with the colors if your brand has primarily a blue color make the player blue super easy and actually super fun as well and this is the easy part and it happens really fast now after that you can go ahead and put your videos on any website or landing page and watch your customers engagement deals and profits rolling in Fast and if you've paid close attention you can actually have your very own video channel that you host that you're in control of where you can send people to you can host courses on there review videos specific playlists for specific things that's once you get a person to a page where not a thing they can do but watch your video you will start generating amazing conversions epically High converted leads no distractions your platform and super fast lightning fast videos now on top of that guys it gets even better we're actually providing you with a live training on how to generate leads and sales to your videos as well we use this and if you looked at the demo right you saw Tim ferda himself is using this if you look closely you saw all the videos he uploaded for he did some review videos you know he's really good affiliate marketer and if there's anything I've learned a big lesson that I want to give you guys as well is don't just do what the gurus say do what the gurus do so don't just listen to what they say look at what they do and if you see team for now an extremely successful marketer heavily using vital's problem to dominate affiliate marketing his own sales coaching courses then you don't just listen to what he says you do what he does use the platform I use the platform because apparently he wouldn't be using it if it wouldn't bring him success that's a quick lesson right there I hope you appreciate that guys let me know if you absolutely enjoyed secret number two video domination if you see the endless opportunities you can have clients and charge them monthly to host videos on your platform for on their websites with lightning speed create a full course area for them and there's so many coaches out there that pay what 300 plus bucks a month to kajabi to host a couple of videos Vimeo and they can only upload a few videos at a time because they're limited they don't have the biggest plan so many starting entrepreneurs even if you just charge them 50 bucks a month 30 bucks a month you can help so many people out and of course your own stuff is going to be in a whole new level I said it before and I'll say it again to people that will double down on optimizing for video marketing from this point forward are the people that are going to succeed so I see a few questions the tech team is answering them back to back in the chat as well if you're asked any question during the demo and it hasn't been answered yet rest assured that the team is literally manually answering all the questions in the chat so I can keep the speed up of the presentation but I'll try to answer a few here and there uh when I see one awesome um there we go oh there we go so resolutions so perfect yeah the team is answering all of them now with that being said ladies and gentlemen I actually have a question for you while your questions are being answered in the chat by the tech team I want to ask you a question right now the question is as follows number one is do you see how vid host Pro will actually save you tons of money like can you do you logically see that based on what you've seen and understand do you see how vid host Pro will save you tons of money let me know in the chat box I see yeses yeses thanks guys you're welcome no brainer lots of kisses coming in perfect right because that's that's the primary thing first and foremost but uploading videos over and over again on YouTube's gonna lose out a lot of traffic everybody's going to get distracted just good luck sending someone to your YouTube video You're Gonna Lose them to someone else that is just a given number two if you use any of these personal platforms where you have a little bit more control you're gonna pay tons of money not once but literally every single month now if you wanted to do it annually um I see here for example the Vimeo has a 75 dollar a month annually plan I mean come on huh you don't need to go through those amount of costs to dominate with video marketing at least not from this point forward so my question is what if we helped you with all of this we gave you epic video scripts to dominate and take your video marketing to a point where it should be in 2023 and Beyond so no matter what skill level you're at or what state your business is at you can start attracting and converting leads for your business with ease what if we actually give you access to the entire vid host platform where you can host videos without spending a dime and obviously allowing you to get guaranteed results ladies and gentlemen you can use this again to do it for other people as well there's so many monetization features so my question is if you had access to everything you need to dominate your audience with video marketing I'm talking a limited hosting I'm talking uh your own high quality Channel look at how good this looks honestly SEO optimized for daily free traffic you can SEO optimize your videos for daily free traffic Ultra fast and proven to convert lead generation pages and registration Pages for people to opt in to watch any video These are proven to convert in any Niche and different niches also on Ultra fast interactive player as you saw in the demo at any point in time in the video maybe you're doing an affiliate review video maybe you're doing your own video value video or a pre-sale video like I showed you you can have things like these pop up the capture leads over and over again I'm on touch them this and much more if you have access to this plus instant success training because we don't just want to dump a product in your hands to tell you good luck with proper training as well and again guys we noticed like the back of our hands right we've used this all day long so my question is if we did all of this do you see yourself getting tons of extra leads and sales let me know in the chat box do you see yourself getting tons of extra leads and sales if we did this let me know in the chat box I know you will um and that's that's a given we've seen this over and over again I mean come on we have taught that the video marketing Legend and expert who's responsible for I don't know how many videos you've done over his career uh I believe he even won an Emmy at some point come on if you have that kind of manpower behind the software that you can leverage an access do you see yourself getting tons of extra leads and sales with video marketing if you were to start taking video marketing serious today knowing that all right 86 of web traffic is video I need to get my game up isn't this the best best place to start let me know in the chat box see yeses I can see this awesome so with that being said ladies and gentlemen a lot of yes is coming in who wants to now know everything you're getting today as part of the special webinar deal which will also answer a lot of the questions in the chat because you see people asking a few questions I'm going to answer them shortly when I show you exactly everything you'll have access to yes yes it's flying in Jack Carl Jeff Paul Tina Richard uh man you guys from fire see uh vhp client Mark