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hello this is Gail and I want to welcome you to this demo of exclusive exclusive is a powerful new suite of tools to help marketers like you to dominate xplatform formerly known as Twitter starting from the dashboard you can see down the left side all of the features available to you in this software here's where you'll access the training video as well as your bonuses moving down further we come to the AI powered section of tools you'll have access to X tweet X Pages X image x video x hashtags as well as our X storytelling and sharing tools let's first look at the X tweet tool simply type a phrase like the fastest way to earn money online and hit submit and our powerful AI will do all the work generating you an excellent tweet including emojis and hashtags but you're not limited to just typing with X tweet you can click on the microphone here and then simply tell X tweet what you would like in your Tweet you could say I can teach you how to win at Drop Shipping and then get the perfect tweet to generate interest in your Ecom offer next is our X AI Pages tool our more than 60 templates makes it easy to get started and making money more quickly combine that with our simple drag and drop interface and you'll be able to easily create winning pages every time you want one and we've got all your markeet categories covered landing pages checkout Pages coming soon Pages giveaway Pages optin Pages sign up Pages thank you pages and even webinar Pages our X AI image tool makes it super simple to create exactly the image you want simply type in your request here how about a panda bear rowing a green rowo and then bam The Perfect Image our X AI video tool will get you the video you want every time with tons of options for sizes effects audio and more you can't go wrong with this video tool everybody knows how important hashtags are on X that's why we've given you the Ideal tool to get your content noticed simply enter your desired topic for the hashtags and Bam you've got a list of great hashtags to get noticed short form video is huge right now and people are making big money with it every day but it can be difficult to do it well not so for you anymore now that you have access to our X storytelling tool over 100 templates for every major platform from Facebook to Instagram to YouTube X Pinterest Snapchat Tik Tok even WhatsApp is included simply select your preferred platform like Instagram story choose your template click the elements you want to add then make your changes using the intuitive drag and drop interface do this until you get the exact look you want to promote in your newest offer then once you've created your awesome landing page or image or video you can easily share that content to over 100 free traffic sources type in the URL for your content then click on the social platform you want to share and Bam it's done but exclusive isn't just a cool set of tools to create great stuff with you can easily start earning with exclusive as soon as today let's say you're a social media influencer or content creator you'll be quickly using xai tweet and X AI hashtags to create engaging High converting tweets and strategically chosen hashtags this increased engagement and visibility can attract more followers and potential sponsorships or even brand deals for example an influencer can use x AI tweet to craft compelling tweets that resonate With Their audience and use x AI hashtags to ensure these tweets reach a wider audience including potential sponsors maybe you're a small business owner or an entrepreneur well you'll be able to use x AI pages to create high converting landing pages opt-in Pages or product pages with ease even without any technical or design expertise combining this with X AI traffic together they can drive significant traffic to these pages from across dozens of social networks this can lead to increased lead generation sales and a significantly increased overall online presence for instance a small business owner launching a new product can create an attractive landing page with X AI pages and then use x AI traffic to promote this page across multiple platforms resulting in higher visibility and sales and if you're a digital marketer or agency you can offer enhanced content creation services to your clients by using a combination of these tools for example using x a image and xai video together can be used to create visually stunning marketing materials while X AI storytelling helps en crafting compelling narratives for campaigns this combination can improve campaign Effectiveness and client satisfaction leading to more business and higher Revenue a digital marketing agency can create a campaign for a client where they use xai video to produce engaging promotional videos and xai storytelling to develop a captivating narrative greatly improving the campaigns impact and Roi I hope you can see just how effective each of these tools is on their own and they are unbeatable now that we've put them together in one powerful platform exclusive

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