i lied about leaving my channel of 212K+ subscribers (here’s why)

there is a crazy phenomenon going on with YouTubers right now between them battling to save their channels not spiraling into extreme burnout and doing everything in their power to not just leave and walk away completely from their channels the truth is YouTubers are leaving left and right in fact one of those YouTubers who left was me yep I said goodbye to 212 000 subscribers and well well you guys called it cap cap and you were right and no this isn't clickbait oh wait a minute wait okay well maybe it is all right well let's get on with it let's get to the juicy stuff oh well well well we meet again and you're probably like what in the hell is going on Marissa you said goodbye because the last clip you saw on this channel went a little something like this what you see in the title is true that it's legit um I am leaving this channel this is my last video and I just want to say you guys I'm sorry I was totally all in with leaving this channel forever like I was so upset with a whole bunch of things that were going on including the algorithm the performance of this channel wanting to start from scratch wanting to redefine a bunch of things and I left I was like Deuces I'm out I'm never coming back right and I have a lot of explaining to do because a lot of you you know it meant so much I got so many heartfelt messages I was like oh my gosh you guys are Incredibles of so many of them made me cry I was like wow thank you so much and I think for me me leaving the channel was 100 necessary and intentionally I had to be like sure or have the intention that I was exiting without coming back because I had to just remove that this channel was ever a part of my identity if that makes sense like I was so much more and I am so much more than my channel and my YouTube subscribers and My Views Etc and so I had to just completely detach and release my myself from it in order to liter to start over completely I wanted to start a brand new channel which I did and it's still continuing to go so if you haven't subscribed to that please do because that's still in motion and I'll talk about that later on um but I'll just explain kind of what was going on between when I left and now now that I'm back like by the way if you're happy that I'm back please let me know in the comments comment let's go because I'm ecstatic to be back okay it feels good you know that saying um there's a bunch of sayings about home like the home quotes like it's this quote right here it says life takes you unexpected places love brings you home and for me online this is my home this is where it all started right this is where it started from me not knowing what I was doing when I had zero subscribers when I was in Thailand starting from scratch I made videos for this Channel all around the world I crossed 50 000 subscribers I crossed a hundred thousand subscribers I got hacked and deleted I came back I crossed 200 000 subscribers then I left the channel and here we are and I I'm grateful I'm grateful for it all I'm grateful for all the ups and downs and in-betweens and I'm grateful for you guys I'm grateful for every single view every single comment um my journey you guys are a huge part of my journey and it's meant so much and I think what happened between you know when I left and now is I realized that like this this is how I want to continue to create um this is like my baby I missed it it's my home right and so I think every single person on this Earth including you including me we are all creators right we are all creators in one way or another we cook we do art we sing we create music uh mothers we create life okay we all create in one way or another and for me I love creating in this way I absolutely love creating videos and um I love everything about the YouTube platform there's something amazing about creating a video giving value sharing an experience and letting the whole world know about it okay and so because I was able to completely detach and let go of this channel right for a while I was able to just ReDiscover my soul right I was able to ReDiscover myself who I am and along the way I'm extremely happy because I've become that much closer about 85 percent closer in knowing what my purpose is in this life which I never in all my 34 years of life I've never understood my purpose but now I do I'm 85 I do so another video on that topic later but in this video I want to give you just a bunch of updates what's been going on the future this channel of the business of family every single thing and let's get into it and the first thing and most important thing is my beautiful baby boy Kai Kai is officially one years old he turned one a couple weeks ago say hi hi YouTube subscribe to the channel YouTube I think he's he'll have his own channel one day for sure look at his face how can you not monetize this face yeah so he's swimming he's swimming he's walking everywhere and keeping us very busy and so I'm so grateful to be a mom and yeah so that's the first update so the next thing is I have been in full out going ham with course creation mode program creation mode funnel creation mode it is insane how many funnels we have now how many programs we've had now so I have recreated a brand new program it's uh it's called spacious and skilled and the whole point of it is to help establish creators Advanced YouTube creators with their business and with the overwhelm and with the burnout that I see a lot of business YouTubers experiencing and to help them basically maintain their business scale their business to six seven figures and Beyond and also to do all that in just 10 hours a week and that whole program was inspired by my son Kai because when I had to take maternity leave um but you know I had to remove myself completely from the business my YouTube channel the business and everything and when I was gone I was gone like completely gone and it was incredibly eye-opening because I wasn't complete really proud of you know what I had built the team behind the channel and the whole point of the story was that while I was away my business was still able to profit 30 while I was gone which is phenomenal absolutely blew my mind so I was like wait a minute wait I