Ken Brad Harry Fred are guys let's make it happen let's have some fun I'm going to show you the whole nine yards let me go ahead and reveal the bottle yes I will now I'm gonna go ahead and uh drag this onto the screen so we can walk through ladies and gentlemen number one you're gonna get access to vid host Pro commercial now what does that until you'll be able to host unlimited videos this already is just godsend right there's no other platform out there that allows you to do this just right off the bat it's insane try looking for one on Google you're not gonna find it on top of that 50 business and sub domains unlimited video chapters for easier explanations which is really easy uh to use and also really practical I actually love that when the video has chapters um this also helps with SEO people find your videos super easy capture unlimited customer leads capture unlimited audience data up to 30 000 Pages a month free hosting up to 250 gigabytes of bandwidth free storage up to 250 gigabytes 50 SEO friendly inbuilt video channels with content customization guys you were all set 50 not just one but 50 SEO friendly channels I don't care what Niche you have what offer who your audience is there's a channel for you that you can immediately leverage 50 video playlist channels to use of course uh to use as a course or training one ultra light an attractive video player with complete customization these ones looks amazingly good lightning fast loading speed means more sales maximize business engagement with ad-free videos one this is a big one guys people will love your videos because you won't have any ads playing through them and if you do decide to do it at one point you can actually start charging people say hey look I get about x amount of views per video um which means you can get x amount eyeballs on your app you can charge them any amount and I have their little ad either below the video above the video besides the video guys you'll be a money making machine one line embed code to publish your videos on any website as well or landing page or shop or e-commerce store membership site you get our hls player uh and our HTTP live streaming player optimized to work on all devices immediately mobile optimized as well uh 100 mobile responsive viral video pages and player autoplay unmute and unmute for your videos effortless comment management system I saw someone asking earlier in the chat as well as can can I control the comments yes you can 100 percent on top of that guys you're getting a whole nine yards you have 100 controls your traffic guys this is super important right the person that is control in control wins the most if you look at any sport for example you think about athletes they get paid a lot right if we look at any soccer team or basketball team uh Michael Jordan uh Ronaldo they get paid a lot of money but the person that owns the team that's in control they collect the most money right so you'll not be the one that makes the most money because you own the platforms like people on YouTube make a lot of money but the people that own YouTube name like the most money so you always want to move yourself towards your position where you are in control that's also the safest for you and a lot of entrepreneurs don't realize that before it's too late um in any situation right all the responders let alone videos uh um ad accounts social media accounts right you're they're great to use but they're still dependent and they can be taken away at any point in time for the most silliest and craziest mistakes or sometimes not even a mistake right so with this you'll have trust that you're in good hands and you're in full control on top of that premium lead generation templates to sell promote or collect leads right inside your video player stunning promo and social templates for extra monetization seamless integration with top autoresponders full featured drag and drop Editor to edit templates in a few clicks check visitor activity on your viral page HDR High dynamic range video support add free videos to maximize visitor engagement capture thumbnails from your videos or upload your own ad videos in any kind of format define annotation and sitemap precise analytics included schedule notifications timelines release app and promotional app uh this is really amazing by the way beautiful conversion Focus viral pages are also super important extremely user friendly dashboard A to Z complete video training included 100 newbie friendly and free commercial license to service your customers with top-notch trending Solutions guys here's the thing there are tons of other video platforms out there I don't want to speak any even though they have a lot of limitations the thing is however none of them were designed by marketers or created with marketing intent this is the only video tool video platform video software that is designed to grow your business with video marketing I hope you realize that because it's time you take your video marketing to the next level it will account for so much traffic and leads cannot stress this enough look up the stats go to Google read the case studies it's out there the people that refuse or ignore that are leaving tons of money on the table and will fall behind guys on top of that we're gonna equip you with the elite version just because you're here on this webinar you're going to get the full bundle meaning not just 250 gigabytes we're going to upgrade you to one terabyte of bandwidth per month for your videos per month creating Unlimited Custom domains unlimited video channels unlimited playlists unlimited visits uh so not just 30 000 anymore but unlimited get five additional stunning and ready to use fully customizable video players customized player color and theme to give the more of a look and feel for your brand customize your plan with eight attractive eye-catching frames the A and B repeat functionality bit horsepower drives unlimited leads for your offers and boost sales and conversions guys you're all set you are all set on top of that you get uh to embed unlimited playlists 40 extra templates to collect almost every visitor's details right inside the video um and this is really awesome these convert really well capture more leads and visitors feedback by allowing them to interact on your video page or Channel collect leads and sell products right inside the video because it's going to be so easy especially with the script I mentioned get your subscribers Auto registered for your presentations with webinar platform Integrations and get all these benefits benefits at an unparalleled price up to TNT members you can answer any of you that have the A's or want to start working with va's you can easily add them in as well so guys let me know if you're loving this offer so far and if you definitely see the power of everything you're getting I see yes it's flying in yes Craig Mark Brian Paul awesome Brad so far so good this is great guys I'll I'll just be a broken record here guys video is where it's at video you're watching a video right now right imagine having to read this entire webinar you would fall asleep yes yes let's love it awesome all right let's carry on guys we're almost there on top of that we're going to give you Enterprise level access use the power of stats to boost your profit with no extra effort uh compare stats for your various videos so