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all right ladies and gentlemen today we got a doozy this is a side hustle that you can do today and get paid today that's right this AI powered s hustle can make you as much as $150 a day or more and it's actually very simple I stumbled across this by accident a couple of weeks ago and I've been making money like clockwork pretty much every day here's a little screenshot from the last 3 days where I banked over $150 each and every day and that's just using one of the examples I'm going to show you today which is just a fraction of what you're going to learn in this video so be ready this brand new side hustle works like crazy we're going to tell you exactly step by step how to do it and put money in your pocket no fluff no filler just a straightup tutorial that you can use instantly after you're done watching this entire video and of course smash that like button for good measure but the fact is simple you do this and you get paid there's only two qualifications you need to live on planet Earth and you need to have internet access which I know at least one of those is true so I think it's safe to say that everyone watching this video can use this method and make money and the cool thing is you don't have to wait to rank on the search engines you don't need to do any SEO or fancy work or content and if you're worried about money yeah put your wallet away cuz this is going to take little or even no money to get started yep I told you this is going to be a doozy first let's talk about the tools you're going to need what we're going to need is an AI with big input levels you can use chat GPT 3.5 which is the free version however it is a little limited and it's not as good at extracting the information we're going to need to get paid really fast but if you do have to use the free version you can it's just going to take a little bit longer and in addition to chat GPT 4 we can also use Google Gemini Claude Jasper chat and even youat and the reason is the AI we use needs to be able to take thousands and thousands of words as part of our prompt so if it just allows you a couple sentences it's not going to work which is why chat GPT 3.5 the free version Gemini chat GPT 4 these tools will work like crazy next we're going to need some kind of free keyword tool something like the ah's free keyword tool will be perfect perfect if you have a paid keyword tool that's a bonus it'll save you some time but it's not absolutely necessary and don't worry we're not using this to find SEO keywords or anything like that this is actually a lot more easy we'll get you paid a heck of a lot faster and doesn't rely on the traditional methods a lot of other people are teaching and then we have a tool in our maybe list you might need a transcription tool an AI tool is fine I have a list here that you can use some of them are paid some of them are free now this is in the maybe column because a lot of what we're doing probably already has the transcription available with it some do not which is why I list the tool but most will and wait a minute before you get ahead of yourself no I'm not teaching the side hustle that is transcribing videos that has nothing to do with how you're going to make money in fact these tools are just going to get us the base that we're going to put into Ai and it's going to be the next best thing to spit out money on demand and some of those tools are rev which is $30 a month scribble which is1 per minute $10 an hour for Sonics and on and on we go if you're doing this in a big huge fashion and you want Total 100% accuracy without having to edit it yourself then maybe you'll be using some of these transcription tools otherwise I think the free tools and the free transcripts that are available online will do just fine and the next thing we're going to want which actually came out kind of funny on my notes Here is a podcast directory these are directories of the most popular and not so popular podcasts that exist online today now I'm going to have this list for you over at again my notes got funny download myy notes.com now why is this list important because this is the list where we are going to find the money and right here we can see that there are several different podcasts from some kind of cat podcast to a Bible recap solo monster and on and on we go what we're going to want to do is find the ones that are not so popular obviously Glenn Beck is pretty popular so we can go through and let's say we're going to do volume of a maximum 250 that means there's only 250 people a month or less searching for these podcasts so we have purple we have Survivor something about a Boggle head and on and on we go and what you're going to find is there's literally millions and millions of podcasts out there but there's one major problem and that is these podcasters are struggling to be seen as you can see thousands of people each and every month are looking up how to promote a podcast podcast marketing how to Market a podcast how to advertise podcast summary generator and on and on we go thousands of people who are looking to get more traffic to their podcast and this proves the size of the market as you can see there's so many different podcasts out there and they're all fighting for attention that is where you come in and that is how you're going to make a ton of money and the last tool we're going to need is something like canva right here or even some outsourcers we can use Fiverr right over here like this or we can go to a site like onlinejobs.ph and find someone someone who creates Pinterest images now again you can create them yourself you can Outsource it you can get them on Fiverr or you can even go to content profit strategy.com and you can have my team create pins by clicking on the Pinterest content button and we'll do them for you it's actually super inexpensive and it could be profitable even using this method with our stuff but again don't worry you can do this for free using canva and we could see here that usually it's a anywhere from a doar to 10 or even $12 per pin to get these designed or if we have an outsourcer do it they're charging anywhere from like $3 an hour on up and usually you can get somewhere around one or two per hour which brings the cost down so what I'm about to show you or or you can do this yourself using canva and pocket all the money and again I'm going to have a list of all these sites notes keyword reports and everything thing over at download myn notes.com now here's how this is going to work step number one we are going to find smaller podcasts and YouTube channels and people trying to get social media