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does your site take too long to load are you having page load speed problems hi this is Matt Garrett and in this quick demo I'll show you how WP profiler can help you identify and fix your site load speed problems and get super fast page load speeds now one quick note before we start when you run a speed test you need to make sure that you're not logged into the WordPress site that you're running the test for as this will give you false results the easiest way to make sure this doesn't happen is to do what I'm doing here and use a different browser for the speed test than the one that you're logged into your WordPress site on so I'm using Firefox here where I'm logged into my site and then I'm going to pop across to my Chrome browser where I'm going to run the speed test for this particular site and all you need to do is pop the URL for the site that you want to test in the URL field and click on the start test field now we're using ping Dom to do this test because we found that ping Dom gives the most accurate results for WordPress site speed tests and it does only take a few seconds to run and once it's finished we just scroll down the page a bit so we can see our full results and as you can see we've got a total load time of just under five seconds so it's not horrendous but it certainly could do with being quicker surveys have been done that show that a load speed of more than three seconds can easily end up with you losing around half your visitors before they even get to engage with your site so we really want to cut that time down as much as we can so let's pop back to WP profiler and run through how this can speed up our site now a site speed profiler itself is the fun part it's the graphical representation of what's slowing your site down however we're going to save that to last I'm going to tease you along I'm going to go through the more boring standard bits first they're very very quick the first is we need to optimize the database basically over time your WordPress databases get bloated and messy and they need tidying up it's a very quick and easy process however for instance here we can see that there are problems found all we need to do is click on the button to perform the database optimization and click on ok now this kind of thing happens more and more as your site gets bigger and older and there's more content so all you need to do is pop into here now and then to see if there are any problems found click on the button and let WP profiler run to complete the optimization for you it is very very quick process as you can see there we go we are done with the database optimization so that's the first step of keeping our site nice and healthy done and it took just moments the next is specifically for Speed and we're going to look at optimizing the images that we've got uploaded to our site large unoptimized images is one of the biggest and most common speed problems on websites and it's something that can be solved automatically with WP profiler simply click on the developer dashboard link down the bottom here this will take you to Tiny PNG where you can register for your free API key this gives you up to 500 image optimizations per month and if you need more there are paid options available but the free version will give you 500 which is more than enough for most people's needs once you've got your API key pop it in here and activate the image optimization after you've done so any new images you add to your blog from here on will be optimized automatically for you when you upload them however that doesn't deal with any existing images already on your site so that's what the bulk optimized images option is for so let's look at that next now this simply lets you go through and optimize all your old images in batches I'm just going to run a batch of 10 so you can see that it is pretty quick to run it doesn't take hours to run through so the 10 should take us around 10 to 15 seconds you can see it's processing the images now and it's still working we're almost there I should have stuck a timer on to time how long it's going to take uh there we go almost finished and done now that was around 15 seconds I think it takes roughly a second to a second and a half per image so you can see how long it's going to take to run through all your existing images in my case I've got 225 unoptimized images so that's going to take around three to four minutes run through and bulk optimize all those existing images so I'm going to pause the video while I quickly do that okay so as you can see I've finished optimizing the images on this site and we've got an improvement of over 34 now this particular site isn't image heavy it doesn't have a lot of images to start with and they're not very big usually on client sites we find much larger images and the optimization savings can be significant usually in the range of 70 to 80 percent or more okay so that's our images taken care of let's head back to the site speed profiler itself and run this so you can see what might be slowing our site down okay so I'm just going to click on start profiling and confirm that I want it to run now this is the core of WP profiler and it takes just moments to run so I'm going to click on OK and let it finish doing its business and once the page is refreshed you'll end up on this results page where you can see exactly what's going on now this is the core of WP profiler and it gives us a graphical view of how long each aspect of a site takes to load up from the core WordPress files to the theme to all the individual plugins which is where it gets interesting being able to identify exactly which plugin is hogging all your site resources and killing your page load speed with WP profiler takes just moments as you saw to do it manually you'd need to go through each plugin deactivating and reactivating them one by one to work out which Plugin or indeed plugins it could be more than one is at fault with WP profiler you can see straight away and in this case the big culprit is looking like WordPress security and eye themes security pro now word fence and i-team security pro are both security plugins and obviously we want to keep our blog secure however there is another plugin which will do the same for me and it loads a lot quicker so I could then remove both of these plugins saving a second of load speed cutting the plug-in load speed by half which will have a pretty massive effect on the page load speeds I get for my site now you will notice the wp profiler is a appearing third on that speed list that's because it is having to run and use resources to create this profile itself as the page loads up that obviously doesn't happen when normal people visitors are hitting your site so it doesn't actually impact your site speed now let's pop over to another site and have a look at another profile of rum and again you can see that although there are quite a lot of plugins on this site and yes they will have a cumulative effect on the load speed from running too many plugins it's again one or two speed Hogs right at the top here that are causing the majority of the problem in this case it's all in one SEO one of the standard SEO plugins that a lot of people use there's also the schema plugin and again item security pro I could switch all three of these off and again get a reduction in my site load speed by almost a second now obviously if I'm replacing all-in-one SEO and schema I'm going to want some sort of SEO plugin on my blog we would recommend rank math because it's quicker and we'll do everything that both of those do and more and this is part of the power of WP profile but it takes just moments to see which plugins are causing your site a problem which ones are taking the speed out of your page load and slowing everything down and then you can look for Replacements that are both quicker and usually do the job better as well okay so now let's head back to Ping Dom this was our earlier test where we got a load speed of 4.48 second now let's just open up a new version of ping Dom pop that domain in there again and click on start test now again this is going to take a few seconds I'll pause the video and come back as soon as the test has completed and as you can see our site performance grade has now gone up to a with a score of 92 and a load time has gone down to 1.46 seconds that's three seconds faster than previously and well under the three second golden threshold we're going to be keeping our visitors on our site without losing them and this is all thanks to being able to tweak and fix our site really really quickly with WP profiler and remember Google take both your site load speed and visitor bounce rate into account for ranking if your site is slow to load and people are heading back to Google you're not only losing those visitors you're going to get penalized by Google and take a ranking hit losing even more free traffic don't let your site lag behind get your health check done today with WP profiler

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