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what's up sumo links it's Chris here with appsumo the best place to get insane deals on business software today we're talking about collaborating the browser extension that helps you collect research online share notes and collaborate with your team in real time collab writing is a powerful browser extension that streamlines your online research you can search collect and share data without ever leaving your browser once you've installed the extension you can start your research see something you want to save just highlight it and create a new topic to save that snippet you can also rename it to keep your research organized of course there's more to research than just copying text so if you want to take notes to add more info for reference just drop in a comment as you scroll highlight any info you want to save and just hit enter that way collaborating can automatically add it to your current topic if you're ready to turn your research into easy to share assets don't let me stand in your way just hit that buy now button on the right side on the deal page alright let's jump back in okay so what about you see a cool picture chart or table that you want to keep just take a screenshot and save the image to your comments so you know how to grab text and images from a single page but when you're researching online you're definitely operating with at least 20 tabs open well no worries because you can hop between Pages or start searching again without ever closing the collaborating panel the sidebar stays open wherever you go online so saving your research is as easy as ABC sometimes your research takes you beyond the World Wide Web like to PDF land but collaborating still has your back open a PDF in the collaborating PDF viewer without losing your current topic then highlight and add to your heart's content just like you do on a web page after you collect all your Snippets you can find them in your dashboard along with any comments you can also add more notes and track any changes or comments from your teammates if you want to export your research you can print save as a PDF or copy and paste the content into a word or Google doc and when you copy and paste you keep all the links so you can find the original sources at any time to share your research with external parties just click share add the right email addresses and set access permissions they don't even need to have the collaborating browser extension installed you can also create a shared link to easily collab with your team it's seriously never been this easy to do research with a group so if you're ready to maximize your research capabilities and streamline collaboration grab this lifetime deal on collaborating today [Applause] [Music] foreign [Applause] [Music]

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