this is really going to give you some deep analytics so you can tweak where necessary and really see what's making you the most money and where the there's more opportunity to make more money remove our branding um from video plays to intensify your own brand presence I think this is something all of you will want play videos in a current language while viewers read subtitles in their language this is next level um honestly it goes without saying people would prefer reading something in the language that they understand um so this will just allow you to retain attract uh your customers viewing experience way more than any other video platform out there monetize your videos in multiple ways with their Advanced advertisement technology uh we really took the time with the development team to put this together it's really powerful the fine notification timelines with the share app um compare projects and video stats boost your business with our Advanced project and campaign management system Azure team and up to 5 50 people integrate your CRM any CRM you can think of you can easily integrate so you can capture all the leads and the commercial license so you can provide services to clients as well and guys we have such easy training we're actually going to give a live training as well you'll hear more about that shortly so all of you will be video marketing experts no matter what level you are at now on top of that ladies and gentlemen the agency left on this road really gets exciting um you'll be able to serve unlimited clients and you have people begging you like just think about this someone right now out there is paying anywhere between 75 dollars all the way up to 250 a month to host video certain platform you come along and say hey I checked out your uh channel on Vimeo loved it just curious I think you're paying a lot to host those videos on there would you mind if I let you know about a platform that allows you to host videos for free with all the same benefits plus more you're going to be all ears because their margins are about to increase through the roof the only reason they have to use use of platforms because they don't have any alternatives but if you're telling them listen I'm going to give you something better faster more SEO optimized you control everything you're going to pay way less you have one terabyte or multiple gigabytes of videos that you can upload every single month it's a no-brainer if anyone comes to me with that offer and I spend tons of money on video I'm gonna tell them when can we book on a call how much can you show me a demo where's the platform I'm interested it's the easiest close ever now on top of that you can manage the entire thing obviously you can add your own logo for complete white labeling and guys this is just such an easy cold I'm not a big fan of cold Outreach I think it's spammy but with this one I just take a quick look at their Channel either on YouTube and Vimeo I go and send them a message hey love your channel I see you're doing great um might think you're losing a lot of traffic to competitors if you want to use your own platform let me know I got something for it it's so darn easy subscription management system to manage your clients plans anything that will make a person save money and get more benefits they're all up for it so with that means that ladies and gentlemen um you see some prices here on the side right and these are not just some random prices these are actual prices if you were to get this by not being on this webinar now luckily you guys were smart enough to be here live so you're gonna get the biggest bang for your buck um I think a Todd will in a moment from now we'll also jump on you could speak to him and he's gonna add some amazing stuff as well so you guys literally make the best choices staying up a little bit later and investing this time in your business because video marketing is going to save your day you want to position yourself and for your clients with this asset or else you're not going to make it as I've seen it with my own eyes so on top of that ladies and Gentlemen let's calculate how much it would actually cost if you were not on this webinar number one ninety seven dollars right on top of that 297 394.

On top of that 97th and bear in mind this is still heavily worth it right on top of the 197. I think that's the last one yeah so normally if you are not on this webinar you would have paid 688 to get access to this now luckily for you you won't have to pay anywhere near that that's I'm so happy for you that you were smart enough to be here because you won't have to pay anywhere near that you're gonna get everything I just mentioned the commercial license the elite upgrade the Enterprise the agency plan and just because you're here we're also going to include our special action bonus bonus for webinar attendees only now if you want to know exactly what these are first of all live training you get animated stock images Advanced video marketing training content indication and let me actually go ahead and open up that page again because you're going to see something amazing that we included only for the people on this webinar so let me drag this onto the screen give me one second and there we go boom not only are we going to give a live training um I know some of you have opio some of you not the people that have it you know how powerful this is uh this is basically an all-in-one solution for marketers and agencies right we see with people they usually have all of their marketing assets and um basically their entire game plans is scattered across different softwares and with opio you have everything under one Hub it's super easy to use they're super easy training on that as well you're gonna get access to it for those of you that don't have it yet Advanced video marketing is included our content syndication isn't truly animation 4K stock videos that you can easily use to create epic videos we'll show you how as well and 13 more Oto bonuses that you'll find inside now this is only if you take action here today and that actually normally would have paid for this 309 additional dollars bringing it to what it was 688 789 so over a thousand dollars if you were not on this webinar now luckily you were smart enough to be here and it's safe to say guys you will be unstoppable when you have access to this you will literally be unstoppable when it comes to the video marketing game people are struggling with competition on YouTube struggling with high margins and costs on Vimeo you will be unstoppable at having the fastest smoothest player and controlling the platforms and running any ads you want you've seen them for now using it himself it's a there's a reason he could go to YouTube he could go to any other place there's a reason why he leverages vid host Pro primarily for most of his stuff so with that being said ladies and gentlemen the total investment to turn yourself into an expert video marketing overnight normally would be around five thousand dollars but that's the investment when we release it to the general public you're not exactly general public so we're not going to charge you anywhere near that right now on top of that guys we figured 997 would be a more appropriate offer for everything you're getting here today but still we are not going to do that right now we figured of dropping it down all