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if you're doing anything online you need to be using video or you're getting left behind people love videos and 84 make a purchase after watching so video is the key to unlock more traffic leads and sales but let's be honest creating a video is hard you need to decide what content to use and then put it all together you need backgrounds video footage motion effects animated text and music what about a voiceover sound effects pictures and Graphics then you need to produce it so it grabs attention there's a lot to do but what if you could have stunning videos ready to go minutes from now that are designed to powerfully engage your audience and get them to take action and what if you can also transform your current videos into hyper engaging sales machines in seconds in just a few clicks just imagine unlimited stunning videos minutes from now to sell your products and services and crush your competition and imagine if you could also sell videos to others and keep 100 of the profits too that's exactly why we built vids agency Just For You Vince agency is an all-in-one video maker that creates beautiful highly engaging videos so you can Captivate Mesmerize and get customers fast with vids agency create high converting videos with backgrounds text motion effects music voice-overs images and sound effects and make stunning videos that are quick fun and easy use them for your website Block video channel podcast online store social media accounts and even your ads in just minutes quickly and easily create amazing quality videos that your visitors actually watch so they become paying customers click the button below to get started with vids agency right now try it out you can't lose with our unconditional 100 money back guarantee you can do it all the hard way or you can make it fast easy and fun right now and dominate profits it takes less than 60 seconds to get started so click the button below and get vids agency now I'm going to show you how to make stunning video shorts for you and your clients in minutes with vids agency you can make ads sales and promotions product intros and demos tips facts countdowns questions quotes logo openers lower thirds simple explainers tutorials user generated content greetings and more and it's really simple with all the included done for you templates just click on project and we'll grab a logo and let's say we wanted to customize this for for our client all we have to do is go over here to images and we can replace our logo with theirs and boom it's done 30 seconds you got a brand new logo opener you can change the kinetic effects for the way that it appears you can change you know this one happens to be smoke but you can add any kind of effect that you want now let's customize a video ad and we can do that in seconds because when we load in the project it'll automatically load the entire project Slide by slide and we can edit anything and everything on every one of these slides the canvas is all drag and drop up so you can just drag and drop every element that's on the canvas you also have a timeline down here where you can change the timing of slides each of the elements on each of the slides appears down here so you can have them appear at different times during the slide you can extend or Shrink the appearance effects the kinetic text effects and everything else you can change the order that things appear on any given slide you can obviously add as many slides as you want in this case we want to keep it really simple we want to make a video promo for our coffee shop client so we're just going to go to the last page and you know visit us today is fine but obviously this coffee shop is not going to be called The Soul so we're going to need to change this background video and we're also going to need to change the name right there so let's go to videos and let's get rid of that particular video and let's say that we went to their coffee shop and got some footage or they sent us a video we'll go ahead and we'll upload that and then what we can do is we can actually strip out the audio and we can choose the start time and we can choose the end time so we'll start it there and we'll trim this clip just so we get just the right amount that we want end time and then we'll click OK that automatically replaces the background right there now there's our coffee shop client has their video of their store in the background now the next thing is we're going to want to change the name obviously right so we'll go over here to text green coffee maybe a funny name but that's okay and visit us today is good for Main Street we can say that it's still 123 Main if it was something else we could change that as well and um for all the text you can change all the kinetic effects and everything else but for right now in addition to that let's say that there's a logo that we want to add so they gave us their logo and so we're going to go ahead and import that it's this little coffee cup guy so we'll go down here we'll grab the coffee cup we'll add that we can add some animation effects so let's have that uh fly in I guess and we'll fly it in from top to bottom and then we'll go ahead and do that and then we're going to want to resize that because it's way too big which is fine we'll shrink that guy down and then the other thing about this video is you'll notice that it's very sort of bottom heavy so we we really want to sort of move the text more at the top because the thing about it is we want the video of their store to show through and so we're going to go ahead and move that up there and now we've literally customized their video just that fast play this last slide it will now create this as though it's their own video here for their particular client and so we've created this entire video all I have to do is Click produce so it's that fast and easy to customize a given template but it goes way beyond that because in addition to all the templates you get and the ability to customize them it's a full featured video creator so you can apply a theme to change all of the slides in one click to create great brand new projects literally from scratch you can create videos from scratch or you the templates you can upload a text script and have it automatically convert it to slides you can add backgrounds and you can change any of the backgrounds you get a huge included library for the text you have the ability to change the fonts you have the ability to change all the kinetic effects so you have a bunch of different appearance effects a bunch of different exit effects you can do Shadows you can do highlights tons of different things there you can add images and you can add static images or animated images and you get a huge library of included images that come with it already but you can also upload your own so you can upload any sort of static image you can upload any sort of animated image and then you can add those to your slides and when you do you can actually add animation to them even if they're not animated in addition to that you can add sounds you get a huge built-in sound effects library and music library so you have background music that you can add you also have the ability to add sound effects and you can Loop them you can fade them in you could fade them out and you can upload your own as well you you can also add videos and the beautiful thing about videos is you can add slide videos which is the entire background of Any Given slide and it will cover the background or you can also add project videos and these can be transparent videos like this that sit on top of your other videos and these can be dragged and dropped anywhere in the project you get tons of included video effects and all that so you can add videos to any of your slides make any of your slides videos you can also add video effects on top of any of your slides in addition to that you can add transitions so if you choose a slide that has a slide after it you can add a transition there are a bunch of built-in transitions there are also a bunch of built-in video transitions so you can go ahead and just click on this and it will show you what the transition looks like when you click OK it adds it and as this slide plays to this slide it will play that transition in between you can also add your branding your logo and everything else so it's a full featured video creator but the beauty of it is you get a bunch of awesome video short templates already included that you could customize and render in one minute you could create videos in widescreen like this you can also create story vertical Style videos for social media feeds and mobile phones in addition to that you also have the scene creator and this is an awesome feature because what this means is if let's say you created this particular slide and this was sort of their logo screen and you're going to make a bunch of videos for them instead of recreating it every time I can right click I can save this as a scene now if I'm creating a brand new project I can go ahead and add this to it in one click all I'd have to do is right click on any slide load scene and then I could just do coffee shop on scene I could add it to the current slider a new slide and boom there it is so now I can make videos for clients and myself even faster because I can save any individual slide as a seeing that I like and reuse it over and over again in every single project so all of that stuff is possible and then you can render your video in real time on Demand right on your computer and it's really that fast and simple stunning MP4 videos that you can use for yourself you can sell to your clients video shorts are taking over the internet and with vids agency you have the ability to create ads sales and promos product intros demos tips facts countdowns questions quotes logo openers lower thirds simple explainer videos tutorials user generated content greetings and more so the sky is the limit in terms of what you can create and how much you can make with vids agency

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