attention we're going to go out there and we can use the different reports on download notes.com we can search the different directories and find podcasts that are not that popular or we can just search on podcast sites and find ones that and find ones that we find interesting maybe you go into the Bible Niche cuz you like the Bible or racing or bicycling or whatever it is you can go into that Niche and make it work what we're going to do is we're going to find these smaller podcasts and channels then we're going to help them get business and the method is super simple but first let me tell you how I came across this idea over here is a podcast SL yoube Channel that I run with a friend of mine where we talk about how to get and stay sober I'm coming up on about 10 years of sobriety and just under a month and it's been great and what we do on this channel is we talk about sobriety and how to not drink and how to stay sober and all kinds of crazy stuff like that and what we do is we create these different things only it's kind of been going on a downhill trajectory and not growing as much as it could so I got to thinking what if I went over to one of our podcasts right like this scrolled down to the description right here clicked on show transcript copy and paste the transcript right like this remember this is why we need the AI to accept a bunch of words then we go into chat GPT right like this and we enter the magic words this part is super important what we're going to do is say please get helpful quotes and sayings from this video transcript list at least 10 and now from this one podcast video or online content we can strip out 10 different super helpful quotes there we go 10 super helpful quotes that we can use to help this podcast get more business so we could see here alcohol absolutely has to come off the table for me that was key I can't take one drink because one drink for me is a relapse hey this is pretty good I can take this go over to canva right like this and create a Pinterest pin with that quote right here change the title sobriety tips delete this stuff here now we have our tip I could put a picture of a guy staying sober or someone on a mountain with their arms up or whatever it is and then all I need to do is link to our website right like this make it a little bit bigger bold then I can drag an image right like this then just put the name of the person who said the quote get a little call to action that says visit talks over.com for more tips tidy it up a little bit right like this and bada bing bada bang in a matter of minutes I have a pin designed to get more traffic to my client's podcast but wait there's more step one find smaller podcast step two two run the transcript through AI step three extract the quotes and sayings find out who said them step four we're going to do some keyword research so what I want to do here is I want to take the saying that we used on our pen so this is one that more or less has to do with never drinking again and we could see how to never drink again I will never drink again or maybe even something like stop drinking and we can see here these have a lot of traffic and the competition doesn't really matter because we're going to be using Pinterest so all we care about is the popularity and if we were to go over and if we were to go over to Pinterest you can see that I'm doing this right now and we're actually getting quite a bit of monthly views on a simple test that I have my outsourcers working on we can go over here and we can type something in like soety tips and we could see that there's actually quite a few people doing this exact thing getting traffic here's one all about sobriety Freedom getting almost a 100,000 monthly views so the idea is very simple all we're going to do is make pins based on what the content is saying pair that with a niche market of people that are searching for something specific drive that traffic back to the podcast and we could charge big money in fact you can charge per episode or per pen you could say every episode we do we will extract 10 to 20 quotes and this will be $200 if they have five episodes a month bada bing bada bang you got $1,000 if they do more than that you can charge even more and the cool thing is you can have multiple clients at once meaning I get 10 clients I make $10,000 a month wait a minute Marcus $110,000 a month just running podcasts through a a and making Pinterest pin what yep exactly and the way to make real money with this is to start your own service you can go out there and start a service where you use pins to promote podcasts it's actually very simple anyone can do it we can set up a website for our customers and get paid for setting up the website or get paid with web hosting we can get paid on the pins we can create content from the pins and lead them back to the website and be a full service marketing agency for podcast owners which is a completely underserved Market everyone talks about marketing but not that many people are talking about podcast marketing so this is going to be huge in fact you can even go to podcast conventions and talk to people about your services and get clients that way the sky is literally the limit and if you're wondering how to get clients to sign up for your new service what I would do is exactly what I just did did here on this example I would find a podcast that doesn't get that much traffic find some really good quotes in that podcast make anywhere from 1 to five different pins which will take you 45 minutes maybe an hour sometimes even less and then send them to the podcast owner and say Here's a sample of what I can do here's people in your Niche getting tons of traffic let me automate this for you here's my PayPal link and bada boom bada bang you get paid and you too can be throwing Stacks up in the club but again remember the results are not typical implied or guaranteed the average person trying to make money online makes nothing however I think you'll see that this is pretty straight forward all we need to do is find customers run their podcast through the AI get some quotes make some pins and put money in our pocket and if you want full notes on how to do this side hustle starting today check out download my notes and I'll give you all the notes from this video including the keyword reports places to find the podcast tips on how to get clients collect money the links to the outsourcers and yeah pretty much everything you need to start your new business and if you enjoyed this video smash that like button and check out my other side hustle videos in the description

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