the way and bear in mind if you would choose any other video hosting service which you definitely need right you are going to use videos you are going to upload them somewhere now if you would choose along with all the issues you would still pay tons of money monthly now we're gonna make sure that won't be a problem anymore now we figured to drop it down all the way to 367 all the way down now let me know if you think 367 well for everything you're getting us plus the bonuses that's a pretty fair price let me know in the chat box if you think listen talk across video marketing expert I have live training I never have to worry about cost anymore is this a pretty fair price in comparison with everything that's out there that's absolutely inferior to vid host Pro I see worth every cent from Nigel yes it's very fair price great price nice awesome so guys here's what we're gonna do yes this is a very fair price and I'm even gonna make it more fair and I know a lot of you would grab it at this amount and that's absolutely Fair like you mentioned but we're gonna make it better right for the next 25 people that take action we're gonna drop it down with 70 bucks bringing it down to two nine seven now we're gonna do this for the next 25 people if you want to get access to this and never worry about video again and have all the help of training and access you need to become a video marketing Pro comment link in the chat box right now and I'll delete of the team sent 25 coupon codes out to the next 25 people that comment link in the chat box Percy William I see KIIS you can uh Brian wants to link Kenneth wants to link um Jack wants to link Stephen wants to link cat wants to link we're getting close to that 25 so team can you drop the link in the chat box for me you guys can do that let me actually message them as well link there we go all right the link has been dropped in the chat box all you have to do is click it the the link should be able to see it it takes you to this page we went over this page all you have to do is you see your coupon code here it's active now or at least T make sure that's active now you copy it um it takes you all the way down you see normally the price is 367.

we've activated the coupon for now you're gonna get access to all of this at a one-time fee guys not even monthly like other people outside of this webinar will most likely have to pay you are smart enough to stay up a little bit extra and that's going to pay off big time in your business the time you spend here now is going to pay you back in tenfold first of all you will save tons of money because you were smart enough to stick around second of all you're persisting yourself for the highest conversion and the best way to generate reach which is with video specifically to your own video platform and own video players the link is in the chat box once you click right here on the big yellow buy now button uh contact email PayPal credit and then enter the coupon code and you'll see the price drop down from 367 all the way to two nine seven you'll see Todd and I meet right here guys once you're in let me know in the chat box because I'm about to bring Todd on and he's gonna share something extra special with all the people that are in now like I said we have about 25 coupons for this so it's first come first serve um when you see the coupon does not activate we're out so definitely uh definitely take action fast now like I said in a moment from now I'll bring Todd on as well and he's gonna share some amazing news with you guys I think he shared it in the beginning as well but some of you might have forgotten with all the value we covered so far but that's specifically for all the people that grab this right now so if you want to position yourself for greatness definitely click the link in the chat box the coupon code is active for the next 25 people well it's way less than 25 now I see Nigel congratulations my man super excited for you I see a few more Tech questions if the team can help answer those and they're answering them I've seen them I see Shannon in the chat they get me it's here as well so if you've asked us a question man and Audrey there we go a tool we have everybody is in there answering and I just want to congratulate those that are posting I I don't have time right now to repost everybody that just got it but uh so many of you are in like Nigel and I really appreciate that you're posting and letting us know so that we can later on in the evening post your names as people that did grab as one of the first 25 not only that in just a few minutes I am going to give five of you and you're going to answer a question in order to get this right five of you that purchased will get a reimbursement of a part of your purchase and it's 37 specifically and I'll tell you later how I came up with that number so five of the 25 people that purchase right now um are going to get an additional 37 off too and if it goes over 25 and you don't get that 70 coupon you'll still qualify for that as well but I think you should make it if you do this in the next few minutes I think you'll make it fine with that coupon but you just have to make sure that you do it in the next few minutes because those 25 will likely run out after that all right so I'll be back in just a couple of minutes I'm going to let you uh go over some more in terms of what all this includes Raheem and then I'll be back on with you in just a few minutes to select those that will get that extra thirty seven dollars off their purchase by a reimbursement to their PayPal account so number one make sure you know what your PayPal account is all right number two make sure that you purchased number three think about if you were paying attention to everything that Raheem said because I'm going to ask you a question and I'm going to randomly pick five of you that get the answer right so hopefully you were paying attention to what he said because I paid attention and I heard him say something that will ring a bell to a good number of you and that's uh what I'm going to ask you when I come back in just a couple of minutes all right I'm going to send it back to you and get ready in just a few minutes to get those five purchases and give them a reimbursement amazing I mean even I'm curious now what I said I can't wait for that question guys I hope you've been paying attention and I know you did you guys were amazing in the chat uh but it's really now or never all right it's a known fact right I said it before you can Google it we actually went on Google and showed you the case study you can Google it yourself you can go and look any stat and you'll see that video marketing is thriving you should have noticed this many amount of apps out there that are becoming video focused only right we used to be in a time where it was maybe only pictures and text most likely right now there are specifically just focus on video and they're taking the market by store now that alone to show you the importance that if I'm not putting my market in my business on video then you're gonna get left behind now if you're wondering what kind of videos do I produce how do I work with video that stuff did you get to learn and understand but you do want to position yourself especially if you're starting from scratch especially if you don't have a big track record yet you're going to take