Get $5K – $15K YouTube brand deals & Sponsorships (TOP Strategies)

this video is going to be super helpful for you YouTube entrepreneurs out there any YouTuber really who is looking to really maximize on their YouTube uh brand deal and sponsorship Revenue uh this video is going to talk about how to get your next brand deal to be 5 15K like really raising your prices here and charging what you deserve um so that's if that's exciting to you go ahead and type in brand deal in the comments below and you know I'm going to say let's get to it let's go ahead and get to it all right so the first thing I wanted to mention I just wanted to talk about pricing from the beginning because that's what we're all here for right especially you saw the video of this or the title of this video right here's my um kind of back of the napkin rule of thumb when it comes to charging and just to give you some baseline metrics and um this is just baseline from like what I've charged and some people have way better negotiating skills than me and can charge way more some have charged less than these Baseline but here's what I think your prices should be according to this what I'm going to say so if you have right now 75 to 100,000 subscribers really it's the views that matter per month um with 75,000 to 100,000 views on your platform you should or I'm sorry per month if your Channel's getting 75k to to 100,000 views per month so you go to the YouTube studio and see the views you've gotten in the past 28 days that should that's what I'm talking about so you should be charging minimum $4,000 for a dedicated video really 45 let's call it 4500 for like a mention like a 60 to 90 second mention you should be charging um $2,000 right at least between 2, 2500 for 902 mentions and then anything in in between is you know you can negotiate and uh the so the other thing is like let's just go from views per month CU subscriber count really doesn't matter and that's what companies don't understand is there they judge your channel based off the amount of subscribers you have which they need to understand your view count and demographics and I'll touch on that but let's say your Channel right now is pulling in 30,000 to 50 ,000 views per month you know I would charge anywhere between 2K to to 2500 per dedicated video um and dedicated video doesn't mean you have to make a 15 minute long video it's probably in the range of at least 7 to 8 minutes and um and then around you know 800 to 1,000 for a 90c mention so you know it's it's kind of and and then like from those numbers you can just scale up or down depending on your channel size and the amount of views you're getting per month and here's the thing with with um what was I going to talk about the oh for me and for you you have to disclose when your channel is sponsored or not and for me it's a lot less I I don't like disclosing that I have a you a sponsor for a video that's like 20 minutes long if I have a 90 second mention I technically have to disclose that I have um a brand sponsor ship on the channel so I have to tick the mark yes this video has a paid promotion which kind of sucks cuz it's like then my VI then viewers are like oh this video is sponsored and um you know I don't know for sure but I have a feeling like you get less AdSense Revenue so if I'm going to do a dedicated or if I'm going to do a sponsorship like make it worth it for me and you like make pay me for my dedicated price point and and you too like be like hey you know it's it really if I'm going to do this and if you're going to steal my traffic on my channel like let's just do a dedicated video and make it worth it for both parties okay that's the other thing too is you need to know your Channel's worth like this is a super warm traffic source for companies it's warm it's not cold traffic right they know that they could never go to Facebook and be like hey let me pay you 2K and you know it's and expect these amount of results right you have to pay for everything with Facebook you have to pay for the video scripts the the video production the copy the traffic and with like you don't even know the amount of Roi when a company's paying an influence or a YouTuber they're paying the YouTuber for the upfront fee in work to do all that like the creativity the scripting the video production if you have a team of editors like you have to pay them like there's so much and that's what they don't understand and why it's such like [ __ ] when they come and lowball a Creator is because that's just not fair not only are you making me do The Upfront work to you know promote your company's product but you're accessing my warm traffic source that I've built that I've spent years building up and that's just not cool um and it really pisses me off too when companies expect you to get started for free and then they're like oh we'll pay you when the video is approved or when the video is done it's just not fair it's totally not fair um because you're essentially asking someone to work for free and trust you know and and you really have to protect yourself first and you I mean just think of it like this you'd never go to a contractor and be like paint my house and I'll pay you after when I approve it no you have to pay them upfront for the work and then they start the work same thing when you're providing a a a service and you're providing brand deals in a in a sponsored video for someone or a company okay so now that I have that off my chest and on top of that