have to teach how to do this that program has been launched I'm still working through the curriculum actually I'm almost done with it we have our first round of students in there and so that project has been incredibly rewarding but yeah as I mentioned it's just like a whirlwind of things with content creation I mean we have the project management behind it making sure that every single video module is recorded edited uploaded making sure that the copy on this sales page the thank you Pages the registration pages to the webinar all that is perfect and now we have social selling which I've never talked about before but basically that's social selling is kind of like replacing sales calls now like where you talk to potential clients with a text message or through video and it's really interesting so definitely have more to share on the whole process of that it was incredibly fun and my my motto is always like work hard once like create a product once work hard once and like reap the benefit for years to come in your business now kind of the not so happy part of this story was you know the past six months I I've I've had my battles with anxiety and depression um and I've it's something that I've never dealt with before in my life until until you know recently within the past year and especially in the past six months and I really you know there's a lot of reasons why I think that sparked it but I mean there were days where I mean I would I would just cry and I would think like there's no hope um and I'm just being completely transparent here because I think at some point everyone goes through their own battles of of anxiety and depression um I do I think that we all experience it at one point or another in our lives and I think that you know just because one person's traumas are you know maybe worse than the other or it doesn't matter like what your traumas are what you're going through they're all valid and we all have to go through them and so I had to do a lot of unblocking a lot of really digging deep into my spirituality and into my mindset because honestly I had no other choice or else that depression and anxiety would have just kept eating away and it would have kept attacking me and then there would have literally been no way out and so yeah I think um I can go deeper on that topic later but I mean if it's something that you've experienced I'd love to know in the comments because it hit me hard I mean I just thought you know the world is over and it's just like I'm a bad mom it's just it's really it it it was hard and things are way better now like my mindset is so much stronger now my spirituality has expanded so abundantly and in a prosperous way and I feel really good about it but still I mean you have bad days that's just how it is sometimes and so that's another big thing I wanted to share alright so now maybe let's walk and talk the next thing I wanted to update you all on is our brand new channel subscribers to sale so when I left this channel back in December I announced we're starting the subscribers to sales channel so if you haven't already definitely subscribe to that channel it's all things education on business YouTubers we talk about the the how-to marketing techniques YouTube production tips we talk we talk about it all like hiring a team there's an extreme amount of value there and I am so incredibly proud and wanted to shout out my team specifically Don and Elizabeth so Don and Elizabeth have been crushing it on the channel so Elizabeth for those of you that don't know she's our operations manager here at Team Marissa Romero and team subscribers to sales um she made her debut on the subscribers to sales channel for the first time as a Creator and she crushed it and I'm like this is your first YouTube video ever like it's crazy like go show her some love in the comments because she killed it and done is an absolute natural on camera she's one of our co-coaches inside of our YouTube program she's a brilliant Creator she's really really just fun to watch and she has her own YouTube channel as well and so she's really been crushing it and giving a ton of value to our community and the most important thing on that channel our vision for that channel is to help you sustainably grow a YouTube business right and create peacefully and profit sustainably that's the whole point okay so definitely check out that channel And subscribe because it is so valuable every single video that we're releasing the next biggest thing that happened to me in the past six months was my revamp with spirituality and mindset because what I've realized is that no matter how hard you try to make money online or with your business and no matter how great you are with Marketing sales funnels product whatever it is you're doing right eighty percent of your success is going to come from what's between your ears and the strong mindset you have behind it and that's not just like oh I'm motivated oh I'm this it's connecting with gratitude being extremely grateful having extreme faith in what it is you are doing um and honestly just meditating meditating I thought meditation was never for me before but it's a tool that's come back into my life where I know I needed it going to the spiritual gym is just as important as going to the you know Fitness Gym the the where you go and work out and do cardio every day going to the spiritual gym every day is extremely important and that's a big lesson that I've learned from the universe within the past six months and especially battling with my anxiety is like you have to be able to have the right mindset because if not this you know thing we want to label as failure this thing we want to label as fear doubt even anxiety it'll just eat away at you and before you know as in a couple months ago when I would have a negative spiral it would affect me for like a week straight right I would just be in the dumps and it would be horrible now if I have a spiral I could bounce back within 12 to 15 hours but most days I would say like I'm good like I'm so focused on the positive and like what's ahead and my vision I'm just imagining it that it's already here and truly embracing that abundance and knowing and having the faith that the universe wants us to achieve our