on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo or just pay tons of money to any of those private platforms you're going to put yourself behind or be in a pool full of competition you want to make sure you control your traffic and you want to have a surface that you can also additionally offer to other coaches agencies local businesses because it's the worst if I go to a landing page of a local business and I see a video embedded hosted on YouTube and in between the video there's an ad before the video that's that and after video I see uh recommendations for other stuff that I might like it just doesn't look good right you can save so many businesses including yourself and putting yourself in the best position moving forward ladies and gentlemen the link is in the chat box if the team could kind of repost the link every now and then for the people that missed it um I think we have let me double check that for a fact yes we have less than 10 coupons left that's seven to be specific right there and that means in moments from now a few of you are gonna get your purchase reimbursed if you have been paying attention on this webinar and if you got access well a part of your purchase let me say that correct a part of your purchase reimbursed make sure you have a PayPal make sure you got your PayPal ready and of course my first year you got access to vid host Pro now whether you get reimbursed a part of your purchase or not either way you need this to dominate in video marketing you cannot show me any business that's driving getting leads converting leads and you're not utilizing videos I dare you now if they're succeeding with video they're most likely paying through the nose to platforms like with the uh kajabi female Plus you don't want to be in that pool as a matter of fact you can save those people and charge them and keep a hundred percent of the profits it's one of the easiest offers that you can sell right now since everybody's starting to see the importance of video you can equip them with their very own right their very own platform this is something that um for those of you that are familiar with Sam office has to be creating like hey you know what I'm sick of all these platforms from course creators teachable uh all those other I'm going to create my own stuff I've been thinking called the school right that's just another example of people moving towards right I need to be in control and again don't just do what the gurus say do what the gurus do there's a reason he he said you know what we're going to develop our own thing and host our stuff on there instead of paying every single month to hold all of our courses and trainings and videos and marketing material on all these different software now this is a very successful man right you might know anybody not Sam Alvin's Yeah Tim uses it I use it this is a really really solid and great piece of software and uh Tim is certainly a great example of one of the users exactly so by the way that that thing that you said do you do as they do not as they say oh my God that's how I became successful without spending a lot of money that was my Trick My Mentor Derek Van Dyke taught me that the very first year in 2006 that I was uh together with him as a marketer and you know I was basically his he was the mentor and I was the student and that was the first thing he taught me and we we watched you know people like Ryan Dice and you know amazing amazing marketers like Mike Phil same and everyone else that was really hot at the time we just copied what basically what they did Frank Kern just great stuff that's I'm so glad you mentioned that amazing amazing that's good to hear that's good there guys you're hearing it from the horse smile I wouldn't be saying this if it wasn't true so I do hope you take that to heart which makes you understand wait a minute of all the successful guys are using this and they're transitioning to this who am I to not take that action now what I'm going to do real quick is recap the Bumble offer I see a few people join in late I see Johnny just got it Roger just got it congratulations guys uh a Stewart got in congratulations Harold gunning congratulations guys I'm so darn proud of you I can't wait to see your channel so I can't wait to see your success and testimonials I heard that you're also going to be posted in the groups and mentioned so that's going to be awesome you get some cool recognition there being an action taker um for those of you that missed it or forgot what's all included let me go ahead and run it back real quick um a shorter and summarized version to get the host Pro commercial license to be able to host unlimited videos uh have 100 control of your traffic a premium lead generation capture unlimited customer leads unlimited video chapters so to summarize this in short you'll be able to have your own platform where you can upload videos that you can host on any website any landing page with a completely customizable and Ultra fast and SEO optimized Right video player and you can have your own channels and hubs where you can have playlists you can have ads you can basically have your own YouTube equivalent of YouTube that you own and you can have other people's stuff on there as well tell them hey I'll host your video on my platform if you send traffic you can make so many opportunities to take your business to the next level that is one now on top of that right you're also getting access to the elite version so that upgrades you to one terabyte just because you're on this webinar you get one terabyte bandwidth per month unlimited custom domains unlimited video channels that you can create playlists page visit five more stunning and ready to use fully customizable video players customized player color team to give it the look a few of your brand customize your player with eight attractive and eye-catching frames A and B repeat functionality unlimited leads for your offers and boost sales and conversions you get 40 additional templates you can embed unlimited playlists capture more leads collect leads get your subscribers to Auto register and all these benefits at an unparalleled price now with the Enterprise you'll get deep analytics where you can exactly see the amount of views what people click on where they opt in what videos go off or where you can tweak what kind of videos you need to create more of and this will just allow you to make those Revenue driven decisions that you need in your business because if you don't have data right you'll just be trying anything in anything so if you see all right this video is getting constant views you know exactly what hook that was um you need to create a similar video uh you know exactly the ACT you played the length of the video how many how long people watch or if you see video a video where people love to watch the beginning but after 30 second part they kind of drop off you know right maybe this is a part that I need to tweak so you get those Deep dive analytics also uh being able to add up to 50 team members integrate your CRM which I think all of you would want to do if you capture leads um you can add in timestamps and play the video in different languages which is also just an amazing feature well in in the language that you created the video in but the subtitles will be in any language that the viewer wants to read it in so I think that's