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what's up sumo links it's Jay from appsumo the best place to get insane deals on business software today we're checking out subpage a no code no design platform that lets you create and manage powerful subpages for your website subpage brings Your Business website to the next level just check out all the specific subpages you can create in a snap you got blogs a site map glossary FAQ changelog help center and more for starters the license policy editor lets you create your privacy policy terms of service refund policies and so on start from scratch or use one of their templates then choose your layout and customize the look to match your brand and you can switch between different layouts right then and there without losing any content so you can switch between a visual layout or stick to something more technical looking all of the sub Pages have widget options and this one lets you add a cookie consent bar and accept terms dialog or simple cookie widget man is it just mirrored does anyone else want Oreos right now hold up I know you're already like give me the deal already so go ahead and click buy now I'll wait okay let's keep going it's blog time baby look at how easy it is to use the sub page blog editor oh and check this out you can use the fill with AI option to write content for any of your pages once you've got your layout you're going to need some good images subpage lets you upload your own upload from stock or create a brand new image using AI now you've got amazing blogs that capture way more readers wow lots of features to cover here um okay let's check out the change log page you can customize your changelog and add options like search and RSS there are a few widgets available too like a sidebar widget latest updates announcement bar and a pop-up then there's the roadmap sub page now you can add a visual roadmap to your site so users know exactly where you're headed users can suggest ideas as well that's where the best ideas come from anyway oh man almost out of time alright you can help center Pages giving customers all the resources they need then there's the careers page where you can hire new Talent like a pro oh and all the sub page just have analytics so you can see how everything's performing you can also add team members with different permissions and even special roles like HR marketing and legal all these rules can only get access to certain pages and features I'm out of time and we're just getting started so click that buy now button to get your lifetime deal on subpage today [Music] [Applause]

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