here's here's the thing they are also stealing your traffic from your own product so they this traffic is not going to go to your funnels and your affiliate offers and your coaching offers it's going to go to them in an Evergreen Way so imagine this has happened to me before or imagine lowballing yourself on a price point that video goes viral takes off and sends traffic to them forever it's like oh that sucks I should have charged this amount because now it's like they're getting this all this traffic and I'm not here's the thing you want to start off great relationships you want to be cordial and and and make a great working relationship you have to protect yourself in your brand first you do because a lot of these ianes have no interest in reciprocating for you that's the other thing is like I don't it's hard for me to work for a company where it's like all about them all about them all about them it's been so much easier to work with companies and make longterm agreements and sponsorship deals when they give you something when they you know give you an email swap or they promote you on their website or they promote you to Their audience like it's like okay well what's in for me can you offer me anything um and here's another way to get creative is that you know having brand deals and sponsorships with YouTube isn't just limited to a video on on your channel that you make for them no it could be so many other things like they can sponsor you know one of your events they can um sponsor your course right have you ever thought of that where hey brand name like why don't you sponsor my course meaning you pay me to teach my customers how to use your tool and I will have it in my course forever and I will continue to promote your my course and get people through the door which means a sale for you when the customer joins my program I've done that before where I've charged five figure in uh upfront Investments for me to be like hey I'm going to teach your tool in my course then um I'm going to prompt my students to sign up for it and then um that's you know recurring recurring revenue for your audience or your your customers as well and I'm not only going to invite them to to opt in and buy your product but I'm going to teach them in my course how to use it because they trust me so that's another way that I've had you know five figure uh agreements right it's it's out thinking outside of the box on how it could work work so and that's the other thing too is like there's other ways to this is more like joint venture where you partner with another Creator or another business owner and you guys do a um a webinar swap where you promote a a list or I'm sorry you promote an event to your audience about their webinar and then they promote an event to Their audience for your webinar that's a cool way to to do things as well so yeah it's just when when you are going to do business with a a company just make sure that they are also sincere that they treat you with respect and that there's something in it for you honestly because if it's very take take take take take what's in it for me it's going to be like a a client a nightmare client where they're going to take advantage of you they're going to be like I want x amount of revisions they're going to need more revisions they're going to be like you know start over and all this and not just becomes a big fat nightmare so please be sure to get crystal clear on the payment agreement to sign an agreement um to make sure you are crystal clear on hey you get x amount of revisions here's what what the project scope is going to look like for me to get started on this I have to get some type of money now um make sure you you tell them what your payment terms are how you accept payment all of th those things and um the other thing too is the way that I price also is based on if I get any rev share from these these deals so if if I'm being able if I'm getting affiliate commissions from the product I can maybe lower my price a little bit on the on the fee for for making the video If there's no rev share o the price will go up for sure um because yeah that's like it's it's again it's taking traffic away from my business which is very hard to justify because I have high ticket prices um I have all types of ways that that I monetize my channel and for you to permanently steal my traffic with one video that's hard to do so um the other thing too is like hey reach out like if you're a smaller Channel right now and you're working on getting your first brand deal reach out to the companies that you want to work with that you could see yourself working with so um you can just literally send them emails send them your Media Kit be like hey here's my audience I'm getting x amount of views here's the channel stats here's what the demographics of my audience they love products like yours they engage with XYZ and just send them like a four to five page Media Kit document on you know who you are what your brand is about what your uh audience on your channel is about and and and companies love that they're looking for micro influencers to pay to you know do these brand de deals and sponsorships with so hope this was helpful let me know in the comments where you are I'd love to help and give you some advice so uh yeah definitely stick around check out the video that's coming up next all you got to do is Click right here and I will see you on that next video

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