extremely powerful especially if you want to penetrate different markets or you're in a local space where people uh speak a foreign language I mean you can dominate really easily that way and I think for clients for potential clients this also something that can really blow them away now on top of that you're going to get access to the agency So speaking of clients this is where you get everything and anything you need to provide this as a service you get the white label access you can put your own logo unlimited clients you can charge them anything keep 100 we do the support for you uh we do the chat support we make sure everyone's happy it's a win-win for everyone and this is a higher package that we sell normally 197 and again you won't have to pay anywhere near these prices to get access to everything and just because you're on this webinar besides the amazing bonus that top is about to reveal or give away to five people um you'll also be getting a live training because like I said we don't just want to dump a product in your hands and tell you good luck we want to make sure you succeed because the more you win the more we can brag about it right that's how it works so if we can get you amazing results and Spotlight you and say look what we made happen with this person not only are you happy right and your business is striving but it also helps us grow more but the only way way we can do that is by helping you win so therefore we need to go the extra mile unlike other people um we actually sit down and also properly train you to make sure you get some amazing results I know exactly how to dominate with videos bro now for those who don't have opio yet an all-in-one solution for marketers and agency to have everything in one hood for those of you that use different softwares you use this for landing pages you use that to host this use this word CRM opio has kind of an all-in-one so you have peace of mind when you open up your laptop you don't have to go to all these different websites and logins and pay for all these different Services you just have one clear dashboard when you can operate your entire business from so super powerful on top of that advanced video marketing uh for those of you that really gonna try for video marketing just go through this training you're going to dominate content syndication is important as well so with one click your content is everywhere creating that omnipresence again getting you tons of leads animation 4K stock videos uh which is highly wanted as well and 13 additional Oto bonuses again just because you're here now we're down to our last few coupons um Let's see we have okay we have five left I thought we had less so five left um so the people that were on the fence that were wondering well what's in it can you go over it again there you have it if you have any specific questions let me know either me or the Timo answer it um for those of you that are waiting on a specific question to be answered before you grab this uh oh and that we're down to three coupons now so there we go so for those of you that are waiting for a specific answer from the team before you go ahead and get access do let us know in the chat again um so we can kind of prioritize you because I would hate for you to miss out on this amazing bargain of a deal so there we go um let's see let's see let's see okay yeah I gotta say so many people have purchased it I just love this because you know I I said hello to them in there but I you know this it's so hard to get to everyone Greg and Harold and Milan uh you know I can't mention everybody but I did try to get just about everyone a shout out in the question answer box so I I hope that helped all right Raheem I know that you've been curious about what you said all right so I can't reveal it yet because that's what I'm going to ask our audience all right and folks could play this game even if they don't qualify to win like you know only the people that purchased will be able to get this reimbursement but it's a little complicated how I came up with 37 but it happens you know the the product that's within this the product you're getting here is huge it's not only the What's called the front end product but it's all those bonuses and it's all those extra upgrades which amounts to you know a mega amount of product that you're getting for 297.

But if one was just a purchase you know the main front end product as it's called tomorrow when it's available at a later time it would have been 37 so I'm going to reimburse those people five people that get this answer correct I'm gonna pick it randomly we have a random generator here okay I'm gonna pick it randomly from five people that get this answer correct and here's here's the question the question is Raheem mentioned during the webinar and I have him on the edge of his seat now everybody's on the edge of their seat what did he mention he mentioned I won a type of award I actually won three of them all around them what was the type of award that I won that had to do with my video sort of presence right you guys have 10 seconds and then I'm going to pick from the correct answers I'm going to pick five people and those five people if you've purchased okay if you've purchased then we're going to take down your PayPal all right and what we're going to do is reimburse you thirty seven dollars to that PayPal if you don't have PayPal then we'll have you write to us and I have my team here right now is going to write in the chat box there's a little chat box that's here as well as the question answer box where you should write to them all right and it's your green screen guy at if you get the right answer now I'm going to pick from the random answers that I've got I'm going to pick five people through the random generator all right Mark Wenham correctly answered Emmy jacket wasn't Grammy we have the next person is William William you uh your name is showing up as William William you also are a random winner then we have Craig McIntosh who is another winner Craig has won as well that's three and my team if you guys would be writing this down please Congratulations by the way wow two more Max Max and one last visit one last I'm looking at the random generator Sally before Sally before okay so the five of you I need you to write your PayPal address so that we could pay you that 37 to your green screen guy at and I want to make sure that's in the chat and it is that's my business email account so if you write to us there with your PayPal account we'll send you a 37 reimbursement if you purchased the product and that's how we do that Raheem wow you are famous I love that congratulations I see the people in the chat are ecstatic guys congrats freaking Nations and by the way nonetheless whatever you want or you didn't want all of your winners because if you got access to vid host Pro get ready to see an amazing growth in your business when it comes to video marketing so all of your winners today that got their hands on vid host Pro especially Sally Craig uh Max congratulations with being the outcome of the random name generator awesome the icing on the cake there you go so Greg I hope you got in got the full bundle Burger make sure you got it um and that goes for all of you as well correct since I did awesome man awesome five coffees in and You're Still rocking it I love it congratulations now what