greatest desires we have our greatest desires for a purpose nature makes it easy we make it hard the universe puts everything in motion to put in alignment everything for us and for us for so that we can achieve our greatest desires does that make sense I hope it does the next big thing is that we made huge changes to our subscribers to sales program now this is our signature program that we've had hundreds of students come through since 2020 and basically now like the whole Focus again of our company now is helping you work less okay that is really important to us is helping you work less sustainably and so with that program we've included like so many more resources for new creators to be able to onboard and hire a YouTube Team behind the channel basically with any type of budget that they're working with we're actually reintroducing the program to the world with all the incredible updates and curriculums and everything and as a matter of fact I'm hosting a workshop which talks all about learning the anatomy of a YouTube channel that helps you scale two six or seven figures in just two hours a week the idea is we definitely want you to be able to incorporate YouTube but do it sustainably and only do it in two hours a week can you manage that yeah most people can because a lot of people are like oh wait a minute YouTube that's going to take an extra 15 hours a week and it definitely could if you don't do it right right okay so anyway regardless of whether you want to learn more about the program or not this training is going to be extremely valuable it's going to change the way you think about so many things so there's a link in the description to all the information about it and so definitely come sign up grab your seat even if it's after the day that I've hosted it there'll be a replay as well that you can watch and get all the information so the next thing that's been going on in the past six months is I have not been on Instagram I I was kind of January or so but I have deleted the app from my phone I rarely go on it um the only reason I went on it last month was because I had like some [ __ ] like group trying to impersonate me create the fake profile trying to sell my audience crypto it's embarrassing but I'm like okay well I was prepared for it because on this channel in the past there's been thousands of impersonators of this channel trying to text you WhatsApp me blah blah I'm sure you've seen it before it's a scam and um don't fall for it if I only have all my social medias are verified well actually Instagram's not but which is whatever it's hard to get verified on Instagram but I will never try to text you or sell you crypto like that's insane okay don't fall for it um but yeah I've had to get off Instagram because I think that was kind of one of the roots of my anxiety because when you go onto Instagram it's like a ticking Time Bomb right all you see are just highlight reels of people's life and success and then it takes you down this this road of like I'm not good enough oh my gosh what am I doing wrong and it's the the comparison you're comparing like oh well so and so you know they just had a launch of 50 000 uh dollars like why am I not there yet and so it's like a constant I can deal with it anymore and so um people never show like what's behind the scenes what's behind the highlight reels and so I was like why am I even wasting my time watching People's Instagram stories what you know looking at the explore page when all I want to do and the time that I'm not working and the time that you know I'm not at the gym I want to be with my baby I want to be with my husband I want to be a present as possible and Instagram makes that extremely hard um it really does so I haven't been on there will I get back on there eventually but in a lot more intentional way and when I figure that out I'll get back on so now what's the direction of this channel you're probably thinking like versus Talking where's Marissa going with all this I'm not even sure so here's here's what I have so far I would like to title this channel well it's still going to be my brand name but the whole theme of it is going to be the online Journal of a high achiever okay specifically those High achieving entrepreneurs out there who go after it and my my definition of a high achiever is somebody or yeah someone who wants an idea that's inside themselves once they have a plan or a goal they go all in they go all in in everything they do Parenthood motherhood fatherhood business uh Fitness that's how I've identified and that's how I've personally identified my entire life ever since high school ever since middle school really it's like oh there's a project due on whatever like I want to get it I want to get an A and not only an A in the class but I want to get an A plus and be number one okay I've always been super competitive in the sports I've played just everything I do in business and so you know I dedicate this channel now to the Lessons Learned as a high achiever and I think they're going to be no I know for a fact they're going to be extremely valuable for those people who identify as high Achievers and want to learn more in the space of overarching Lessons Learned with business in regards to a super strong mindset and really it's going to be about sharing like the truth behind the scenes of what goes on why some decisions are made in my online business and so on and so forth lessons from the past that I've never been able to share on this channel before but now I will be able to so basically I ask that you bear with me on this journey I don't have the exact Channel pillars and Niche figured out and all that stuff but I can promise you it's going to be extremely valuable now if you've made it to this point in the video amazing you're incredible thank you so much for the love and support if you feel aligned and if it feels inspired check out my workshop that I have coming up and if you're watching after I've already gone live they will be a replay I promise so check it out right here just click to register for your seat I again we're talking about the YouTube Anatomy that allows your business to scale to six or seven figures in just two hours a week

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