I'm gonna do um if the team can okay the winners were just dropped in the chat you have the instructions right you need to go ahead and email that business email um now we're gonna give you a last chance to grab all of this and that will be available for the next 10 minutes right after these 10 minutes are gone not only will we or might we deactivate the coupon maybe take the bonuses away who knows what happens but you're not certain of grabbing this at the amazing view that you have in front of you right now so if you want to make sure you set yourself up for marketing success using the number one conversion method which is video marketing something that thought is heavily known for right again do what the gurus do not just what they say you see famous on video thought video we use video heavily it only makes sense to start taking action with video it's never too late actually right now is the perfect time to start dominating especially if you want to put yourself at the top of the food chain by having your own video platform and you'll be at the first of the next wave so there we go ladies and gentlemen um I'm incest Brad last minute congratulations I'm seeing if I'm missing any questions that I answer specifically I want to give a huge shout out to the team as well that's just answering the comment section back to back you guys ask a lot of questions which is awesome about a live webinar right you can come in and get your questions answered that's what I love about live webinars um yes perfect I got in congratulations sweet so with that being said we have one last coupon left um if you've been on the fence then this is your calling this one last coupon has been waiting for you it's a sign for you to grab this right now uh to whomever I'm speaking with the one that's on the fence right now there's literally one coupon left and I think it's distant for you so if the team can drop a last chance Link in the chat box we have about eight minutes left you can drop that in the chat box um because we've had a lot of text and the link kind of disappeared so um if you guys can drop the link along with the coupon code with the final coupon code in there again and for all the people that got in once again congratulations you made a very wise and profitable decision uh you didn't just get an amazing tool but you also saved a lot of money I know it feels for someone feel like oh I'm gonna spend money but if you look at it realistically what you're doing is you're saving yourself tons of money if you're serious in the slightest about starting a business online you want to make sure you have some high margins you're efficient right and with this What You've Done Right Here is position yourself in that exact way being more efficient optimized and get higher margins so you're not dependent on any of those platforms out there now right now this is available in front of your eyes for the next seven minutes and after that you might have just missed the boat let me know if you enjoyed today's webinar let me know what's valuable I hope you got some eye openers I hope the script was amazing for you I hope you liked the demo uh you got detailed information on what bit host Pro actually is uh and what's included which is what you all came here for we always do a little bit of training a little bit of showing the offer and then obviously how you can get access to it and take advantage of this a very exclusive and special deal um that's kind of how we roll so I hope you loved it I hope it wasn't too much fluff I tried to go as fast as possible straightforward and if this is a webinar you'd like and you still haven't gotten in then right now it's your chance um awesome thank you for the great webinar it was valuable awesome good to know good to know appreciate that and you guys were amazing as well I mean staying up till late attending this webinar I mean there's no doubt in my mind that all of you are gonna be successful Like This Is What It Takes and I've done this many times when I got started as well late night webinars different time zones being there as well and it paid off heavily but it's only because I aligned myself or came through webinars from guys like Todd all right people in the industry that I know for a fact are successful and I look at what they do not just what they say and I replicated and that's the type of webinar this is this is what's going to set me apart it also gives me an additional service that I can offer to clients with ease I'm Gonna Save a lot of money I get more traffic faster speed of asset generation all the signs point in One Direction which is getting full access to the bundle that sets you up for inevitable success awesome janiko I appreciate that um yeah for those of you that are wondering about the free grid a gift that will be sent out through email right so we've got a little attendance bonus package for those those of you that sticked around obviously we appreciate your time which is your most valuable currency that you've spent with us uh and we want to compensate you for that as well outside of allowing you to get access to this powerful tool um you're also going to get rewarded for the time you spent here today which is an email that you should look out for shortly in your inbox including some nice goodies um just for being here today awesome penis is awesome perfect congrats congrats guys now we have uh about four minutes left if you have any burning questions let me know the link is in the chat box in case you missed it I'll go over uh how to get access one more time all you have to do is go here you're saving about 630 dollars which is just insane you get a 70 discount coupon um there you go you copy that get the bundle offer now takes you now normally would have to pay this you won't have to pay nowhere near their price nor do you have to pay monthly so again you're saving tons of money I want you to see this as not something that you're spending on it but you're saving money because all of you will need video what you're doing right now is positioning yourself in the best way to leverage video contact email coupon code paper credit price will drop down and you'll get full access congratulations ladies and gentlemen again for all the action takers here I couldn't be more proud of you um a little less than three minutes left I don't know if a top maybe has some closing words as well but uh for me I really enjoyed this webinar the crowd is on fire I know for a fact that you're action takers that you're going to succeed with video marketing I hope you enjoyed the webinar but as far as I can tell from the comments you guys absolutely did it was fun it was amazing I'm glad I could share the value and I cannot wait to see you implemented and be the next success story yeah I I I'm happy to say something I first of all this is a sharp product it's very very well tested there's been users for a long time in there um on things that have led up to this so this is not like it's untested or anything like that it is very very solid secondly the main thing that many of you um will be able to do with it is sell the service right that that comes as part of this deal you get that ability to sell this service and that in itself is huge if you could think about you know you could be the one charging monthly if you want you know for a change turn the tables here you're not getting charged monthly but you could be the one that charges monthly so um you know that's an exciting way to look at it or Ezra he mentioned earlier you could offer it for you know a one-time thing and shock people and make sure that they get the deal of the century you know but you could sell it you'll have the commercial rights to it and that's another way of course to utilize it not just for yourself but to profit straight from it there you go that's a hundred percent correct and I want you guys to see that opportunity as well because there's so many people out there that have or are uploading videos on YouTube and Vimeo because they need them on their websites or their course area or their blogs and they're just uploading and uploading and spending money on the Pro Plan and to uh order dependent on the Vimeo logo and they have the end screen now those people that have a Blog with tons of videos or course area or website you can literally relieve them from so much pain and tell them hey I noticed you have a website with tons of videos I notice all the videos are hosted on Vimeo I can only imagine it cost you quite some money or you're limited in a lot of ways if you want an alternative if you want to spend less money and have better videos with better SEO basically all the benefits we mentioned here today let me know and I'll send you something amazing or we can take care of this for you just send that message out to 10 people a day huh you can easily sell this out like hotcakes because you're saving someone money from something that they're already investing in and they just didn't know there was another alternative until you came around which is unlike any other offer where you come in and like hey I can help you with marketing and you're yeah you're uh so can everyone else right but with this it's very unique oh I didn't know this was possible Right a lot of people think I need a developer I need my own stuff uh it costs a lot of money but then you come around tell them hey I can create your very own video platform and video players that you can host on any website without being dependent on all these other sites that you use just to upload the video so you can take the embed link and place it on where you want a money making model waiting to happen for you ladies and gentlemen we're down to the last 10 seconds um I'm gonna count down from five four three two one and zero so guys that is it I want to congratulate once again all the people that got in you guys are freaking amazing also just all the people that sticked around to the end powerful stuff um I want to also appreciate Todd for having us on here or having me present this and be part of this amazing team um I've never I'm yet to encounter uh software that's so powerful the moment I laid my eyes on it the first time I thought Yep this is going to take away all my problems when it comes to video marketing and I know it will for you as well so big shout out to the development team the tech team taught himself and all the attendees here and the people that took action especially you guys are the real winners ladies and gentlemen that's it for me today um Todd if you want to give some closing words go ahead uh my voice is almost gone I gotta drink some water uh and call it I just want to thank you for doing such a good job and Dr Emmett for being there in the chat box to help answer questions um a tool perique is also in there answering questions and continuing to work on this in the background we want to thank their team very much and I want to say you know you know uh those that played that contest so many of you were paying attention and I'm sorry for those that didn't win for instance we had Jack Thomas which which guessed Grammy and then we had Jack Jack which did guess Emmy but we didn't pick Jack Jack because it wasn't in the random generator so that got a little confusing and then of course the other people that won I'll just uh you know call out your your names again where Mark Wenham William Craig McIntosh Max and Sally and again send your PayPal uh email over to us at your greenscreen guy and of course your proof of purchase so that we know that you purchased because we're reimbursing you for that uh 37 worth of a reimbursement straight to your PayPal so that's the story with what happened with the contest the uh the answer was Emmy I had won three Emmys and I'll tell you how I did it um two of the times that I won the Emmy for the New England uh it was best uh weather broadcasting was because I showed a snow making machine I actually showed myself manufacturing snow out of thin air by putting together a machine and I did that on the air and I showed those weather broadcasts and I think that was part of it the other was there was a hurricane that hit Florida it was absolutely amazing the the the kind of damage that It produced it hit Central Florida I don't even remember the name I should but uh again I was a meteorologist weather forecaster primarily in Boston and I had this great producer who would make graphics for me so I would say make a graphic of this and I just snap my fingers and he would be able to you know make this great graphic so I said this storm you know what this thing is going to hit Cape Canaveral it's going to hit the Kennedy Space Center right there and that building that main building which I was very familiar with at the time because I had visited when I went down to Disney World we went over there for a little tour uh basically I said that building is going to lose some of its glass it's going to get you know it take that building and show it with Windows blown out so he did that and sure enough next day hurricane comes along hits that building the windows get blown out and I'm able to show that on the air so I was able to actually show that on the Emmy tape that wow at work has the hurricane moving right in Central Florida and that particular building I'm calling for the building itself to get you know some destruction and then outline what the building would look like before and after so I guess that was on that Emmy tape and that was part of it as well Raheem wow I'm just picking up my jaw from the floor that is crazy I never knew the story behind it I'm glad I sticked around that's an amazing story man thank you thank you for letting us know it was fun it was it was fun but you know being a weather caster and all that but I got to tell you thing there is you're working for somebody else and the thing that you guys are doing and that I'm doing and that we're doing together as a group is we're making our own way and working for ourselves and that has a lot of advantages exactly exactly there you go I think that is a rap ladies and gentlemen I want to once again thank you all for being here um I will leave the stream on a little bit um in case you ask a question and you're still waiting for the tech team to answer it so um they're they're in the chat so if you have any questions in chat they can go ahead and answer it as long as the broadcast is live um other than that that's it for me again appreciate your time I appreciate everyone here you guys are rock stars and I can't wait to see your success you are too Raheem thank you so much thank you everybody we'll leave this on to answer some of your questions in the question answer box

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